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									                              Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012


This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
June 1 and Sept. 30, 2012. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in
conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

           Name               City          Stage         Amount                 Investors                  Description

                                                                                                     Clinical stage
Adynxx                  San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,000,000 Domain Associates             pharmaceutical company

                                                                                                     Physical therapy and
Alter-G                 Fremont         Expansion          $10,310,000 Versant Ventures              rehabilitation equipments

                                                                       Oak Investment Partners,
Aurora Algae            Hayward         Expansion          $20,000,000 undisclosed firm              Algae-based products

                                                                       Band of Angels, undisclosed   Stem-cell research
Bell Biosystems*        Palo Alto       Early Stage         $1,500,000 firm                          technology tools

                                                                       Acadia Woods Partners,
                                                                       Artiman Ventures, Asset
                                                                       Management Company, Bright
                                                                       Capital, Duff Ackerman &
                                                                       Goodrich, GE Capital, Intel
                                                                       Capital, J.P. Morgan Chase &,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                       Byers, Longitude Capital
                                                                       Management Company, Mohr
                                                                       Davidow Ventures, Pappas
                                                                       Ventures, TPG Growth,         Genomic diagnostics
CardioDx                Palo Alto       Later Stage        $30,509,000 Temasek Holdings              company

Carmot Therapeutics     San Francisco   Early Stage          $500,000 Column Group                   Biotechnology company

                                                                       Burrill & Company, Essex
                                                                       Woodlands Health Ventures,
                                                                       HealthCare Ventures, Johnson
                                                                       & Johnson Development,
                                                                       Morgenthaler Ventures,       Therapeutic protease
Catalyst Biosciences    South San Franc Later Stage        $13,628,000 Sofinnova Ventures           products

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                                 Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                           Allen & Company, Camelot
                                                                           Ventures Group, undisclosed    Therapies for cancer
Cellerant Therapeutics     San Carlos      Later Stage          $2,094,000 firm                           treatment

                                                                           RA Capital Management,
CellScape                  Mountain View   Early Stage          $1,100,000 X/Seed Capital Management      Genetic testing services
                                                                           Band of Angels, undisclosed    semiconductor and
Cephasonics*               Santa Clara     Early Stage          $1,000,000 firm                           subsystem products
                                                                           SV Life Sciences Advisers,
Cyterix Pharmaceuticals    San Francisco   Early Stage          $7,290,000 undisclosed firm               Cancer therapeutics
                                                                           Canaan Partners, F. Hoffmann-
                                                                           La Roche AG, Third Rock       Proteolytically-activated
CytomX Therapeutics        South San Franc Early Stage         $13,839,000 Ventures                      antibodies

Dermira                    Redwood City    Early Stage          $3,273,000 Canaan Partners                company

Eiger BioPharmaceuticals   Palo Alto       Early Stage          $1,008,000 InterWest Partners             services

                                                                                                          Products for minimally
                                                                                                          invasive cardiovascular
ESTECH                     San Ramon       Later Stage            $122,000 Tullis Health Investors        surgery

                                                                           Morgenthaler Ventures,
ForSight VISION5*          Menlo Park      Startup/Seed         $8,000,000 Versant Ventures               Products and services

                                                                           5AM Ventures, Montreux
                                                                           Equity Partners, undisclosed   Biopharmaceutical
Fourteen22                 San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $5,000,000 firm                           company

                                                                           Domain Associates, Essex
                                                                           Woodlands Health Ventures,
IntegenX                   Pleasanton      Later Stage         $14,440,000 undisclosed firm               Microfluidic systems

                                                                           Angels' Forum & the Halo
Intrapace                  Mountain View   Later Stage          $6,202,000 Fund, undisclosed firm         System to treat obesity

                                                                           Accuitive Medical Ventures,
                                                                           Investor Growth Capital,
                                                                           Thomas, McNerney &             Therapeutic medical
                                                                           Partners, U.S. Venture         devices to monitor blood
Intuity Medical            Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $12,000,000 Partners, Versant Ventures     glucose levels

                                                                           FirstMark Capital, Harrison
                                                                           Metal Capital, Menlo Ventures,
                                                                           Norwest Venture Partners,      Web-based brain training
Lumos Labs                 San Francisco   Expansion           $31,500,000 undisclosed firm               games

                                                                           Third Rock Ventures,           Medical therapeutic
MyoKardia*                 San Francisco   Startup/Seed        $38,000,000 undisclosed firm               company

                                                                           Band of Angels, undisclosed    Protein biomarker
OncoHealth                 San Jose        Early Stage            $600,000 firm                           diagnostics company

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                            Morgenthaler Ventures,           Biopharmaceutical
Principia Biopharma         South San Franc Early Stage         $12,650,000 undisclosed firm                 company

                                                                            5AM Ventures, Delphi
                                                                            Ventures, Mediphase Venture
                                                                            Partners, New Leaf Venture       Clinical-stage
                                                                            Partners, OrbiMed Advisors,      biopharmaceutical
Relypsa                     Santa Clara     Early Stage         $62,400,000 Sibling Capital, Sprout Group    company
                                                                            First Round Capital, True
Sano Intelligence*          San Francisco   Early Stage          $3,750,000 Ventures, undisclosed firm       Small, wearable sensor
                                                                            Clarus Ventures, undisclosed
SFJ Pharmaceuticals         Pleasanton      Expansion           $21,000,000 firm                             Pharmaceutical company

