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									                           Call for Workshop Proposals
                           The resources of time, talent, funding and Indigenous knowledge that we put into the
                           education of Aboriginal learners have long-term benefits for those learners and for all
                           of us.

                           At this conference, we will explore how we, as educators, schools, communities, and
                           support organizations, can strengthen our relationships with one another and with
                           students in order to benefit Aboriginal learners. Through the workshops and panel
                           discussions, we will see examples of how strong relationships create the foundation
                           for quality Aboriginal education.

                           Join us! The provincial Aboriginal education conference drew more than 850
                           participants last year and it provides a major forum for networking, communication
                           and learning.

                                   Evening only, November 27th – special event tba
                                   November 28th – focus on Early Learning and K-12 Education
                                   November 29th – focus on Post-Secondary, Adult Education and Trades

                           A registration kit and exhibitor booth application form will be available at
                  in September of 2008.
                           Information for Presenters
                           We are seeking workshops relating to the theme, plus workshops about integrating
                           Aboriginal perspectives in the classroom, developing relevant curriculum, promoting
                           language revitalization, enhancing student success, and building parental/community
                           involvement, plus workshops on provincial and national education issues. We
                           especially invite workshops that showcase successful practices with demonstrated
                           results, and workshops that are fun and interactive.
BC Ministry of Education

                           Scope: early childhood through to post-secondary or adult education

                           Audience: teachers, principals, counsellors, Aboriginal support workers and all others
                           involved in education, from the public, independent and Aboriginal school systems

                           Workshop length: 1.5 hours (usually presented twice)

                           Deadline: 4:30pm on Tuesday, September 9, 2008

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14th Annual Provincial Conference on Aboriginal Education Nov. 27-29, 2008, Vancouver, BC
Call for Workshops Application Form

Main Contact/Presenter #1
Name and Title:
Phone:                                          Fax:
Co-Presenter #2.      (this co-presenter is eligible for presenter benefits, see “Presenter Benefits” below)

Name and title:
Co-Presenter #3
Name and title:
Workshop Title:
Attach workshop description on next page.
Audiovisual Needs:
   AV package (screen and AV cart) –laptop and lcd projector must be provided by presenter
   Traditional overhead package (screen, AV cart, traditional overhead projector)
   Flipchart with paper and markers
   DVD player and TV
   VCR player and TV
   CD player
                                                                                       Presenter Benefits
Preferred room setup (space permitting)
   Theatre style (rows of chairs)                                                      We offer the following benefits to
   Circle of chairs                                                                    workshop presenters (to a
   Hollow square                                                                       maximum of 2 presenters per
   Work tables with chairs                                                             workshop):
   Extra display table(s), number:
   Other:                                                                              -    waiver of the conference fee and
                                                                                            the opportunity to take part in all
                                                                                            regular conference activities
My workshop includes:
                                                                                            (e.g. meals, workshops and
   A smudge
                                                                                            plenary sessions)
   Creative messiness
                                                                                       -    hotel accommodation for
   A maximum number of participants:
                                                                                            presenters who live a significant
                                                                                            distance from the conference
My workshop is relevant to:                                                                 venue
   Early childhood /preschool/Kindergarten
   Elementary/middle school                                                            -    reimbursement of reasonable
   Secondary                                                                                travel expenses as per the
   Post-secondary                                                                           FNESC travel expense claim
   Adult education/trades                                                                   form

Apply by 4:30 pm on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 to:
Email: Fax: (604) 925-6097
First Nations Education Steering Committee, 113-100 Park Royal South, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2
Toll-free in BC: 1-877-422-3672 T: 604-925-6087
Applications will be reviewed by a conference committee and applicants will be notified of the results.
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                               Workshop Description
Workshop Title:

Workshop Description: (a short paragraph, as it would appear in a conference program)

Additional details about the workshop and/or the presenters:

Thank you!

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