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									Flip to wmv Converter for Mac
Flip Mino and flip Ultra camcorders become more and more popular among camcorder fans , for it makes an easiest share ever of high quality precious videos with friends and the world. While Flip family only produced videos in mp4 and avi extension, many WMV users find it impossible to play flip videos on their players like zune, iRiver, Gphone, creative zen, BlackBerry, let alone stream the video to XBOX360. iOrgsoft Flip to wmv Converter for Mac is an ideal Program that can convert flip videos to WMV on Mac, it is simple to use, suitable for both novice and pro alike. Flip to wmv converter for Mac is able to compress flip videos to different WMV file size(resolution), frame rate, encoder and bitrate according to the technical spec of the devices . To satisfy users' own flavor, the program also allows you to crop, trim, adjust the video's effect and capture the exciting views of the video. Simple to install, easy to use, Welcome to free to try .

How to convert Flip to wmv Converter for Mac?
Step 1: Download, install and run Flip to WMV Converter for Mac

Step 2: Load files you'd like to convert

Add the Flip video files you'd like to convert by clicking "Add File" button on the main interface. You can import and convert several files at one time. Step 3: Set output format and select a path to save your output file Select output format as WMV in the "Profile" drop-down list depending on different WMV devices, Then choose a path to store the output file in the "Output" field.

Step 4: (optional)Crop the video If you want to remove the black sides or just rip an area from your video, input proper values in the field of Top, Button, Left and Right to specify the area. You can also set aspect ratios in the Zoom differently: Original, full screen ,4:3 or 16:9 depending on your project.

Step 5: Click "convert" to finish the conversion of Flip video to WMV files on Mac.

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