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					               2012 NJ PSUG Conference Course and Vendor Description

Prep to Build – Steps in the process of Prep to Build. Using PowerScheduler to create a future Schedule
from student’s requests.

Health Management – configuring the Health Management Set Up within District and entering data for
students. Immunization templates.

Address Management - Address Management leverages Google mapping technology to validate student
addresses, including the ability to visually determine whether an address is within district and school

PowerSchool 101 - Learning to navigate your way through a new Student Management System (SMS) is
a somewhat daunting task. This session is designed to help the newcomer learn how to navigate through
PowerSchool. Topics covered, which are not limited to, but will include, How to Find Help,
Understanding the Menu’s, How to Perform Basic Searches, Using Group Funds, and Essential
PowerSchool Resources.

Implementing Standards - Learn about Standards from a curriculum and technology point of view.
Participants will learn about the components of school based standards, conversion scales, identifiers
and how to build a spreadsheet to allow standards to be imported into PowerSchool.

Importing Data - Tips for getting data in safely and painlessly. PowerSchool's import function can be a
powerful way to load data from other systems and even to clean the data you already have. But along
with that power comes some potential "gotchas" and the ability to do some damage. This session will
share tips on how to import data while avoiding pain, disaster and unnecessary work.

Object Reports - In this session we will learn about the basic functions of Object Reports. Learn how to
create labels, class lists, report cards and more. Find out about creating, sharing and naming Object
Reports. You will leave this session with reports you will use.

PowerTeacher Gradebook - In this session you will be introduced to the most commonly used parts of
the PowerTeacher Gradebook program. You will be able to login to a sample grade book and be given
resources to roll out and train staff. Topics include: set up PowerTeacher Gradebook, entering
assignments, record scores, set up student groups, review grade trends, enter comments; time will be
provided for questions & answers.

PowerTeacher Administrator - Get familiar with security, grade scales, and the account setup functions
of the PowerTeacher Administrator tool. Learn how to set up school, class, and teacher groups, how to
push out class content, and how to run administrative reports. Explore how to format standard-based
grading options for your teachers.

Make it Electronic - In this session, participants will learn how to make a paper process electronic -
easily create, share, and analyze the results of any traditional form or survey through Accela School's
Form Builder application. Built directly within PowerSchool, forms can be created and shared with
teachers, students, and parents. Convert anything from enrollment forms, athletic participation forms,
student profile forms - you name it and it can be created within Form Builder.

Excel - Beginning /Cool Tips - In this session you will use the basics of using Excel including: Opening PS
exports, Filtering, Sorting, Page Setup, Formatting, Find and Replace, Auto fill, Save as, Sheets.
In this session, we'll cover over 30 different commands related to getting the most out of Excel. Some
are fun, some are powerful most are related to your use of PowerSchool (in some way).

Standards - Tips and Tricks Consideration - Learn about Standards from a curriculum and technology
point of view. Participants will learn about the components of school based standards, conversion
scales, identifiers and how to build a spreadsheet to allow standards to be
imported into PowerSchool.

Data Validations -

Best Practices – outline -
1)      Necessity of ODBC
2)      Connecting Oracle XE and writing your own views
3)      Our student reporting process (report cards, progress reports)
4)      Email alerts and other potentials for reporting in the database

PowerSchool Deep Dive 7.2 -

Power Scheduling Overview - Process of setting up PowerScheduler. What the steps are and the order
you do them in. The difference between the Build and the Load process.

Incident Management - Configuring Incident Management Set Up within District and entering
information for students. Different ways this can be utilized for schools.

GPA/Honor Roll - In this session, participants will learn how each GPA function contributes to a complex
GPA. We will review a complex GPA and break down each of its parts, providing an overview of how
they work together to calculate the GPA. Participants should leave this session with a basic
understanding of how common GPA functions operate and interact

Excel VLookup - In this session you will learn about Excel Functions including: VLookups, concatenate,
left, right, Upper, Lower, Proper, Round, Random along with commonly used formulas.

Secretaries – A Day in the Life/A Year in the Life - This session will provide training surrounding a typical
day for a secretary using PowerSchool. We will take you through a typical day of a secretary and all the
features used on a regular basis. We'll share tips on how PowerSchool works for us and what we do to
manage the daily tasks in PowerSchool. Topics covered will include personalization, attendance,
reports, daily bulletin, log entries and getting data out for daily inquiries.
We will walk you through the tasks performed over the course of a year in the life of a secretary using
This session is not for the weary, nor will it be dreary. We will share our stories of how we have learned
to manage tasks, what works, what works, what didn’t work. You will get a big stage look at everything
from count day tips, to enrolling students, annual tasks, and monthly and by term.
Beginners SQL - Are you limited by the export functionality of DDE or export templates and looking for a
more powerful way to do exports? Do you ever look at custom pages and wonder what the tlist_sql stuff
is and how to modify it? This session will introduce you to SQL, also known as Structured Query
Language. You’ll learn how to use it with Oracle SQL Developer to get around the limits of PS exports,
and get a basic understanding of how it works for use in custom pages and reporting engine reports.

