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									                  Residential Sub-Lease Agreement
BY THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into on July 15, 2006 between Christian
Schneider, Stephen Goldberg, and Michal Leszczynski, hereafter collectively referred to
as Lessor, and ________________________________ herein referred to Lessee, Lessor
leases to Lessee part of the premises situated at 2626 West University Avenue,
Gainesville, FL 32607, for the term commencing on the 15th day of August, 2006 and
ending at 12:00 noon on the 31st day of July, 2006, unless sooner terminated as provided

 1. Rent - Lessee agrees to pay, without demand, to Lessor as rent for part of the demised
premises the total sum of Three Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty dollars and Zero cents
($3,780.), payable as follows: the sum of $315.00, due before occupying the premises,
and subsequent installments of $315.00, due on the 15th day of each calendar month
commencing on September 15, 2006, and thereafter without notice, through the payment
due on June 15, 2007;

2. Security Deposit
       A.      Lessee before occupying the premises agrees to deposit, with Lessor the
               sum of Three Hundred and Fifteen dollars ($315.00), as security deposit to
               be held by the Lessor as security to insure the full and faithful
               performance by Lessee of each and every term, provision, covenant and
               condition of this Agreement. In the event Lessee defaults with respect to
               any of such provisions, covenants, or conditions, Lessor may use, apply,
               or retain all or any part of such security deposited for the payment of any
               rent, additional fee or handling charges in default as set fourth in this
               Agreement, and the payment of the amount of damages which Lessor has
               suffered by reason of Lessee’s noncompliance, or for any other sum which
               Lessor may expend or be required to expend by reason of any default by
               Lessee, including any damages or deficiency in the reletting of the
       B.      If Lessee fails to take possession, or otherwise leaves or abandons the
               rented premises prior to the expiration of the term of this Agreement, the
               security deposited shall be forfeited as liquidated damages without prior
               notice to Lessee.
       C.      At the end of the term of this Agreement, after Lessee has faithfully
               performed all obligations hereunder, paid all rent and other charges due
               Lessor, returned all keys and surrendered the Premises in the same
               condition as when Premises were occupied, except for reasonable wear
               and tear, then Lessor shall, within 15 days after the termination of tenancy
               and delivery of possession of Premises, return any remaining amount(s) of
               the Security Deposit to Lessee together with an itemized list of the costs of
               the repairs of the items set fourth in the list.
 3. Late Payment/Returned Checks - Installments of the rent not received by
Lessor on or before the due date are late. If any installment is not received by the
Lessor within 3 days (3) from the due date, Lessee covenants and agrees to pay an
additional fee of $20.00, plus the additional sum of $5.00 per day for any day the
payment is late commencing on the sixth (6th) day after the due date. The Lessor
and Lessee agree that this additional cost represents a fair and reasonable amount
incurred by reason of late payment by Lessee. Acceptance of rental payment after
the fifth day following the due date does not constitute a waiver of the late fee.
Lessee further agrees to pay Lessor a handling charge of $30.00 for each check
returned by the bank for any reason. Such handling fee may be in addition to any
late fee incurred for failure to pay rent on due date.

4. Failure to Pay Rent – Rights of Lessor - In the event that Lessee fails to pay
when due any installment of rent, or additional fee, and such rent or additional fee
is not paid within five (5) days after written notice by Lessor of nonpayment
and/or intention to terminate this Agreement, Lessor may terminate this
Agreement. In addition to all other remedies provided by law Lessor shall be
entitled to all of the following:
        A.       Possession of the premises;
        B.       Any unpaid rent, additional fees, and handling charges;
        C.       Any damages sustained;
        D.       Court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

5. Costs of Enforcement and Waiver of Exemptions – Lessee hereby agrees to pay
all costs, expenses, fees and charges incurred by Lessor in enforcing, by legal
action or otherwise, any of the provisions, covenants, and conditions of this
Agreement, including reasonable attorney’s fees, and Lessee hereby waives the
benefit of any homestead or similar exemptions with respect to the obligations of
this Agreement.

6. Utilities: The cost of all utilities (gas, electric, water, cable, telephone) shall be
equally split in four parts. Lessee shall be responsible for one fourth of the
deposits and monthly utility charges. Lessee agrees to keep personal energy and
water consumption within reasonable limits (e.g. not leaving windows open while
heating or cooling rooms, not leaving lights on when not in room for extended
periods, not letting water run unnecessarily etc.).