                                                                            ARCH Venture Partners, Alloy
                                                                            Ventures, Altitude Funds,
                                                                            Bright Capital, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                            Caufield & Byers, Lux Capital,
                                                                            Presidio STX, undisclosed       Alternatives for fuels and
Siluria Technologies        San Francisco   Early Stage         $29,851,200 firm, Vulcan Capital            chemicals

                                                                            ARCH Venture Partners,
                                                                            CMEA Capital, Novartis
                                                                            Venture Funds, Sofinnova         Biopharmaceutical
Sorbent Therapeutics        Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $18,055,900 Ventures                         company

                                                                            Foundation Capital,              Technology solutions in
Spreetales*                 Palo Alto       Early Stage         $10,000,000 Lightspeed Venture Partners      tablet commerce

                                                                                                             Treatments for rare and
                                                                                                             ultra-rare genetic
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical   Novato          Early Stage         $15,100,000 Fidelity Biosciences             disorders

                                                                            Mohr Davidow Ventures,           Family of DNA that reduce
VitaPath Genetics           Foster City     Early Stage            $328,000 X/Seed Capital Management        the risk of serious disease
              Name                City          Stage          Amount                   Investors            Description

                                                                                                             Incentive marketing
Aditive                     San Francisco   Early Stage          $3,302,000 Undisclosed firm                 solutions

                                                                            Undisclosed firm, iNovia         Cloud service
AppDirect*                  San Francisco   Expansion           $11,804,000 Capital                          marketplace company

Apply Financials Limited*   Palo Alto       Startup/Seed         $1,000,000 True Ventures                    Products and services

                                                                            RRE Ventures, undisclosed        Mobile remittance
Boom Financial              Palo Alto       Expansion           $17,000,100 firms                            services

                                                                                                             Big-data analytics solution
                                                                            Mayfield Fund, undisclosed       for managing IT
CloudPhysics*               San Mateo       Early Stage          $2,499,900 firm                             environments

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                          Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                   Opus Capital, Pinnacle
                                                                   Ventures, Redpoint Ventures,
                                                                   Sutter Hill Ventures,
FreeMonee Network   San Mateo       Early Stage        $34,000,000 undisclosed firm             National gift network

                                                                   Correlation Ventures,
                                                                   Crosslink Capital, undisclosed Tools for personalizing e-
GraphDive           Menlo Park      Early Stage           $999,900 firm                           commerce and media

                                                                   500 Startups, Archetype,
                                                                   CyberAgent Ventures,
Hapyrus             Mountain View   Early Stage           $680,000 undisclosed firm                 Software

                                                                                                    Information technology
Linqia*             San Francisco   Early Stage         $3,476,000 Javelin Venture Partners         services

                                                                   Accel Partners, Harrison Metal
                                                                   Capital, Iris Capital
                                                                   Management SAS, JAFCO          Ad serving platform
MoPub               San Francisco   Expansion          $12,000,000 Ventures                       provider

                                                                                                    Online smart real estate
Nuperty*            Mountain View   Early Stage            $25,000 Mexican.VC                       market place

                                                                   BV Venture Capital Investors,
                                                                   Clearstone Venture Partners,
                                                                   CrunchFund, Greycroft
                                                                   Partners, Inspiration Ventures,
                                                                   Morado Venture Management,
                                                                   Novel TMT Ventures, SV          Gift cards for online
Openbucks           Santa Clara     Early Stage         $1,083,000 Angel, undisclosed firms        payments

                                                                   Foundry Group, undisclosed       Digital home integration
Pie Digital         Palo Alto       Later Stage         $8,000,000 firm                             management solutions

                                                                                                    Big-data analytics and
                                                                   Baseline Ventures, Freestyle     discovery marketing
Pinfluencer*        San Mateo       Early Stage         $1,400,000 Capital, undisclosed firms       company

                                                                   Accelerator Ventures,
                                                                   Advanced Technology
                                                                   Ventures, Andreessen
                                                                   Horowitz, Fontinalis Partners,   Mobile parking payment
QuickPay            Menlo Park      Early Stage         $3,499,800 undisclosed firm                 solutions

                                                                   Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                   Morgenthaler Ventures,           Mobile advertising
Rhythm NewMedia     Mountain View   Expansion           $5,000,000 Rembrandt Venture Partners       infrastructure

                                                                   Gray Ventures, J.F. Shea,
                                                                   Tugboat Ventures, ru-Net
RichRelevance       San Francisco   Expansion           $8,000,000 Ventures                         Software developer

                                                                   Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition
                                                                   Partners, Triangle Peak       Enterprise cloud
SnapLogic           San Mateo       Expansion          $19,800,000 Partners                      integration company

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                                Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                          Baseline Ventures, DCM,         Loan programs for
Social Finance            San Francisco   Early Stage         $77,199,900 undisclosed firm                students

Spark Diagnostics         Redwood City    Startup/Seed           $500,000 Versant Ventures                Diagnostics company

                                                                          Citi Ventures, Rizvi Traverse
Square                    San Francisco   Expansion          $200,000,000 Management, undisclosed firm Mobile payment services

                                                                                                         Drug delivery therapeutics
SteadyMed Therapeutics*   San Francisco   Early Stage         $10,400,000 KB Partners, undisclosed firms systems

                                                                          General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                          Redpoint, Sequoia Platform that accepts
Stripe                    San Francisco   Early Stage         $20,000,000 Capital, undisclosed firm    payments online

                                                                                                          Online marketing
Syndero                   San Francisco   Expansion            $3,000,000 Trident Capital                 company

