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					Warrensville Heights High School Guidance Department
                                          “Learning Today…Leading Tomorrow”

Warrensville Heights High School (216) 295-7752                                                 October 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1

Key Dates this Month

October 1 : Credit Recovery      All School Guidance Information
begins after school
                                 Credit Recovery starts on       are not sure what courses          A needs assessment
October 3: Parent-Teacher        Monday, October 1, in the       you need to make up.               survey has been distributed
Conferences                      21st Century Learning                                              to all faculty members in
                                 Center. The program runs        By this point in the school
                                                                                                    order to gather information
October 6 : SAT Exam             Monday through Thursday         year, all teachers have
                                                                                                    about how the Guidance
                                 from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m.        received forms for Referral
                                                                                                    Department can target and
October 11 : Last Day to                                         Services for students to
                                 You must see your guidance                                         meet the specific needs of
register for Credit Recovery                                     meet with their guidance
                                 counselor for a Credit                                             students in the classroom.
                                 Recovery application and        counselor. If you would like
October 11: Northeast Ohio                                                                          As the Guidance Department
                                 turn the application back in    to schedule an appointment
Suburban College Fair                                                                               serves all students’
                                 to your counselor no later      to meet with a counselor in
                                                                                                    academic, career, and
October 12 : NEOEA Day (No       than October 11. Only core      regard to a concern you
                                                                                                    personal/social needs, this
School)                          courses can be made up in       have, please fill out one of
                                                                                                    data will be used to create
                                 Credit Recovery, not            these forms and submit it to
                                                                                                    and implement classroom
October 17: PSAT given to                                        Ms. Harris in the Main
     th        th
                                 electives. Check with your                                         guidance lessons for the
all 10 and 11 graders                                            Office.
                                 guidance counselor if you                                          students.
October 22-26: OGT Test
for 11 th and 12th graders
                                 Senior News
October 27 : ACT Exam            On September 21, you            already, please register for        taking place on an ongoing
                                 received through your           either the ACT or the SAT           basis. Make sure you see
October 1-31: College Visits.
                                 English class a copy of your    soon. See page three for            your guidance counselor for
Check the college visitation
                                 transcript and your             the dates and related               your pass to the visitation.
calendar for more
                                 graduation worksheet. It        information. Fee waivers
information                                                                                          The Ohio Graduation Test
Contents                         is imperative that you          are available for those who
                                 examine your transcript for     qualify and are passed out          will be given October 22-26.
Junior News                  2   any errors that may need to     on a first come first serve         If you are not sure which
                                 be reported to your             basis. Tutoring for the             test(s) you need to pass,
Sophomore News               2
                                 guidance counselor. Parents     ACT is also available for           please see your guidance
Freshmen News                2   please review the transcript    free Monday, Wednesday,             counselor in the main office.
                                 and graduation worksheet to     and Thursday from 7:00-             After school tutoring is
OGT Information              3   see what courses and/or         7:30 a.m. with Ms. Coley in         available in the 21 st Century
                                 Ohio Graduation Tests your      the Distance Learning Lab.          Learning Center.
ACT/SAT Information          3
                                 child needs to pass in order    Please see your guidance
                                                                                                     Lastly, please visit the senior
Scholarship information      4   to graduate with the class of   counselor for more
                                                                                                     class website created by
                                 2013.                           information.
College Visitations          4                                                                       your senior class advisor Mrs.
                                 If you have not done so         College visitations are             Roach at:
Guidance Calendar            5
                           Junior News
                           Juniors, please be aware of       their degree offerings. You     Please be mindful of your
                           the portions of the OGT that      are eligible to attend most     GPA. The higher, the better
                           you may still need to pass.       of these visitations so make    and this is one of the factors
                           See your guidance counselor       sure you take the time to       that colleges consider when
                           for help if you are not sure.     meet with your schools of       admitting students to their
"You must be the           Tutoring is available in the      interest. See your guidance     institution.
change you wish to         21st Century Learning Center      counselor for a college
                           after school Monday-              exposure pass.                  Lastly, all 11 th graders will
see in the world."                                                                           be taking the PSAT on
                           Thursday from 3-6 p.m.
                ~ Gandhi                                     Make sure you make up any       October 17 th in order to help
                           College Visits are taking         credits that you may need in    prepare you for the SAT.
                           place and this is an excellent    Credit Recovery. This will      Please visit the following
                           time to be exposed to the         make your senior year easier    website for test details:
                           admissions requirements           if you do not have to retake    http://www.collegeboard.co
                           that different colleges and       courses after school.           m/student/testing/psat/reg.
"Apply yourself. Get       universities have as well as                                      html
all the education you
can, but then, by God,
                           Sophomore News
do something. Don't
                           It is your second year of        make sure that you see your      questions:
just stand there, make     schooling and it is important    classroom teacher or visit       http://www.collegeboard.co
it happen.”                to get started on the right      the 21st Century Learning        m/student/testing/psat/reg.
                           foot. Be mindful of trying       Center after school. Tutors      html
          ~Lee Iacocca
                           your best to improve your        are available for free and
                           GPA in order to solidify your    will help you have the           Lastly, if you have not
                           foundation.                      academic success that we all     begun to think about a
                                                            want.                            career that you might be
“Change does not           As OGT’s for sophomores                                           interested in, please use the
                           are given in March, it is        Please remember that all         following website
necessarily assure                                          10 th graders will be taking
                           important to study hard in                                        www.ocis.org. Your
progress, but              your Core Subject areas.         the PSAT on October 17 th in     username is WarrensvHts
                           The content that you are         order to help prepare you        and the password is
progress implacably
                           learning in these classes will   for the SAT. Please visit the    ohiocis03. Use the IDEAS
requires change.           appear on the OGT. If you        following website for test       or SKILLS surveys under the
Education is essential     are in need of extra help,       details including sample test    “Assessment Tools” section.

