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									    The                           Bethlehem Star
                                  Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                  1206 C Avenue
                                  Vinton, Iowa 52349

                                                   (319) 472-3784                                November 2012
                                            The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
                                            Marlys Crane, Parish Assistant        

From the Pastor’s Desk…..
“Halloween is not a holiday!” exclaimed my                              The nature of public events has changed.
wife when the radio personality spoke of the                        No longer do people sit stock-still and stone
coming holidays beginning with that day of                          silent at any but the most controlled events
trick-or-treating and jack-o-lanterns. Halloween                    because now we have sound systems. No one
is not a holiday in the sense of being a holy day                   complains about not being able to hear the band
nor is it a national day of observance.                             at rock concerts because we have amplification.
Halloween is for the most part harmless fun, but                    (Later in life those same people may complain
we should not forget that the Church worked                         about not being able to hear the preacher at
hard to make it so. The day after Halloween,                        church, however.) Our modern solution is to
November 1, is All Saints Day. It is the day that                   turn up the volume to drown out everything else.
the church established to remember and give                         It does not necessarily fit our sanctuary that
thanks for the departed faithful and emphatically                   brings us together with little space apart and
say that the dead do not roam this earth on                         mixes all the sounds together.
October 31 or any other date.                                           Please help children participate in worship.
     When November 1 does not fall on Sunday,                       Let them be taken out when their noise is not
we observe All Saints on the Sunday after. On                       joyful and to the Lord. And let us all be glad for
November 4 we will remember those faithful                          the many young and old who are in worship
departed of our congregation in this year past                      together.
and others who will be named. We will also                          Veterans Day falls on Sunday this year and
witness the Confirmation of two young                               gives us opportunity to recognize veterans. We
members, saints alive with us, who will affirm                      will do so and will also invite the remembrance
their baptisms and say “yes” to the faith and                       of those who have so served in prayers on
faithful lives to which they have been called.                      November 11.
And on October 31 we will eat candy and                             Pastor Urlaub
remember that it is Reformation Day.                                                       +++
It’s a great problem, but still a problem. We                                 Council President’s Message
have a very acoustically live sanctuary. It is                      Have you ever seen an award show where the
great for singing because the sound reverberates,                   winner says something like “First, I’d like to
not quite like singing in the shower, but sort of.                  thank my Lord and Savior”? I am always
But the same sound that bounces around to make                      impressed that they not only remember to thank
a great congregational hymn also makes spoken                       God, but they thank God first.
words run over the top of each other and hard to
distinguish and it amplifies the noise of                           During this time of year, it is not uncommon to
commotion.       Except for the once a month                        remember all of things that we are thankful for.
noisy offering that is intended to be, well, noisy,                 I can name many things that I am thankful for,
noise can be distracting and make it hard for                       and although God is one of those things, I often
people to hear what they really want to hear.                       don’t mention God at all, let alone first. I know
that God knows that I am thankful to Him so I       Prayers:
don’t need to tell Him, right?                      Baptism: Alexis Ann Van Ree on October 7,
                                                    2012. Parents are Todd & Kellie Van Ree.
This year, I have decided that I am going to do     Health: Julie Clingman, Bonnie Poldberg,
things a little differently and include God in      Sharon Weiss, Al & Sue Hughes, Paul & Helen
everything that I am thankful for, especially       Anderson, Arlene Carls, Lois Martin, Ardeth
since none of it would be possible without God      Ramsey, Scharlene Anderson, John Lindahl.
in my life. I thank God that I have a wonderful     Nursing Home Residents: Lily Bearbower-
husband. I thank God that I have a job that I       Vogt, Joanne Sagan, Norma Jean Anderson.
love. I thank God that my family members are        Births: Wesley David Beecher born on October
healthy and safe. I thank God that I have a roof    1, 2012. Parents are Nick & Jill Beecher.
over my head. I thank God that I belong to a        Grandparents are Duane & Sue Mangold.
welcoming and loving church community. I            Madeline Rae Olson born on October 5, 2012.
thank God for sending Jesus to die for my sins.     Parents are Ben & Lindsey Olson. Grandparents
                                                    are John & Ellen Olson and Dave & Deb Priebe.
So as you gather around the table this holiday      Death: Marv Mostrom on October 4, 2012.
season, I hope you will join me in telling those                           +++
you love how much they mean to you and              The quilters of Bethlehem Lutheran Church
include God in all that you are thankful for.       recently shipped the products of their labors to
                                                    Lutheran World Relief (LWR) for distribution
Grace and peace to you!                             where there is need around the world. This
Marta Bauer                                         shipment included 73 quilts. LWR says that a
Council President                                   quilt is not only useful for bedding and warmth
                      +++                           but can be:
France in September, 2013                                a baby carrier, tied around a mother’s
Pastor and LuAnn will host a tour in France on               back;
September 4-14, 2013. Registrations are already          a market display, spread on the ground
being made and space is limited. Call, email, or             and piled with vegetables;
check the church website for information.                a sack for transporting those goods to
                      +++                                    market;
Food for Thought Small Group is calling all              a sunshade;
readers. Would you like food, fun, discussion            a shawl; and most importantly
and fellowship? We meet the 3rd Thursday (6:30           a constant reminder that someone, far
p.m.) of each month at local or nearby                       away, cares a lot.
restaurants and discuss the book of the month.
When dining out of town, most of us carpool         In addition the quilters assembled and sent 16
from the church parking lot, leaving at 5:45 p.m.   fabric kits, 141 baby layettes, and 152 health
Our schedule for the next two months:               kits. They also gave during the year quilts to
Nov. 15: The Messenger by T. David Bunn             auctions for Lutheran Lakeside and EWALU
Restaurant: To be determined.                       camps, those in need (most recently two to
Dec. 20: The Shepherd’s Prayer by Richard           LuAnn Urlaub’s sister who lost her home in a
Barry.                                              wildfire in North Dakota), and other causes.
Restaurant: To be determined.                       Lutheran World Relief has set a goal of 500,000
We would love to have new members join us.          quilts in 2013. LWR began after World War II
If you have questions call Linda Wallace at 472-    as Lutheran in America sought to give aid to
5638.                                               their relatives in Scandinavia and Germany. It
                      +++                           now works around the world and is supported by
Confirmation will be held on Sunday,                the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
November 4th. A confirmation reception will         and the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.
follow the worship service. The confirmands
are: Cole Emrich and Rhea Wieditz.
A few of the many Bethlehem quilters are                       November 11 – Sunday School kids
pictured left to right: Joan Lindahl, Cheryl          will deliver the food they’ve been collecting to
Kelley, Doris Gosse, Mona Hanson, Helen               the Vinton Food Pantry during the Sunday
Burmeister, Marva Hanna.                              School hour. We will need a lot of parent
                                                      drivers. If you don’t intend to drive and your
                                                      child needs a car seat, you will need to leave
                                                      that here with us.
                                                               November 11 – YoungStars will sing
                                                      and there will be a children’s sermon during
                                                               November 25 – We will go roller-
                                                      skating from 2-4pm at the Vinton Skating Rink.
                                                      Bring $4 plus extra if you want snacks from the
                                                      concession stand.
                                                               November 25 – Noisy Offering – come
                                                      to worship and help us collect coins in tin cans!!