                                                                          Khosla Ventures, Radar
                                                                          Partners, True Ventures,
tenXer                    San Francisco   Early Stage          $2,999,900 undisclosed firm                Personal productivity hub

                                                                          Cedar Grove Investments,
                                                                          Second Avenue Partners,         Yearbooks for the Internet
TreeRing*                 San Mateo       Expansion            $3,600,000 undisclosed firm                users

                                                                          ATA Ventures, SK Telecom
uCirrus                   San Mateo       Expansion            $1,905,000 Ventures                        Push technology software

                                                                          Matrix Partners, undisclosed    Social recruitment
Work4 Labs*               San Francisco   Early Stage         $11,000,000 firm                            technology

                                                                                                          Commercial real estate
42Floors                  San Francisco   Early Stage          $5,000,000 Undisclosed firm                search tool
            Name                City         Stage           Amount                  Investors            Description

AdverCar*                 San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,040,000 Canaan Partners                 Transit media company

                                                                          Good Capital, Renewal           Imports and exports
Alter Eco Americas        San Francisco   Later Stage          $3,050,000 Partners                        organic food products

                                                                          Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                          CrunchFund, First Round
                                                                          Capital, General Catalyst
                                                                          Partners, Lowercase Capital,
                                                                          Signia Ventures, undisclosed
Artillery Games           Palo Alto       Early Stage          $2,499,700 firm                            Video game company

                                                                          Foundation Capital, Founder     Online marketplace for
Bureau of Trade*          Menlo Park      Early Stage          $1,200,000 Collective, undisclosed firms   men's shopping

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                                   Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                             Benchmark Capital, General
                                                                             Catalyst Partners, Menlo
CouchSurfing International   San Francisco   Later Stage         $15,000,000 Ventures, Omidyar Network      Social travel network

                                                                             Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                             Byers, New Enterprise          Free university classes on
Coursera                     Mountain View   Early Stage          $3,700,000 Associates, undisclosed firm   the Web

                                                                             Emergence Capital Partners,
                                                                             InterWest Partners,            Social networking site for
Doximity                     San Mateo       Early Stage         $17,000,000 Morgenthaler Ventures          healthcare professionals

                                                                             Benchmark Capital, Greylock
                                                                             Partners, Learn Capital
                                                                             Venture Partners, New          Social learning network for
                                                                             Enterprise Associates, Union   teachers, students and
Edmodo                       San Mateo       Expansion           $22,276,000 Square Ventures                parents

                                                                            NewSchools Venture Fund,        Independent information
EdSurge*                     Burlingame      Early Stage           $400,000 undisclosed firms               resource and community

                                                                            500 Startups, Great Oaks
                                                                            Venture Capital, Innovation
                                                                            Camp, Quest Venture             Online shopping platform
Fara*                        Mountain View   Early Stage           $840,000 Partners, undisclosed firm      provider

                                                                             Innovation Endeavors, Menlo    Person-to-person car
Getaround                    San Francisco   Early Stage         $13,900,000 Ventures, undisclosed firms    sharing marketplace

                                                                                                            Career counselling
                                                                            Globespan Capital Partners,     services to the
Gild                         San Francisco   Early Stage           $303,000 undisclosed firm                professionals

Hint                         San Francisco   Expansion            $5,400,000 Verlinvest SA                  Natural flavored water

                                                                             Morgenthaler Ventures,
Jackalope Labs*              Palo Alto       Startup/Seed         $1,500,000 undisclosed firm               Internet services

                                                                             Alsop Louie Partners,
                                                                             Bessemer Venture Partners,     Live video streaming                    San Francisco   Expansion           $15,210,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson        platform provider

                                                                                                          Social networking Website
                                                                             Constantin Partners, D. E.   for sharing life
Kanjoya                      San Francisco   Expansion            $3,875,000 Shaw Group, undisclosed firm experiences

                                                                             True Ventures, undisclosed
Littleinc Labs*              Fremont         Startup/Seed         $1,475,000 firm                           Products and services

Maskless Lithography         San Jose        Later Stage           $500,000 U.S. Venture Partners           Lithography products

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                            CrunchFund, Felicis Ventures,
                                                                            Great Oaks Venture Capital,
                                                                            IA Ventures, Lerer Ventures, Brick and mortar online
Minno*                      San Francisco   Early Stage          $4,651,200 SV Angel, undisclosed firms   clothing resale store

                                                                                                          Online clothing,
                                                                                                          accessories, and decor
ModCloth                    San Francisco   Expansion            $2,500,000 Norwest Venture Partners      retailer

                                                                                                          Platform to find childcare
Mom Trusted*                Menlo Park      Early Stage          $1,170,000 Blumberg Capital Ventures     solutions

                                                                                                         English language learning
Moonshoot                   Palo Alto       Expansion             $230,000 TL Ventures, undisclosed firm services for children

MWHS*                       Menlo Park      Startup/Seed         $1,797,000 Canaan Partners               Product and services

                                                                            500 Startups, Adams Street
MyHealthTeams               San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,749,900 Partners, undisclosed firm    Social and local networks

                                                                            Allen & Company, Benchmark
                                                                            Capital, Duff Ackerman &
                                                                            Goodrich, Greylock Partners,
                                                                            Pinnacle Ventures, Shasta
                                                                            Ventures Management,                San Francisco   Early Stage         $18,599,700 undisclosed firm             Social network platform

                                                                            Accel Partners, Floodgate
                                                                            Fund, NextView Ventures,      Children's clothing
One Jackson*                Palo Alto       Early Stage          $2,000,000 Trinity Ventures              company