JavaScripting - JavaScript is THE scripting language of the Web. This course will teach you how to use
JavaScript to add functionality, validate forms, communicate with the server, and much more.

NJSmart Overview with Q&A – Session would be about NJ Data Collection. Discuss topics about Current,
Future of NJSmart.

Scheduling – Elementary/Small Schools - Elementary and secondary scheduling. Discussion will include:
copying Master Schedule, creating a new course, creating sections, and scheduling students.

Enhancements that you have to see - In this session, participants will learn about free and paid
enhancements available that seamlessly integrate into PowerSchool and provide must-have
functionality for your schools - including, an assignment calendar, form builder, class announcements,
calendar sharing, activity history, community service history, storing GPA, and more.

Excel – Formulas & Functions - In this session you will learn about Excel Functions including: VLookups,
concatenate, left, right, Upper, Lower, Proper, Round, Random along with commonly used formulas.

Standards Based Report Cards - Interested in adding Elementary Standards Based Report Cards in your
district? We will provide an overview, tool kit and step-by-step instructions to follow.

PowerSchool Security – Frustrated with trying to implement PowerSchool security? Let the experts
show you the ins and outs of PowerSchool security, including individual, group and page permissions.

DashBoards Made Easy – Dashboards Made Easy is based on a customization bundle that allows users
to quickly write SQL-based dashboards inside of PowerSchool without the need to build a page and
spend needless time updating JavaScript. It leverages the power of SQL and allows users to create
portlets that can display a menagerie of data.

End-of-Year Process - This session with show what reports users should run regarding End of Year
process. Using the End of Year Checklist as a guide this session will go through the steps needed to
prepare and successfully run the End of Year Process.

ReportWorks Overview - Come and join the fun of learning how to use PowerSchool’s new reporting
tool that provides users with a drag and drop interface for creating custom reports. During this session
we will work on creating form letters, mailing labels, cross tab reports and other custom reports that
users in your district will appreciate the crisp new look of these reports.

Object Reports, Form Letters & Mailing Labels – In this session you will learn about the basic functions
of Object Repots. Learn how to create labels, class list, repots cards. Find out about creating, sharing and
naming Object Reports.
I’m a Counselor - Where is my training? - This session will provide training on screens that counselors
need to use on a daily or occasional basis. Included will be exports of data (rank, GPA, cumulative
credits), reports of D's and F's, Walk-in scheduling, transcript entry, PDF creation of transcripts, class
counts and more.

Excel – Pivot Tables - In this session you will learn how to take data pulled from your own server and
create meaningful pivot tables and charts. To be successful in this course, you must have an
understanding of DDE/DDA, exporting data from PowerSchool and basic Excel. The focus will be on using
Excel and NOT exporting data

Common Core Standards – Discussion on the Common Core Standards Elementary Level

Customization – Most Implemented & Must Have - Lists of our favorite customizations, demonstrations
of what they offer, and link to where they can be found.
Vendor Description:

Level Data – Level Data’s Managed Service keeps student and staff data clean and consistent across all
of the different data silos within a district. Enter the data a single time, in a single location, and we take
it from there. All additions, deletions, changes and moves are automatically processed and passed to the
other applications in the district. Districts experience a dramatic increase in productivity and efficiency.
The higher quality datamatched with Special Tools included in our service help districts maximize their
state and federal funding. These increases are well in excess of the cost of our service providing
desperately needed resources to promote student learning. All of this is delivered as a Managed Service
so there is no hardware, software or training and all of the support is included. If you ever considered
SIF® or are currently using SIF®, you need to explore the complete solution provided by Level Data.
Contact: Matt Betts, President,

Lunchtime – Our software can save many hours of data collection and compilation, maximize your
meal reimbursement dollars, minimize the time spent of managing student account information, plus:
•Lower your hardware investment
•Federal and State Reimbursement tracking reports
•Automatic import of existing Student Information
•Allow parents to view all purchases and fund accounts online in real-time
•Improve lunch line efficiency
•Allergy notification and food item restriction for each student
Contact: Steve Ramsey ; President

PowerSchool Solutions – Computer Logic Group is an education solution provider with broad
experience with the PowerSchool application. CLG provides a secure hosting service for your
PowerSchool application with ODBC and custom/web_root access, PowerSchool Training,
Customizations and Help Desk Support! Currently CLG provides hosting for many large, medium and
small districts/schools (public, private, parochial and charter) in most states with many international
Contact – Nancy O’Donnell Director SMS,

Registration Gateway (SRC) – Registration Gateway simplifies the K-12 student registration process
through a Web-enabled, user-friendly wizard. The software creates a well-orchestrated process
between guardians, school registrars, supporting and trailing documents, signatures, scanning, security
and digital notary. At the end of the registration process, Registration Gateway will upload a file into
PowerSchool in real time. All student files will be permanently archived inside a secure repository and
are digitally locked down on an individual basis so only qualified people can view the information.
Contact: William Baldini 1-866-462-554

e-Funds for Schools – Magic-Wrighter, Inc., the parent company of the e~Funds for Schools product and
services, provides electronic payment services to over 4,000 schools, 14,000 businesses, 500
municipalities and 500 financial institutions. Our data center meets all PCI requirements for credit card
payment services. In addition, our data center has audits conducted by state and federal regulatory
agencies. Contact: Richard Waelti

