CENTRAL ALBERTA HOCKEY LEAGUE
                                      MEETING MINUTES
                                      February 6th, 2012
                            Strathmore Civic Centre, Strathmore, AB

President: James Parks                              Secretary: Terry Siverson
Vice-President: Dennis Beaudion                     Vice-President: Tim Arnold
Vice-President: Doug Durbano                        Treasurer: Shannon Chilvers
VP Female Division: Stacey Running Rabbit           Web Administrator: Jodi Christensen
Governor-in-Chief: Rhonda Dugdale                   Past-President: Brian Monkman
                                                    Governor In Chief: David Mohl


ABSENT ASSOCIATIONS: Banff, Cochrane, Claresholm, Elk Valley; Oyen; Vulcan.
Directors - Please make sure you sign in on the sheet when you pick up your card.
Governors – Please sign in upon your arrival at the meetings.

Motion to approve the minutes from our January 9th, 2012 by Nanton, 2nd by Cremona. Carried.

Hockey Alberta Report: Danny Povaschuk
      Zone 6 Provincials moving forward with a few conflicts. Everyone can work together to
       make this work out.
      League and Provincial game that are combined. Please keep in mind it works OK for game 1
       but for game 2 if overtime is required it does not work well. Keep in mind that there could
       be problems completing game and it does make the penalties, etc harder to manage.
      Off-ice Officials – with the recent incidents of poor behavior and of Off-Ice officials
       interacting with players a reminder is warranted. As an off-ice official you have no
       authority to penalize a player that is behaving poorly. It is expected that you would interact
       with them and ask them not to do the behaviors of concern, but you should turn it over to
       the On-ice officials if the situation does not calm down for them to address. Remember you
       are not to touch the players in the box. It was also noted that Off-ice officials are neutral and
       should not be yelling at officials. Instance where upset officials are interfering with young
       officials and the penalties that are handed out.
      Late player registrations after January 10th. Can be done but will require additional
       information and then the provincial Hockey Alberta Office will review the request.
      The new Head Contact Rule 6.5 is still having some growing pains as it is inconsistently
       applied. Please make sure all your concerns are forwarded through the proper channels to
       have the Ref’s Associations involved.
Referee Report: Warren Randle

      Please make sure you let the league know when you have officiating issues and they will
       forward them onto to Warren. He will gladly follow up on issue like Drop clock, decisions,
      Some discussion around Governors making sure that penalties are called correctly. For
       example head contact vs. elbowing. Governors cannot over rule an on ice decision. Please
       forward these to the Executive so that they can forward them to Warren.
      Mentoring of officials – It is recommended that younger Ref’s work with senior officials
       as they develop. There is no rule that states that it is a recommendation.
      Referee payments – if games are booked and then cancelled you are still expected to
       pay the Ref’s including travel if you do not give them notice. Each Association may have
       its own guidelines, but usually it is 48 hrs plus the evening before. Some associations
       have a 7 day rule for this so the officials do not get jerked around by game cancellations
       and changes.

Treasurer’s Report: Shannon Chilvers –as of Feb 6th, 2012
Current Account –                    $ 44,069.65
Total expenses to date -             $ 32,332.78
Total Revenue to date -              $ 43,147.00
T-Bill Account –                     $ 11,771.47

The Treasurer does not decide who gets fined. She only sends out the fines as directed by
the executive. Once you receive the invoice and notice that your bond is compromised
you need to pay that invoice immediately or risk not being able to play.

Old Business update:

      Old Business will be addressed under new business as the topics and details carry
       forward from the last meeting.

Governor in Chief Report: Rhonda Dugdale
There is a sign in sheet for the Governors at each meeting. Please make sure you sign in
at each meeting.

      The website updates have been much better. Please keep up the good work.
      Please make sure the Suspensions are done with your VP responsible for your
       division. Rhonda/David does not need to see them.
      For those of you who have been involved before are aware it is a special time of
       year for us and if anything is going to go south on us it will happen over the next
       couple of weeks.
      Encourage all Governors, Managers and the time keeper’s Boxes to have copies of
       the regulations available at all times. It will help with the questions that happen
       about what we are supposed to do. Even if you only print off the playoffs section
       it would help you quite a bit. Keep in mind it details the Playoff process and each
       governor needs to be aware of how it effects their tier.
Governors Reports – Each division and was represented with a report identifying
                    problems and status of how it is going.