                                                                                                          Community for sharing
                                                                            Crosscut Ventures             beauty products through
Personalized Beauty DiscoverySan Mateo      Early Stage          $2,486,000 Management                    video

                                                                            Canaan Partners, Greycroft
Real Real*                  Tiburon         Early Stage          $4,599,000 Partners                      Online luxury resale store

                                                                            BlueRun Ventures, True        Rewards program for
SaveUp                      San Francisco   Early Stage          $4,050,000 Ventures                      personal savings

                                                                           True Ventures, undisclosed
Secure Doc Tech Corp.*      Palo Alto       Startup/Seed          $350,000 firm                           Products and services

                                                                            CrunchFund, SV Angel,
                                                                            SoftTech VC, undisclosed firm, Auto repair and
Service Marketplace*        Palo Alto       Early Stage          $1,800,000 Y Combinator                   maintenance services

                                                                                                          Marketplace that connects
                                                                           Spring Ventures, undisclosed   individuals to invest in
Solar Mosaic                Berkeley        Early Stage           $920,000 firms                          solar projects

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                          Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                                                   Cloud services for online
Stipple             San Francisco   Early Stage          $4,379,000 Floodgate Fund                 images

                                                                    500 Startups, Baseline
                                                                    Ventures, Founders Fund,
                                                                    Lightspeed Venture Partners, Online service which
                                                                    Shasta Ventures              outsources tasks and
TaskRabbit          San Francisco   Expansion           $13,000,200 Management, undisclosed firm deliveries

                                                                                                   Online children's clothing
thredUP             San Francisco   Expansion            $2,700,000 Trinity Ventures               company

                                                                                                   Insurance education and
Trustnode           San Francisco   Early Stage           $500,000 Undisclosed firm                enrollment platform

                                                                    General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                    Google Ventures, JAFCO         Radio content and tools
TuneIn              Palo Alto       Later Stage         $16,000,000 Ventures, Sequoia Capital      online

                                                                                                   Healthcare technology
WellFX*             Petaluma        Early Stage          $5,000,000 Undisclosed firm               company

                                                                                                   Video digitalization
YesVideo            Santa Clara     Later Stage          $5,000,000 Undisclosed firm               services
             Name         City         Stage           Amount                 Investors            Description

                                                                                                   Creates personal cloud
Cloud Engines       San Francisco   Expansion            $2,500,000 Foundry Group                  hardware and software

                                                                    Crosslink Capital, Scale
                                                                    Venture Partners, undisclosed Paper-based multimedia
Livescribe          Oakland         Expansion            $3,333,000 firm                          pen-top applications

                                                                    Accel Partners, GGV Capital,
                                                                    Lightspeed Venture Partners,   Storage and backup
Nimble Storage      San Jose        Expansion           $40,700,000 Sequoia Capital                solutions

                                                                    Battery Ventures, Goldman
                                                                    Sachs & Company, Khosla
                                                                    Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Converged compute and
Nutanix             San Jose        Expansion           $33,000,000 Partners                     storage appliances

                                                                    Floodgate Fund, undisclosed    Consumer electronics
PLAiR*              Santa Clara     Startup/Seed         $2,100,000 firm                           company

                                                                    Greylock Partners, Index
                                                                    Ventures, Redpoint Ventures,
                                                                    Sutter Hill Ventures,        Enterprise storage
Pure Storage        Mountain View   Expansion           $40,000,000 undisclosed firm             solutions

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                              Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                       Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                       Samsung Venture Investment,
Raydiance              Petaluma        Later Stage         $16,985,200 undisclosed firm            Laser technology

                                                                       Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                       Menlo Ventures, New             Storage system for virtual
Tintri                 Mountain View   Expansion           $25,000,000 Enterprise Associates           machines

                                                                                                       Products and services
                                                                                                       that deliver machine
Visicon Technologies   Napa            Later Stage          $1,102,000 Undisclosed firm                vision solutions
             Name             City        Stage           Amount                  Investors            Description

                                                                       Four Rivers Group,
                                                                       Institutional Venture Partners,
                                                                       Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                       Byers, Lightspeed Venture
                                                                       Partners, New Enterprise
                                                                       Associates, Northern Light      Wi-Fi and routing
Aerohive Networks      Sunnyvale       Expansion           $22,500,000 Venture Capital                 solutions

                                                                       Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Networking products and
Cumulus Networks       Redwood City    Early Stage          $2,317,000 Ventures                     services

                                                                                                       Builds and shares PHP
                                                                                                       snippets or apps other
InitMe*                Menlo Park      Startup/Seed         $1,061,000 Sierra Ventures                 hosting offers

Kumu Networks*         Palo Alto       Startup/Seed         $5,426,000 New Enterprise Associates       Wireless systems

                                                                       Oak Investment Partners,        Broadband services to
Mimosa Networks*       Los Gatos       Startup/Seed         $4,060,000 undisclosed firm                access Internet

                                                                       Comcast Ventures, Highland
                                                                       Capital Partners, Innovation
                                                                       Endeavors, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                       Caufield & Byers, SVB Capital, Private cloud computing
Nebula*                Palo Alto       Early Stage         $22,430,100 undisclosed firm               infrastructures

                                                                       CID Group, EDB Investments,
                                                                       Rembrandt Venture Partners, Online video analytics
Ooyala                 Mountain View   Expansion            $7,255,000 Sierra Ventures, Telstra    platform provider

OptTown*               Santa Clara     Early Stage            $100,000 Crosslink Capital               Mobile applications