                                                      LYO: The LYO thanks all those who bid on
                                                      the baskets in our auction. We raised $245!!
                                                              The LYO was busy in October. We
                     +++                              gathered on Saturday, October 27th to bake our
           Flowers for Worship in November            favorite desserts for the church bake sale.
                                                      Afterwards, we relaxed with a movie in
            4 Al & Sue Hughes’ anniversary            Augustana Hall. On Sunday, October 28th we
           11 Veteran’s Day given by the Eden         went to the Sander’s Pumpkin farm and
              family                                  purchased a few pumpkins. After that we
           18 ____________________                    painted the LYO room in the basement of Inn 2.
           25 Larry & Kindra Nudd’s                   Stop by and take a look! On October 31st we
                anniversary                           gathered together with the Jr. High, carved
                                                      pumpkins, ate pizza and passed out candy and a
                       +++                            prayer to trick-or-treaters!
                                                      LYO and Jr. High: Watch the bulletins and
                Youth Corner                          emails for November events.
 Rachel Dickinson, Coordinator of Youth Ministries    November 7 – 5:30-6:30pm LIGHTs
SUNDAY SCHOOL: On Friday, October 19,                 November 11 – Children’s Sermon w/ Nancy
16 kids (including 3 guests) came in pjs, spread                       Beckman
blankets and sleeping bags on the floor, watched                       Delivering food to food pantry
the movie Rio on the big screen in Augustana          November 25 - Noisy Offering
Hall, and ate a lot of snacks. It was a lot of fun!                    2-4pm roller skating at Vinton
Rachel has a discussion guide about some of the                        Skate Center
Christian themes, such as taking up your cross,                               +++
that run through the movie. Let her know if you                   Team Christian Life
would like a copy.                                    Benton County Food Bank Donations
         November 7 – LIGHTs for Preschool –          During the month of September, the donations
4th grade at Inn 2. 5:30-6:30pm. Food –               during the Sunday Fellowship hour on
Fellowship – Fun. Choir from 6:30-7:00pm is           September 9th and 23rd totaled $92.31. A check
encouraged, but not required.                         for this amount was sent to the Benton County
         Remember that we will be collecting          Food Pantry so they can buy the needed
hats and mittens for the school nurses and            food/personal items for distribution to those in
Thanksgiving food for the food pantry until           need. Thank you for your generosity.
November 11.
VAMA Winter Warmth Project                         Leigha age 5 months. They are so excited to be
Thank you to everyone who gave clothes or cash     a part of the Bethlehem congregation and
to assist with the Winter Warmth project. The      appreciate all the warm welcomes.
Vinton Ministerial Association supports this                             +++
effort to make sure the children in the Vinton     Thank you’s……..
community have warm clothing for this              A sincere thank you to our Bethlehem family for
upcoming season. The items were taken to the       your cards, calls and prayers during our recent
central gathering site so they could be            medical procedures and surgeries. We are both
distributed to those in need.                      on the road to recovery. A special thank you to
                                                   Pastor for his visits, calls and words of wisdom.
Bethlehem to join in the Vinton Community          God has truly blessed us with all of you.
Craft/Bake Sale scheduled for November 3:          Sue and Al Hughes
Remember the community bake/craft sale at the                               +++
skate center on Saturday, November 3.                          Women’s Bible Study
Bethlehem has chosen to be involved with this      The theme verse for the November Women’s
event to help with the sale of the cookbook and    Bible Study is John 6:11-12. “Then Jesus took
to generate some additional funds for worthy       the loaves, and when he had given thanks, he
projects. Please consider donating to this sale    distributed them to those who were seated; so
and also attending and purchasing items. Again,    also the fish, as much as they wanted. When
thank you for your support.                        they were satisfied, he told his disciples, ‘Gather
                      +++                          up the fragments left over, so that nothing may