7. Prohibited Acts - Lessee shall not do the following:
       A.     Permit any unlawful and/or immoral practice to be committed on
              the premises;
       B.     Permit the premises to be used as a boarding or lodging house, nor
              for any purpose which will increase the premise’s insurance rate;
       C.     Permit to be kept or used on the premises flammable fluids or
        D.      Permit the premises to be used for any purpose which will injure
                the reputation of the building or which will disturb the inhabitants
                of the neighborhood;
        E.      Deface or permit the defacing of any part of the leased premises;
        F.      Use nails or any other picture hanger on the walls except for OOK
                picture hangers or their equivalent (readily available at Home
                Depot or Lowe’s); and

8. Condition of Premises - Lessee acknowledges that he has examined the
premises, including flooring, drapes, and paint, and have found them to be in
good, safe and clean condition and repair. Lessee agrees to (a) keep the premises
in good order and repair, and, upon termination of tenancy, to return the premises
to Lessor in a condition identical to that which existed when Lessee took
occupancy, except for ordinary wear and tear, (b) immediately notify Lessor of
any defects or dangerous conditions in and about the premises of which they
become aware, and (c) reimburse to Lessor, on demand by Lessor, for the cost of
any repairs to the premises damaged by Lessor, or their guests or invitees.

9. Possession – Lessor shall not be liable for failure to deliver possession of the
leased premises, other than to the extent of abatement of rent from the day of the
commencement of this lease to the day possession is delivered to Lessee on the
rental basis herein set fourth.

 10. Assignment and Subletting - Lessee shall not sublet any part of the premises
or assign this agreement without the prior written consent of Lessor.

 11. Pets - No pets shall be kept on or about the premises without the prior written
consent of Lessor.

 12. Access for inspection and Emergency - Lessee agrees that Lessor may enter
the premises in the event of an emergency, or to make repairs or improvements,
supply agreed services, or exhibit the premises to prospective purchasers or
tenants. Except in case of emergency, Lessor shall give Lessee reasonable notice
of intent to enter. In order to facilitate Lessor's right of access, Lessee, or either of
them, shall not, without Lessor's prior written consent, alter or re-key any locks to
the premises. At all times Lessor or Lessor's agent shall be provided with a key or
keys capable of unlocking all such locks and gaining entry.

 13. Quiet Enjoyment: Lessee shall be entitled to quiet enjoyment of the premises.
Lessee shall not use the premises in such a way as to violate any law or ordinance,
commit waste or nuisance, or annoy, disturb, inconvenience, or interfere with the
quiet enjoyment of any other tenant or nearby residents. Lessee is entitled to use
the common areas of the house (bathrooms, kitchen, common room and
basement) and garden, and all materials (dishes, cutlery, pots and pans etc.) and
appliances therein (fridge, washer, dryer, stove, microwave, toaster, radio etc.) in
a responsible and considerate manner. Lessee will leave any common areas used
in the same condition as they were found, e.g. pots and dishes used for cooking
and eating should be washed right after the meal is finished. Lessee shall be
careful to lock all doors when leaving the house. Smoking is not allowed inside
the premises.

 14. Damage to Premises and Financial Responsibility - Lessee agrees to accept
financial responsibility for any damage to the premises caused by Lessee’s

15. Special Conditions – If any provision of this agreement is determined to be
invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining portions of the
agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. All covenants and
representations are biding upon, and inure to the benefit of, the heirs, executors,
administrators and assigns of the Lessor and Lessee.

 16. Entire Agreement: This document constitutes the entire agreement between
the parties, and no promises or representations, other than those contained herein
and those implied in law, have been made by Lessor or Lessee.

        In witness whereof the Lessee has set his hands and caused his seal to be
placed hereon in Gainesville, Florida, on the 15th day of July, 2006.

______________________                SSN#
                               - Lessee

In witness whereof the Lessor have set their hands and caused their respective
seals to be placed hereon in Gainesville, Florida, on the 15th day of July, 2006.

______________________                SSN#     594-56-8214
Christian Schneider – Lessor

______________________                SSN#
Stephen Goldberg - Lessor

______________________                SSN#
Michal Leszczynski - Lessor

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