                                                                       GGV Capital, Meakem Becker
                                                                       Venture Capital, MentorTech Social video platform to
Spreecast*             San Francisco   Early Stage          $7,000,100 Ventures, undisclosed firm  bring people together

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                               Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                                                    Communication platform
Tely Labs*               Menlo Park    Early Stage        $13,000,000 Comcast Ventures, DCM         developer

                                                                      General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                      Lightspeed Venture Partners, Virtual infrastructure
                                                                      Next World Group, Riverwood performance optimization
Virtual Instruments      San Jose      Expansion          $27,500,000 Capital                      solutions
             Name              City        Stage          Amount                 Investors          Description

                                                                                                    Electronic display
Cambrios Technologies    Sunnyvale     Later Stage         $3,929,000 ARCH Venture Partners         materials

                                                                                                    Solar steam generators
GlassPoint Solar         Fremont       Early Stage        $24,850,000 Nth Power, undisclosed firm   for the oil and gas industry

                                                                      Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                      Focus Ventures, Mingxin
                                                                      China Growth Fund,
Picarro                  Santa Clara   Later Stage         $7,000,000 undisclosed firm              Gas analyzers

                                                                      Chrysalix Venture Capital,    Clean solutions for the
Purfresh                 Menlo Park    Later Stage         $3,000,000 Foundation Capital            global food supply chain

                                                                     Band of Angels, undisclosed
PV Evolution Labs        Berkeley      Early Stage          $200,000 firm                           Solar panel test lab

                                                                      Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                      Gentry Venture Partners,
                                                                      Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                      Byers, Oak Hill Capital
                                                                      Management, Technology        Crystalline silicon solar
Solexel                  Milpitas      Early Stage        $10,759,800 Partners, undisclosed firm    cells and modules
             Name              City        Stage          Amount                 Investors          Description

                                                                      Argonaut Partners, Easton
                                                                      Hunt Capital Partners, New    Field programmable gate
Achronix Semiconductor   Santa Clara   Expansion           $9,842,100 Science Ventures              arrays (fpgas)

                                                                      ARCH Venture Partners, ATA
Adesto Technologies      Sunnyvale     Expansion          $14,000,000 Ventures                   Semiconductor company

                                                                      Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                      Qualcomm Ventures, Sequoia
                                                                      Capital, Thomvest Ventures, Semiconductor memory
Avalanche Technology     Fremont       Early Stage        $30,000,000 VTB Capital, Vulcan Capital technologies

                                                                      Horizon Ventures, Scale
                                                                      Venture Partners, undisclosed
Discera                  San Jose      Later Stage        $11,811,000 firm                          Silicon resonators

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                             Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                      Atlas Venture, Balderton
                                                                      Capital Management, Cipio
                                                                      Partners GmbH, Clydesdale
                                                                      Bank, DFJ Esprit LLP, Duff      Virtual graphics and USB-
DisplayLink            Palo Alto       Later Stage         $3,300,000 Ackerman & Goodrich             connected computing

                                                                      Crescendo Venture
                                                                      Management, Crosspoint
                                                                      Venture Partners, Fremont
                                                                      Ventures, Investor Growth       Semiconductor value
eSilicon               Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $1,100,000 Capital AB                      chain producer (VCP)

                                                                      Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                      Harris & Harris Group, Kleiner
                                                                      Perkins Caufield & Byers,      Semiconductor products
Kovio                  San Jose        Later Stage         $7,000,100 Pangaea Ventures               using printed electronics

                                                                                                      Commercial LED lighting
Lunera Lighting        Redwood City    Expansion           $3,339,000 Westly Group                    products

Tivra*                 Pleasant Hill   Startup/Seed          $250,000 Pangaea Ventures                Products and services

                                                                                                      Manufactures silicon
VeriSilicon Holdings   Santa Clara     Later Stage           $608,000 Sierra Ventures                 products and solutions

                                                                      Artiman Ventures, Globespan
                                                                      Capital Partners, Hercules
                                                                      Technology Growth Capital,
                                                                      Mitsui & Global Investment, Flash-based storage class
Virident Systems       Milpitas        Expansion           $5,700,000 Sequoia Capital             memory (SCM) solutions

                                                                      Battery Ventures, CID Group,
                                                                      DCM, Motorola Mobility
                                                                      Ventures, Norwest Venture
                                                                      Partners, Verizon Ventures,
Zenverge               Santa Clara     Expansion           $5,698,000 Woodside Fund                   Semiconductor company
              Name           City         Stage           Amount                 Investors            Description

                                                                                                      Data center monitoring
                                                                                                      and cloud monitoring
AccelOps               Santa Clara     Expansion             $600,000 U.S. Venture Partners           solutions

                                                                                                   Mobile Audience
Admobius*              San Mateo       Early Stage         $5,000,000 Opus Capital, Storm Ventures Management Platform

                                                                                                      Security and operational
                                                                      Castile Ventures, Walden        risk management
Agiliance              Sunnyvale       Expansion           $5,455,000 International                   solutions

                                                                      Cultivation Capital,            Mobile retail navigation
aisle411*              Palo Alto       Expansion           $2,000,000 undisclosed firm                platform

                                                                      Adara Venture Partners,
                                                                      Kleiner Perkins Caufield &     Security information and
                                                                      Byers, Sigma Partners, Trident event management
AlienVault             San Mateo       Later Stage        $22,402,000 Capital                        (SEIM) solutions

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                               Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                        Bay Partners, Focus Ventures,
                                                                        Norwest Venture Partners,
                                                                        SAP Ventures, Third Point     API technology and
Apigee                   Palo Alto       Later Stage        $20,000,000 Ventures                      services