As you enjoy fellowship hour after worship on      be lost.’”
Sundays, please listen for the “bell” to           Jesus invites us to “come and see” what it is like
ring……If you or anyone should have any             to be in the presence of the one “who came
announcements to make, such as birthdays or        down from heaven.” We will join the crowds in
anniversaries, team announcements, etc., please    the Gospel of John as they eat their fill of five
feel free to ring the bell to grab everyone’s      barley loaves and a couple of fish, with more
attention.                                         pieces left over than there were to begin with. In
                      +++                          the abundance on the mountainside, we will
Spotlight on New Members………….                      gather to be fed with the bread of life, so that
Todd, Kellie and Alexis Van Ree –                  none may be lost.
Todd and Kellie were married on October 9,         Please join us at one of these times:
2010 and had their first baby, Alexis (Lexi) on         Monday, November 12th 11:30a.m.
May 20, 2012. They both come from large                     Pizza Ranch
families. Todd works at PMX as a caster and             Monday, November 19th 6:30p.m.
enjoys    hunting,    fishing,   boating    and             Augustana Hall
snowmobiling. Kellie works at the Vinton
Lutheran Home as their Corporate Consultant        If you have any questions, please contact Marta
and also does some Home Health nursing as          Bauer for further information.
well. She enjoys snowmobiling, playing cards,                             +++
and boating.                                       Help Iowans in need this holiday season
Chad, Cynda, Jaxson and Leigha Mehlert –           During the holiday season, Lutheran Services in
Chad works for Rabe Hardware in Blairstown as      Iowa reminds you that there are many people in
an installer and plumber. He graduated from        our state who are in need of the healing hand of
Benton Community and Kirkwood. Cynda               Christ and the hope His love brings. Thankfully,
works at Dr. Walter Cunningham School in           through our shared ministry with your
Waterloo as a special education teacher and also   congregation and the three Iowa synods of the
part-time for the YWCA of Black Hawk County.       ELCA, LSI is a way for children, families and
She graduated from Chariton High School and        individuals in need to find healing and hope.
UNI. They have two children: Jaxson age 3 and
Your support of LSI’s services is the fuel that      From runaway to a college scholarship
allows us to bring life-changing programs to the     Like millions of teenagers before her, Misha is
people we serve. Your help is preventing child       putting her bedroom in boxes and soon she’ll
abuse, keeping families together, building           unpack them in a college dorm room, her whole
futures for our youth and supporting                 future unfolding before her. It’s a rite of passage
independence for people with disabilities.           that almost didn’t happen.
                                                     Less than a year ago, Misha was in a crisis
There is still time to make your gift go even        shelter, a high school runaway who had just
farther for people in need through the               been picked up by police. Her senior year had
Responding to Love matching gift campaign.           spiraled out of control. Her mom, Barb, was
                                                     furious with her behavior. Her dad, Jack, was
Because of the generosity of several donors, all
                                                     struggling to stay sober. Her boyfriend, a 21-
new and increased gifts will be matched $1 for       year-old with two kids, was draining her
every $2 above and beyond the amount given in        confidence and her college savings account.
2011, up to $150,000.                                “He wanted to control her,” said Barb of Misha’s
                                                     boyfriend. “He pressured her to quit softball, to
Thank you for your partnership in ministry to        quit high school. He took her money.”
our fellow Iowans during this holiday season. To
make a gift to LSI and be part of the Responding     It was that day that Deb, an LSI caseworker,
to Love matching gift campaign, give via our         walked through the shelter door.
secure       online      giving        site    at
                                                     Misha’s mom Barb contacted LSI’s Brief        or     call     us  at
                                                     Intensive Services program, seeking help. The
866.584.5293.                                        program fills the gap for families who do not
                      +++                            qualify for traditional state services, but need
From Lutheran Services in Iowa………                    support during a crisis.