to change, for
education creates
both new wants and
                           Freshmen News
                           This is the beginning of an      small ones for you to            to investigate your career
the ability to satisfy                                                                       interests. Please use the
                           important year for you,          achieve along the way. Be
them.”                     where you will set your          encouraged to try something      following website
                           educational goals and            new by joining a sports          www.ocis.org. Your
~Henry S. Commager
                           begin the work to reach          team or club.                    username is WarrensvHts
                           them. Make sure when you                                          and the password is
                           set your goals that you have     This is also an excellent time   ohiocis03. Use the IDEAS
                           a long term goal and several                                      or SKILLS surveys under the
                                                                                             “Assessment Tools” section.

                                                                                             Much of the content you put
                                                                                             in your newsletter can also
                                                                                             be used for your Web site.
                                                                                             Microsoft Word offers a
                                                                                             simple way to convert your
                                                                                             newsletter to a Web
                                                                                             publication. So, when you’re
                                                                                             finished writing your

                                           OGT Exam Dates
       October 22-26, 2012 (Grades 11 and 12 ONLY)

       March 11-15, 2013 (Grades 10-12)

                                      ACT/SAT Exam Dates
Costs: $35.00 (ACT with No Writing) or $50.50 (ACT plus Writing)
Register at: http://www.actstudent.org/
ACT Exam Dates:
                     Test Date             Registration Deadline     Late Registration Deadline
                September 8, 2012                August 17, 2012          August 24, 2012

                 October 27, 2012               September 21, 2012        October 5, 2012

                 December 8, 2012               November 2, 2012        November 16, 2012

                 February 9, 2013**              January 11, 2013         January 18, 2013

                   April 13, 2013                 March 8, 2013           March 22, 2013

                    June 8, 2013                   May 3, 2013             May 17, 2013

Costs: $50
Register at: http://sat.collegeboard.org/home
SAT Exam Dates:

                     Test Date             Registration Deadline     Late Registration Deadline

                  October 6, 2012               September 7, 2012       September 21, 2012

                November 3, 2012                 October 4, 2012          October 19, 2012

                December 1, 2012                November 1, 2012         November 16, 2012

                 January 26, 2013               December 28, 2012         January 11, 2013

                   March 9, 2013                 February 8, 2013        February 22, 2013

                    May 4, 2013                    April 5, 2013           April 19, 2013

                   June 1, 2013                    May 2, 2013             May 17, 2013
                               Senior Scholarship Opportunities
Please visit to the district website http://www.warrensville.k12.oh.us/ click on schools, high school, guidance
counselor, and the Scholarships and Special Opportunities for the most up to date information.
          Name of Scholarship                     Amount                         Qualifications                        Deadline
Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged Scholarship               Up to          Eligibility: Scholarship for high school        September 17, 2012
                                                  $10,000        seniors, undergraduate college students,
http://essaycontest.aynrandnovels.com/AtlasS                     and graduate students
ScholarshipPoints.com Scholarships                Up to          Eligibility: Scholarships for high school       September 30, 2012
                                                  $10,000        freshmen, sophomores, juniors and
http://tracking.edvisors.com/aff_c?offer_id=11&                  seniors, undergraduate, graduate, and
aff_id=1432&aff_sub=list-of-scholarships                         continuing education students