                                                                                                        Supplier management
Aravo Solutions          San Francisco   Later Stage         $3,869,000 Undisclosed firm                software

                                                                        Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                        Founders Fund, undisclosed      Enterprise focused
Asana                    San Francisco   Early Stage        $27,992,100 firm                            collaboration software

                                                                        Band of Angels, undisclosed
Audioscribe*             Emeryville      Early Stage           $750,000 firm                            Transcription service

                                                                        Foundation Capital, Voyager     Data analytics and
AutoGrid                 Palo Alto       Early Stage         $5,000,000 Capital                         simulation software

Backblaze*               San Mateo       Early Stage         $2,500,000 TMT Investments                 Online backup provider

                                                                        Morgenthaler Ventures,
Big Switch Networks      Palo Alto       Early Stage        $31,000,000 undisclosed firm                Networking technology

                                                                        ATA Ventures, Altos Ventures,
                                                                        Claremont Creek Ventures,     Browser toolbar solution
Billeo                   Santa Clara     Later Stage         $4,260,000 Pacifica Fund                 for online bill consolidation

                                                                        Crosslink Capital, Globespan
                                                                        Capital Partners, undisclosed
BitYota                  Los Altos       Startup/Seed       $10,000,000 firm                            Stealth company

                                                                        Khosla Ventures, Ulu
Blue River Technology*   Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $3,100,000 Ventures, undisclosed firms     Agricultural systems

                                                                                                        Cloud-based monitoring
                                                                                                        systems for Big Data
Boundary                 Mountain View   Early Stage           $100,000 Scale Venture Partners          applications

                                                                        Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                        Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                        General Atlantic, New
                                                                        Enterprise Associates, SAP
                                                                        Ventures, Scale Venture
                                                                        Partners,Social+Capital         Secure content sharing
Box                      Los Altos       Expansion         $125,000,200 Partnership, undisclosed firm   platform

                                                                        Altos Ventures, SunBridge       Business optimization
CalmSea                  Mountain View   Early Stage         $1,100,000 Partners                        solutions for retailers

CaptureToCloud*          San Jose        Early Stage         $4,700,000 Acero Capital                   Social workspace

                                                                        Band of Angels, undisclosed     Communications platform
CareInSync               Los Altos       Early Stage         $1,000,000 firm                            for patients

                                                                        Rembrandt Venture Partners,
Chug                     San Francisco   Later Stage           $225,000 undisclosed firm                Search engine for cars

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                                    Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                             General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                             Kapor Capital, Learn Capital
                                                                             Venture Partners, Lerer
                                                                             Ventures, Morado Venture
                                                                             Management, NewSchools          Offers a classroom
                                                                             Venture Fund, undisclosed       management tool for
ClassTwist*                   Palo Alto       Early Stage         $1,600,200 firms                           teachers

                                                                             Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                             Felicis Ventures, Greylock      Cloud-based sales
ClearSlide                    San Francisco   Expansion          $28,000,000 Partners                        communication platform

                                                                             Foundation Capital, Google      Cloud-application
CliQr Technologies*           Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $8,100,000 Ventures                        management solutions

                                                                             Khosla Ventures, undisclosed Information technology
Contrail Systems*             Sunnyvale       Early Stage        $10,000,000 firm                         services

                                                                                                             Enterprise infrastructure
                                                                             Andreessen Horowitz,            for storage resources and Technologies*   San Jose        Early Stage        $11,406,000 undisclosed firm                networking

                                                                             Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
Datameer                      San Mateo       Early Stage         $6,000,000 Byers, Redpoint Ventures        Data analytics solutions

                                                                             Crosslink Capital, Lightspeed
                                                                             Venture Partners, Meritech      Open-source database,
DataStax                      San Mateo       Early Stage        $25,000,000 Capital Partners                Apache Cassandra

                                                                             Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                             Blumberg Capital Ventures,
                                                                             ENIAC Ventures,
                                                                             LaunchCapital, Thomvest
                                                                             Ventures, undisclosed firms,   Context-aware platform
                                                                             ZIG Capital, venture51 Capital for creating augmented
Dekko*                        South San Franc Early Stage         $1,899,900 Fund LLP                       reality (AR) apps

                                                                                                             Data-driven simulation
                                                                             Lambda Fund Management,         technology to the
DFMSim*                       Palo Alto       Expansion           $2,500,000 undisclosed firm                semiconductor industry

                                                                                                             Open-source Web
DotNetNuke                    San Mateo       Expansion           $2,338,000 Sierra Ventures                 application framework

                                                                             Lightspeed Venture Partners,    Educational childrens
                                                                             Sequoia Capital, Stanford       applications for the iphone
Duck Duck Moose*              San Mateo       Expansion           $6,999,900 University                      and Android

                                                                             Accel Partners, NewSchools
                                                                             Venture Fund, undisclosed       Educational applications
Educreations*                 Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $2,199,900 firm                            for instructors

Elastica*                     San Jose        Startup/Seed        $6,311,000 Mayfield Fund                   company

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                            Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                     Metamorphic Ventures,         Online video encoding          San Francisco   Expansion           $1,500,000 undisclosed firm              services

                                                                     Angels' Forum & the Halo
                                                                     Fund, Eastern Advisors
                                                                     Private Fund, Floodgate Fund, Enterprise tag
Ensighten*            Cupertino       Expansion          $15,500,000 Volition Capital              management solutions

                                                                                                   Software solution for
                                                                                                   sourcing and recruiting
Entelo*               San Francisco   Early Stage          $248,000 Battery Ventures               candidates