Taking care of caregivers                            “Misha wasn’t receptive at first to services, but
                                                     Deb built a relationship with her,” Barb said.
During November, we celebrate National Family
Caregivers Month. Caregivers may call
                                                     And slowly, Barb realized the program could
themselves husband, wife, parent, son or
                                                     help not just Misha, but their whole family.
daughter, but no matter what their title they play
an important role in caring for loved ones who
                                                     “We would not be where we are today without
need their assistance. While this care is given
                                                     Deb,” she said. “We were spinning out of
freely and lovingly, it can be stressful at times.
                                                     control. It was a bad thing that happened, but it
                                                     ended up being good for all of us. Jack got
At Lutheran Services in Iowa, we celebrate
                                                     sober. It woke him up. He had to be present.”
family caregivers in communities throughout
Iowa and offer programs that assist them as
                                                     For Barb, all the work was worth it.
they take on this vital role. LSI’s home health
                                                     “I send Misha texts all the time that I’m proud of
care programs provide important services to
                                                     her,” Barb said. “I’m proud she graduated. I’m
families including home visits by skilled nurses,
                                                     proud she has a scholarship to play softball. I’m
homemaker services to assist with light
                                                     glad she stuck with it, and that she’s focused
housework and respite services for those caring
                                                     now. You wouldn’t know it today that she was
for a family member with a physical or mental
                                                     the same child she was before Deb.”
disability. At LSI, we understand the difficulties
and benefits of caring for a loved one. That is
                                                     [This family’s names have been changed for
why we are here to support this important group
                                                     privacy at their request.]
of people that take on these rewarding