School Reach – What we do. SchoolReach is a web based service, or "hosted" solution, that requires no
on-site hardware or access to school phone lines for function. Easy-to-use web tools allow school
administrators to create and manage parent, staff and faculty contact lists. Outbound messages can take
the form of recorded voice, email or short text messages, with robust creation, editing and reporting
Contact: Chris Sullivan, Business Development Manager,

eChalk – Enable all of your stakeholders to thrive with technology that brings all learning into one place.
Only eChalk gives schools and districts the tools they need to:
• Build and maintain easy-to-use school websites.
• Create, share and use standards-aligned lesson plans.
• Organize and manage each student's schoolwork, interests and activities.
• Coordinate and promote groups, departments and professional learning communities.
• Communicate with parents and the community 24/7, via web, email and safe social networking.
Contact: Jim McVety

PlascoTrac – Student Tracking, Event Management, PBS/PBIS Programs, and Visitor Management. These
are all elements of PlascoTrac, but our system can also be defined with one word: RESULTS. PlascoTrac
has been proven to have an immediate, positive impact on the culture of a school. We give schools
control and we give administrators visibility to data never before available.
Contact: Kathleen Mazzola

My Payment Network - Welcome service businesses! Finally an ecommerce solution built specifically
for non-retailers. Improve cash flow and streamline operations with MyPayNet. Electronic invoicing,
credit card acceptance for ad hoc payments, and adding eCommerce to your website is easy with
Contact: David Dunway

McKenzie Taylor – JaeDae Assoc. – ABE® is a Behavior Management System that offers practitioners
research-based behavioral interventions regarded by the U.S. Department of Education as a validated
model for students who are at risk for social and academic failure. So whether the teacher is relying on
ABE®’s bank of behavioral interventions or the management portion, the ABE® system uses the best in
social, emotional & behavioral learning delivery, the best in behavior interventions and the best in
behavior management tools to help educators identify, teach, track and progress monitor students who
are behaviorally challenged.
 Contact: Dave Wise

InfoSnap – Our Online Registration eases the paperwork burden for public schools by eliminating some
of the most tedious and time-consuming paper processes during registration. Moving your schools'
registration forms online with infosnap Online Registration will significantly streamline the annual
student registration process. Your school staff will be relieved of the cost and tedium of printing, sorting
and stuffing envelopes on the front end, while saving hours of registration forms processing and manual
data entry time on the back end. Parents will also be thrilled to be able to update their child's
information from the comfort of their home or office computer at a time that is convenient for them.
The entire online school registration process becomes simple and efficient.
Contact: Stacy Skitol

Harris School Solutions – As an education decision-maker, you expect and deserve choice when it
comes to information management systems. Harris School Solutions provides a complete suite of K-12
systems, scalable for any size of operation. We provide precise, powerful solutions regardless of your
size, demographics, or technology requirements.
Harris’ “deep bench” means that for each product solution, we have multiple products to choose from.
Our professional sales approach helps to uncover your very specific needs and match them to a product.
We offer School Nutrition Solutions, School Business Solutions, Student Information Solutions, Online
Payments, Adult-Vocational Education, Employee Time & Attendance, and Transportation.
 Contact: Andrew Savitt

Alert Solutions - Pearson’s partnership with BLI Messaging enables PowerSchool customers to send
messages to their school community via email, voice and text messaging directly from within
PowerSchool. Power Announcement streamlines the communication process by utilizing and populating
messages with the most accurate and up-to-date information already housed within PowerSchool.
There is no transferring or syncing of student data whatsoever. This integration will relieve your staff
from learning and maintaining new software. And because Power Announcement is completely
embedded within PowerSchool, the system’s ease-of-use and implementation time is industry leading.

Scholar Chip – ScholarChip® is moving schools forward with world-class technology innovations. We
deliver the essential operational and security support that schools must have to successfully fulfill their
academic missions. Our advanced systems automate all aspects of school operations, financial
transactions and security, freeing teachers to teach and students to learn
Contact: Dustin Kralle

Identimetrics - identiMetrics is the leader in biometric finger scanning technology in schools.
identiMetrics provides finger scanning technology solutions to PowerSchool, PowerLunch as well as all
of the leading cafeteria POS and library applications. The identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System™ is a
powerful biometric ID system that uses finger scanning technology to provide indisputable proof of
student ID. With just the touch of a finger, it eliminates the need for ID cards and ID numbers allowing
schools and school districts to run their schools more efficiently. The system uses a single common
database for student ID in the cafeteria, classroom, attendance office, school entrance, nurse’s office,
library, book store, for dances and athletic events - everywhere in your schools where you need to
accurately identify students.
Contact: Jay Fry

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