                                                                                                   Kids' learning and
Fingerprint Digital   San Francisco   Early Stage         $7,676,000 Undisclosed firm              entertainment platform

                                                                     Andreessen Horowitz, Google Online accelerator engine
Firespotter Labs      Pleasanton      Early Stage        $15,000,000 Ventures                    provider

                                                                     DCM, Lightspeed Venture
                                                                     Partners, Mayfield Fund,
                                                                     undisclosed firm, Y           Customer loyalty card and
FiveStars Loyalty*    Mountain View   Early Stage        $13,900,000 Combinator                    Web platform

                                                                                                   Response lifecycle
                                                                    Undisclosed firm, WI Harper    management solutions for
Full Circle CRM*      Menlo Park      Early Stage          $500,000 Group                          salesforce marketers

                                                                     Castile Ventures, H.I.G.      Open source mobile
Funambol              Foster City     Later Stage         $5,721,000 Capital, Nexit Ventures Oy    application servers

                                                                     Alsop Louie Partners,
FunSockets*           Redwood City    Early Stage         $8,000,000 Redpoint Ventures             Electronic games

                                                                     Index Ventures, Insight
                                                                     Venture Partners, Khosla      Internet and mobile based
FuzeBox               San Francisco   Later Stage        $20,000,100 Ventures                      communications solutions

                                                                     Elevation Partners, Floodgate
GENWI                 Los Altos       Expansion           $2,000,000 Fund                          Smart-phone applications

                                                                     Andreessen Horowitz, SV       Software services
GitHub*               San Francisco   Expansion          $99,500,000 Angel                         company

                                                                     Andreessen Horowitz, Fidelity
                                                                     Ventures, General Catalyst
                                                                     Partners, Next World Group,
                                                                     Tenaya Capital, Windcrest     Data management
GoodData              San Francisco   Expansion          $25,000,200 Partners                      support

                                                                     Khosla Ventures, Morado
                                                                     Venture Management,           Mobile application
Jetpac*               San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,400,000 undisclosed firm              developer

                                                                    500 Startups, undisclosed      Print service providers
Keen Systems*         San Mateo       Early Stage          $924,900 firms                          and print brokers

                                                                     ATA Ventures, SAP Ventures, Profit recovery services
Lavante               San Jose        Later Stage         $3,819,000 Venrock Associates          provider

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                           Undisclosed firms, X/Seed       Empirical data and
Lex Machina                 Palo Alto       Early Stage           $858,000 Capital Management              analytics

                                                                           Andreessen Horowitz,            Social applications for
Magnet Systems              Palo Alto       Early Stage        $47,167,000 undisclosed firm                enterprises

                                                                           Ignition Partners,North Bridge
                                                                           Venture Partners,True
                                                                           Ventures,undisclosed           Email messaging
Mail Bypass                 Corte Madera    Early Stage        $11,000,100 firm,undisclosed firm          applications

                                                                           Baseline Ventures, First        Mobile applications to
                                                                           Round Capital, Floodgate        help consumers to
Mango Health                San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,450,000 Fund, undisclosed firm          manage their health

                                                                                                           Customer experience
Medallia*                   Palo Alto       Later Stage        $35,000,000 Sequoia Capital                 management software

                                                                                                           Radiology workflow
Medicalis                   San Francisco   Later Stage         $9,777,000 HLM Venture Partners            solutions

                                                                           Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix     Open source software
Meteor Development Group*   San Francisco   Early Stage        $11,200,000 Partners, undisclosed firm      project

                                                                                                           Educational games for
MindSnacks                  San Francisco   Early Stage         $6,500,000 Sequoia Capital                 mobile devices

                                                                                                      Investor relations
                                                                                                      application for smart
Mobile Shareholder*         Emeryville      Startup/Seed           $53,000 Ventana Capital Management devices

                                                                           Intel Capital, Shasta Ventures
                                                                           Management, Southern Cross
                                                                           Venture Partners, Symantec, Security software
Mocana                      San Francisco   Later Stage        $25,000,000 Trident Capital                company

                                                                           SV Angel, undisclosed firm, Y
MyVR*                       San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,400,100 Combinator                    Online marketing software

                                                                           American Express, SingTel
Ness Computing              Los Altos       Early Stage        $15,000,000 Innov8                          Internet search application

                                                                           August Capital, DFJ Frontier,
                                                                           Javelin Venture Partners,       Media and data services
NetPulse                    San Francisco   Later Stage        $15,600,000 Parkview Ventures               company

                                                                                                           Software-defined storage
Nexenta Systems             Santa Clara     Expansion             $999,000 Sierra Ventures                 solutions

                                                                           TMT Investments, undisclosed Sales management
Pipedrive*                  San Francisco   Early Stage           $700,000 firm                         software

                                                                           500 Startups, Ax Ventures
                                                                           SRL, Kima Ventures SAS,         Mobile games
Pixowl*                     San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,200,000 undisclosed firm                applications

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                           Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                     Baroda Ventures, First Round
                                                                     Capital, Google Ventures,    Monetization platform for
Pocket Change         San Francisco   Early Stage         $6,309,200 undisclosed firm             mobile game developers

                                                                     Baseline Ventures, Foundation
                                                                     Capital, Google Ventures,     Application programming
Pocket Technologies   San Francisco   Expansion           $4,999,900 undisclosed firm              interface

                                                                     Credit Suisse Private Equity,
                                                                     Doughty Hanson &, Ltd., Dow
                                                                     Venture Capital, Rogers       Repository solutions for
Rainstor              San Francisco   Later Stage        $12,000,000 Ventures, Storm Ventures      historical structured data