For information on Lutheran Services in Iowa,
visit Visit us on Facebook at
                                         Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran Church
                             Consolidated Fund Activity Report for September 2012*

                                   Beg.                        Disburse-     Transfers/           End.
            Account Name                         Receipts
                                  Balance                       ments           JE’s             Balance
          Building Fund                0.00       3,669.00         942.17     (2,726.83)              0.00
          Cap Campaign Fd       (227,845.45)           0.99          0.00        2,726.83      (225,117.63)
          Equip Replace Fd          3,398.06        500.00           0.00          100.00         3,998.06
          General Fund B            1,781.00      2,664.00           0.00      (2,497.00)         1,948.00
          General Fund A           14,630.73      8,985.00      14,654.93        1,938.00        10,898.80
          LYO Fund                 11,148.20        100.00           0.00           92.00        11,340.20
          Memorial Fund             1,444.69           0.00          0.00               0.00      1,444.69
          Property Fund            11,497.90           0.00          0.00          200.00        11,697.90

          *Does not include Sunday, September 30 offerings or transfers
Thursday, November 1             1 Timothy 3                         Isaiah 36-37                      Psalm 119:97-120
Friday, November 2               1 Timothy 4                         Isaiah 38-39                      Psalm 119:121-144
Saturday, November 3             1 Timothy 5:1-22                    Jeremiah 1-2                      Psalm 119:145-176
Sunday, November 4               1 Timothy 5:23-6:21                 Jeremiah 3-4                      Psalm 120
Monday, November 5               2 Timothy 1                         Jeremiah 5-6                      Psalm 121
Tuesday, November 6              2 Timothy 2                         Jeremiah 7-8                      Psalm 122
Wednesday, November 7            2 Timothy 3                         Jeremiah 9-10                     Psalm 123
Thursday, November 8             2 Timothy 4                         Jeremiah 11-12                    Psalm 124
Friday, November 9               Titus 1                             Jeremiah 13-14                    Psalm 125
Saturday, November 10            Titus 2                             Jeremiah 15-16                    Psalm 126
Sunday, November 11              Titus 3                             Jeremiah 17-18                    Psalm 127
Monday, November 12              Philemon                            Jeremiah 19-201                   Psalm 128
Tuesday, November 13             James 1                             Jeremiah 21-22                    Psalm 129
Wednesday, November 14           James 2                             Jeremiah 23-24                    Psalm 130
Thursday, November 15            James 3                             Jeremiah 25-26                    Psalm 131
Friday, November 16              James 4                             Jeremiah 27-28                    Psalm 132
Saturday, November 17            James 5                             Jeremiah 29-30                    Psalm 133
Sunday, November 18              1 Peter 1                           Jeremiah 31-32                    Psalm 134
Monday, November 19              1 Peter 2                           Jeremiah 33-34                    Psalm 135
Tuesday, November 20             1 Peter 3                           Jeremiah 35-36                    Psalm 136
Wednesday, November 21           1 Peter 4                           Jeremiah 37-38                    Psalm 137
Thursday, November 22            1 Peter 5                           Jeremiah 39-40                    Psalm 138
Friday, November 23              2 Peter 1                           Jeremiah 41-42                    Psalm 139
Saturday, November 24            2 Peter 2                           Jeremiah 43-44                    Psalm 140
Sunday, November 25              2 Peter 3                           Jeremiah 45-46                    Psalm 141
Monday, November 26              Galatians 1                         Jeremiah 47-48                    Psalm 142
Tuesday, November 27             Galatians 2                         Jeremiah 49-50                    Psalm 143
Wednesday, November 28           Galatians 3:1-18                    Jeremiah 51-52                    Psalm 144
Thursday, November 29            Galatians 3:19-4:20                 Lamentations 1-2                  Psalm 145
Friday, November 30              Galatians 4:21-31                   Lamentations 3-4                  Psalm 146
The                             Bethlehem Star
                                Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
                                1206 C Avenue
                                Vinton, Iowa 52349

                                Return Service Requested

The Rev. M. C. Urlaub, Pastor
(319) 472-3784

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