After the Governor Reports were done, each Governor of their representative signed for
and picked up the banners. As one of the best parts of the Governors role you get to give
out the banners to the winning team of you tier. But if you are unable to someone else
will help you out with it, just let the executive know.

The Female Division reports, Midget, Bantam and Pee Wee reports were completed.
During the break three appeals were dealt with and then after coffee the Atom and
Novice were discussed.

Reminders from the presentations at this meeting:

      If you are a drop clock community, please make sure the drop clock is completed
      No recording devices are allowed. An incident happened outside of another team’s
       dressing room and this could result in a Police matter depending on how the
       parents want to proceed.
      Governors need to be firmer with managers that are not getting game sheets in on
       time. After a couple of warning you may need to fine them to get their attention.
       Discuss with Rhonda / David if you require additional information.
      Affiliate players need to be checked. In the website data it is showing affiliate
       players to have played more games than they have actually played. All Governors
       need to make sure that the select all players on a roster. It is causing this as this
       command may not be very good button to use. If you leave all affiliates with no
       number assigned you can use the select all button without issues and then assign
       numbers to which affiliates played to complete the roster.
      Make sure if you have any overage players on your teams that it is noted on the
       game sheets and in the data on the website. Make sure all managers mark their
       “OA” players.

New Business:

      During the break three appeals were dealt with :
           RMAA appealed the $600 fine assessed by the league for a Brooks no show
            game. RMAA agreed to compensate Brooks for the ice costs and officials fees.
            The Directors hearing the appeal agreed to reduce the fine to $200.00
           Protested game by Indus vs Cochrane as the drop clock was not done
            correctly. The protest was upheld and an additional $100.00 was assessed for
            travel money for the Indus team and the game must be replayed.
           The League fined Beiseker for not showing up at a game in Siksika. They
            cancelled claiming weather reasons / considerations. They were fined
            $600.00 and they appealed that decision. The Directors hearing the appeal
            agreed to reduce the fine to $300.00. They were many teams that drove right
            by Beiseker in several different directions during the time that day. Lots of
            discussion regarding weather cancellations but in this instance there should
            have been no reason to travel.
      Please make sure the midgets are getting the proper 8 minute warm up at the
       beginning of the games. It could save you from playing the game over again.
      Note about Coach and Player Suspensions. They can still take part in practices
       they just serve their suspensions in sanctioned games.
      Several new Associations have enquired about joining our league; they are within
       our current league area and will be invited to make a presentation at our March
       meeting for review and then voting in April at the General meeting.
      Notices of Motions (proposed changes to our bylaws and regulations) – The
       executive had a meeting in December when we had time to review the activities
       for the season so far and put together some Notice of Motions to bring forward for
       your review. When they are done we will get them posted and allow you time to
       have a look at them, discuss them with your associations and then come back to
       us with your vote.
      If you have any ideas for any new NOM’s or changes/amendments please let James
       know by emailing him your thoughts.
      Coaches who do not appear on your Hockey Canada Registry cannot be on the
       bench. All teams need to make sure your Hockey Alberta Roster is correct.
       Coaches can be added to the HCR right up to the last day of the season. Do not
       use uncarded or ineligible people on your bench. If you do it will result in an
       indefinite suspension for your head coach.
      It is now past the deadline to add affiliate players (Dec 15th) you cannot add them
       now. Make sure your players are all on your approved HCR roster.
      Rosters must be consistent on your game sheet, as identified on your game sheet.
       Labels need to be consistent. It wastes your governor’s time if it is too random.
      Provincial games take priority over league games but the league games must be
       played. You can schedule league game on Feb 20th if you have too. That day is left
       open by the league to allow you to get it done.
      There has been several incidents now with off-ice officials. Expect a notice of
       motion where there will be a parent from each team in the timekeepers box.
      Communications with the league – please follow the proper communications
       routes. Managers should talk with Governors not everyone else.
       There was a recent incident that a goalie was tossed out of a game for wearing
       improper equipment. A novice player was removed from the game for wearing
       street hockey pads instead of goalie ones. In a novice game the goalie does not
       have to wear anything if they do not want to. So there is not an issue as long as
       they are not over sized. Please let your Ref’s know these are not an issue.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 10:00 pm. Motion to adjourn by Strathmore,
seconded by Canmore.

Next meeting is March 5th, 2012 – See you in Strathmore at our next meeting.

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