FastWeb Refer A Friend Scholarship                $500           Eligibility: Scholarships for high school       September 30, 2012
                                                                 students, undergraduate students, and
http://www.fastweb.com/content/refer-a-friend                    graduate students
$2,000 "No Essay" College Scholarship             $2,000         Eligibility: Scholarship for current students   September 30, 2012
                                                                 and those planning to enroll within 12
https://collegeprowler.com/scholarship/apply.a                   months
CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship              $2,000         Eligibility: Scholarship for high school        September 30, 2012
                                                                 students and junior college students
Wendy’s High School Heisman                       Varies         This scholarship is for seniors with at least   October 2, 2012
                                                                 a “B” average and participate in at least
www.wendysheisman.com                                            one school sponsored sport or activity.
                                                                  Complete the application on the listed
                                                                 website as soon as possible.
The Better Business Bureau’s Students of          Between        This scholarship is given to students who       October 16, 2012
Integrity Awards                                  $1,000 or      show through their actions and life
                                                  $2,500         examples, strong ethics and strong
                                                                 character. This scholarship is submitted as
                                                                 an essay competition. If interested, please
                                                                 see your guidance counselor for an
                                                                 application and the essay details.
Coca-Cola Scholars Program                        Up to          Eligibility: Scholarship for high school        October 31, 2012
                                                  $20,000        seniors

                                          College Visit Schedule
           College/University                                 Date                                Time                    Location
                                                                                                                        Tabernacle of
               College Fair                         Monday, September 10                  8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                        Faith Church
                                                                                                                      Cleveland Browns
           HBCU College Fair                        Friday, September 14                  9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
       Cleveland State University                  Thursday, September 13                       1:00 p.m.                Room #154
           Lordes University                      Wednesday, September 19                       1:00 p.m.                Room #154
           Ursuline College                        Thursday, September 20                       1:00 p.m.                Room #154
             Hiram College                          Monday, September 24                        1:00 p.m.                Room #154
        University of Cincinnati                   Tuesday, September 25                        1:00 p.m.                Room #154
            Ohio University                       Wednesday, September 26                       1:00 p.m.                Room #154
          University of Toledo                      Friday, September 28                        1:00 p.m.                Room #154
       Ohio Dominican University                      Tuesday, October 2                        9:00 a.m.                Room #154
             Miami of Ohio                             Friday, October 5                        9:00 a.m.                Room #154
        Wayne State University                        Tuesday, October 9                        9:00 a.m.                Room #154
            Tiffin University                       Thursday, October 11                        9:00 a.m.                Room #154
         Kent State University                      Thursday, October 11                        1:00 p.m.                Room #154
      Youngstown State University                    Monday, October 15               either 9:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.      Room #154
                                                     Every 3 Wednesday
               U. S. Army                                                                      7°, 9°, 11°               Cafeteria
                                                     (Starting October 17)
      Cuyahoga Community College                    Thursday, November 1                        9:30 a.m.               Room #154
          University of Akron                        Monday, November 5                         9:00 a.m.               Room #154

Warrensville Heights High
                                 Guidance Calendar of Events
4270 Northfield Road
                                 September:                                deadline Dec. 1         February:
Warrensville Heights, OH 44128
                                         7: SAT registration              exam)                            9: ACT test
                                          deadline (Oct. 6                2: ACT registration              Course Requests for
                                          exam)                            deadline (Dec. 8                  next school year will
(216) 295-7752
                                         8: ACT test                      exam)                             be taken in your
                                         21: ACT registration            3: SAT test                       English class
Fax                                       deadline (Oct. 27               10 th grade classroom            9 th grade classroom
(216) 752-8116                            exam)                            guidance                          guidance
                                         12 th grade classroom           1st quarter awards               27: Parent-Teacher
Counselor Contact Info                    guidance                December:                                  Conferences
phyllis.cummings@whcsd.org       October:                                 1: SAT test             March:
Last names A-L                           1: Credit Recovery              8: ACT test                      8: ACT registration
(216) 295-7772                            begins (last day to             12: Parent-Teacher                deadline (Mar. 8
                                          register is 10/12)               Conferences                       exam)
brenda.gay@whcsd.org                     3: Parent-Teacher               28: SAT registration             11: OGT Week
Last names M-V                            Conferences                      deadline (Jan. 26                3 rd quarter awards
(216) 295-7789                           4: SAT registration              exam)                   April:
                                          deadline (Nov. 3                11 th grade classroom            13: ACT test
bradley.sims@whcsd.org                    exam)                            guidance                         10 th grade classroom
(Intern)                                 6: SAT test             January:                                   guidance
Last names W-Z                           11: Last day to sign-           1: FAFSA submission              30: Parent-Teacher
(216) 752-8585                            up for Credit                    begins – START                    Conferences
                                          Recovery (Fall)                  EARLY!                  May:
                                         11: Northeast Ohio              11: ACT registration             3: ACT registration
                                          Suburban College                 deadline (Feb. 9                  deadline (Jun. 8
                                          Fair                             exam)                             exam)
                                         17: PSAT Exam                   Course Requests for              11 th grade classroom
                                         27: ACT test                     next school year will             guidance
                                         22: OGT Week                     be taken in your        June:
                                         9 th grade classroom             English class                    Commencement:
                                          guidance                        12 th grade classroom             First week of June
                                 November:                                 guidance                         8: ACT test
                                         1: SAT registration             2 nd quarter awards

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