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Statement of Charges Against Alexander Myers_ October 18_ 2012

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					                                                   SUNY Oswego
                                              Office of Judicial Affairs
                                                  501 Culkin Hall

                                          STATEMENT OF CHARGES

        Complainant                                              Respondent
        Name: Ms. Rebecca Nadzadi                                Name: Alexander Myers
        Address: Student Affairs                                 Address: 625 Hart Hall
                 711 Culkin Hall                                 Phone: 315-591-7360
        Phone: 315-312-3378                                      Class Year: Exchange student
                                                                 Identification #: 803802242
                                                                 CoCo #: 2012-1088

Section(s) of the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct allegedly violated:

43.A.   All forms of dishonesty which harm an individual member(s) of the College, the integrity of the academic
        programs or the educational interests and mission of the College, or a College activity or procedure whether
        by act or omission, including but not limited to:
        1. cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty;
        2. knowingly furnishing false information to the College;
        3. forgery or alteration or use of documents with intent to defraud, or alteration of instruments of
            identification or use of altered instruments of identification.

43.C.   Disruptive behavior, including but not limited to:
        1. harassment, intimidation, stalking, domestic violence, or creating a hostile environment through
            discrimination or bias toward any individual or group of individuals;
        2. acts of bias, or inciting violence, targeted toward an individual or group of individuals;
        3. physical abuse, assault and/or battery;
        4. threats toward any individual or group of individuals, or causing harm or reasonable apprehension of
            harm, or invasion of privacy;
        5. creation of a condition or situation that endangers mental or physical health of self or others;
        6. conduct which inhibits the peace or safety of members of the College community;
        7. conduct related to the use, possession, or distribution of alcohol or other drugs including intoxication
            and driving while intoxicated or impaired.
        8. retaliation, harassment or coercion of parties to judicial actions or witnesses

Specifically: Campus network resources may not be used to defame, harass, intimidate, or threaten another
individual or group. (2012-2013 Student Handbook page 56)

Date of Incident: October 17, 2012     Time of Incident: 2:26 PM Location of Incident: E-mail correspondence

Brief Description of Incident: It is alleged that on October 17, 2012, Alexander Myers e-mailed the head hockey
coaches of Canisius College and Cornell University and the coach of Cortland Club Hockey . In these e-mails, Mr.
Myers stated, “I work for the Office of Public Affairs at SUNY Oswego”. He further stated, “I am currently
writing a profile on Oswego State Hockey head coach...hoping to get a rival coaches view on Mr. Gosek”. Mr.
Myers inquired about interactions between these three coaches and Oswego’s hockey head coach. At the end of his
e-mail, Mr. Myers encouraged all three coaches to “be as forthcoming as you like, what you say about [The
Oswego Coach] does not have to be positive.” The head hockey coach of Cornell University, in his reply informed
Mr. Myers, "Your last line saying that your comments don't need to be positive is offensive." There is no record of
this assignment or task from the Office of Public Affairs at SUNY Oswego.
The above statements are true to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that intentional misrepresentation of
facts may result in disciplinary action. By signing this form, I give consent to release all relevant information
pertaining to this incident.

________________________________________                                 _________________
Signature of Complainant                                                 Date

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