Real 5D*              Redwood City    Expansion           $1,200,000 DoubleRock                      Software for real states

                                                                                                     Application, namely
Remixation*           San Francisco   Expansion           $4,580,000 True Ventures                   Showyou

                                                                     Benchmark Capital, Formation Social media solution for
Revinate*             San Francisco   Expansion          $12,500,000 8 Partners                   hospitality industry

                                                                     500 Startups, Amicus Capital, Commuter bus system for
RidePal*              San Francisco   Early Stage           $500,100 undisclosed firm              companies

                                                                     Globespan Capital Partners,
                                                                     Menlo Ventures, undisclosed     Streaming entertainment
Roku                  Saratoga        Later Stage        $44,999,900 firms                           devices for televisions

                                                                     Triage Ventures, undisclosed
Sauce Labs            San Francisco   Expansion           $3,000,000 firm                            Cross-browser software

                                                                                                     Solutions to collect data
SCOPIX Solutions      Burlingame      Expansion             $821,000 Undisclosed firm                via a Web-based portal

                                                                     Point Nine Capital,             Employee scheduling*    San Francisco   Early Stage           $999,900 Undisclosed firm                management software

Shopinterest*         San Jose        Early Stage            $25,000 Mexican.VC                      E-commerce platform

                                                                     City Light Capital, Claremont
                                                                     Creek Ventures, Labrador
                                                                     Ventures, Lauder Partners,      Gunfire alert and analysis
ShotSpotter           Newark          Later Stage         $6,851,000 Levensohn Venture Partners      solutions

                                                                     Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                     Matrix Partners, Panorama
                                                                     Capital, Trinity Ventures,      Cloud solutions for
Skyfire Labs          Mountain View   Expansion          $10,000,000 Verizon Ventures                mobility

                                                                                                     Data compression
                                                                     Greylock Partners, Index        solutions for mobile
Snappli*              San Francisco   Early Stage           $999,900 Ventures, undisclosed firm      phones

                                                                     True Ventures, undisclosed
SocialPandas*         San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,540,000 firms                           Social selling applications

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                           Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                    EnerTech Capital, Opus
Space-Time Insight   Fremont         Expansion          $14,005,200 Capital, undisclosed firms      Geospatial software

                                                                                                   Software products for
Station X            Redwood City    Early Stage         $1,261,000 Runa Capital, undisclosed firm scientists and clinicians

                                                                    RockPort Capital Partners,      Parking solutions and
Streetline           Foster City     Expansion          $24,900,000 True Ventures                   motorist guidance

                                                                    Azure Capital Partners,
                                                                    Benhamou Global Ventures,
                                                                    Core Capital Partners, Kinetic
                                                                    Ventures, Miramar Venture      Commercial IP network
SwiftTest            Santa Clara     Expansion           $7,249,800 Partners, undisclosed firm     testing tools and solutions

                                                                    Azure Capital Partners,
                                                                    Canaan Partners, StarVest
                                                                    Partners, Thayer Ventures,      Software company which
Switchfly            San Francisco   Later Stage         $2,799,900 undisclosed firm                offers travel products

                                                                    Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                    Itochu Technology, Liberty      Sports events alerts
Thuuz                Palo Alto       Early Stage         $4,184,000 Global Ventures                 services provider

                                                                    Cross Creek Capital, Mohr
                                                                    Davidow Ventures, Northgate     Social ticketing platform
Ticketfly            San Francisco   Expansion          $22,000,000 Capital Group, SAP Ventures     provider

                                                                    Undisclosed firms, X/Seed
Tout Industries      San Francisco   Early Stage        $13,400,100 Capital Management              Social media platform

                                                                    Bridgescale Partners,           Mobile application
Twist and Shout*     San Francisco   Early Stage         $6,000,000 undisclosed firm                software

                                                                    Greylock Partners, Juniper   Software platform
                                                                    Networks, Shasta Ventures    designed for computing
Typesafe             San Francisco   Early Stage        $13,999,900 Management, undisclosed firm architectures

                                                                                                    Artificial intelligence to
                                                                    Founders Fund, undisclosed      mimic the function of the
Vicarious FPC        Union City      Early Stage         $5,000,000 firms                           human brain

                                                                                                    Mobile application threat
                                                                                                    protection and intelligence
V-Key*               Redwood City    Early Stage         $4,000,000 Infotech Pacific Ventures       solutions

                                                                                                    Management tools for
XDN                  San Mateo       Early Stage           $669,000 Canaan Partners                 cloud-based service

                                                                    ATA Ventures, Fairhaven
                                                                    Capital Partners, Granite
                                                                    Ventures, Thomvest Ventures, Fresh food traceability and
YottaMark            Redwood City    Expansion          $24,000,000 Westbury Partners            insights platform

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                                              Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2012

                                                                                                 Benchmark Capital, Charles
                                                                                                 River Ventures, GGV Capital,
                                                                                                 Goldman Sachs Urban
                                                                                                 Investment Group, Index
                                                                                                 Ventures, Matrix Partners,
                                                                                                 Redpoint Ventures, SVB         Software-as-a-service
Zendesk                               San Francisco         Expansion                $45,000,000 Capital                        help desk systems

                                                                                                 Lightspeed Venture Partners,
Zscaler*                              San Jose              Expansion                $38,000,000 undisclosed firm               Cloud security company
Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP/National Venture Capital Association MoneyTree report based on data from Thomson Reuters

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