fishing by xiaoyounan


									name                    trip
First fish              2003Ska
Second by Bill          2003Ska
Third by Joyce          2003Ska
Sun break               2003Ska
Fourth by Bill          2003Ska
Fifth by Bill           2003Ska
Sixth fish              2003Ska
King salmon             2003Ska
Silver salmon           2003Ska
Sagit River             2003Ska
Cowlitz River           2003Cow
First by Lennon         2003Cow
Second by Lennon        2003Cow
Steelhead               2003Cow
First hit               2002Ska
Got away                2002Ska
Nosy fish               2002Ska
Nice silver             2002Ska
Got a bite              2002Ska
Netted fish             2002Ska
Bill and chum           2002Ska
Good bye                2002Ska
Bill tailgate           2002Sno
Fishes                  2002Sno
Joyce tailgate          2002Sno
Nice catch              2002Sno
First steelhead         2002Cow
Second by Joyce         2002Cow
Third by Bill           2002Cow
River view              2002Cow
Captn Mike              2002Cow
The boat                2001Cow
Aye Aye                 2001Cow
First by Paul           2001Cow
Combat fishing          2001Cow
Fourth fish             2001Cow
Map                     2001Cow
Paul                    2001Cow
The Cowlitz             2001Cow
Second fish             2001Cow
Third fish              2001Cow
Snohomish River         1999Riv3
Bill and fish           1999Riv3
Rod Bush                1999Riv3
King Slug?              1999Riv3
Our catch               1999Riv3
Skykomish River         1999Riv3
Snohomish Oct 29        2004Sno
Paul and a big-nose     2004Sno
Joyce and a shiny one   2004Sno
Bill and Dick Nite      2004Sno
Catch of the day        2004Sno
Bill and his catch      2004Sno
Brett Basim             2004Sno
Paul the Chum King      2004Ska
Pauls Cammie-Jammies    2004Ska
Cutthroat               2004Ska
Joyce the Chumpanzee    2004Ska
Bill the Chumpion       2004Ska
John Koenig             2004Ska
Paul and Lyman          2004Ska
John and Lyman          2004Ska
Rainbow                 2004Ska
Cloud tension           2004Ska
Beam from heaven        2004Ska
Hello Dolly             2004Ska
Goodbye truck           2005Hoh
Good Morning            2005Hoh
First Catch             2005Hoh
Cutie                   2005Hoh
Shallow waters          2005Hoh
Elk                     2005Hoh
The guys                2005Hoh
Joyce caught one        2005Hoh
Sea stacks              2005Hoh
Sunset                  2005Hoh
Brrrrrrr                2005Hoh
Tatoosh Island          2005Hoh
Bug                     2005Hoh
Neah Bay                2005Hoh
Gill nets               2005Hoh
Deer                    2005Hoh
Mt. Rainier             2005Hoh
Mt. Baker               2005Hoh
First blood             2005Ska
Second silver           2005Ska
Bill and a big silver   2005Ska
Chum                    2005Ska
Scenery                 2005Ska
More chum               2005Ska
Nice one, Bill          2005Ska
Roe                     2005Ska
Moss                    2005Ska
I always like to catch the first fish to get the competition going. Ain't that right, guys?
Bill reeled in the second fish. Cute li'l booger huh? The fish, not Bill!
Joyce and fish number 3. It's still early, too early!
The sun poked a nice hole in the clouds and sent a few beams down to encourage us.
Bill, why don't you pick on someone your own size?
Hey Paul! We're having a great time, don't you wish you were here?
I really don't care if I catch a fish, just gotta keep up with the boyz
Oops, too bad. Cant keep a king salmon this time of year.
Bill just couldn't help himself. A nice silver jumped on his hook, but he had to put it back.
This is about a sunny as it got all day. It was snowing in the mountains around us.
Foggy October morning on the Cowlitz river with Captain Mike.
Lennon's first fish was a king salmon.
Lennon's second fish was a steelhead.
Bill caught a nice steelhead. They are always a challenge to catch.
Joyce got the first hit of the day. Early bird catches the fish!
So close to the boat, but it got away.
Paul gets one with a gourmet nose.
Paul and a really nice silver salmon.
Bill gets a bite.
Bill nets his fish.
Bill and a nice chum.
Time to leave the river. This is about as bright as it got all day.
Went out with River Otter - Rod Bush in October.
Nice gang of fish on the tailgate.
We must have left the camera at home.
Nice chubby salmon.
Bill gets the first steelhead.
Joyce gets a pretty fishy.
Bill got the fish that shoulda been for Paul.
View of the river with Paul and Captain Mike.
Captain Mike Hickey.
It takes a nice 22 foot jet sled for 4 people to really hit the best spots.
Captain Mike Hickey, Upriver Fishing guide.
Paul caught the first fish of the day.
Fishermen lined up where the Toutle River joins the Cowlitz.
By the time Bill caught the fourth fish, they were pretty tired of jumping all day.
The Toutle River starts at Mt. St. Helens and goes into the Cowlitz about 15 miles north of the Columbia.
That mound behind Paul is from the dredging of the river after Mt. St. Helens blew her top 21 years ago.
We were sorry to leave the river, but happy with our catch.
When trolling, whoever is closest to the rod gets the credit.
The third fish was the biggest of the day.
Our first fishing trip on the Snohomish.
Bill caught 2 that day.
Rod Bush, River Otter. This was a three rivers trip.
Dang! Hooked one of those giant river slugs.
This is our real catch.
The Skykomish and Snoqualmie converge to form the Snohomish.
Bill gets the first one on.
Paul and a big-nosed chum.
Joyce always likes the pretty shiny ones.
Bill and a green and black speckled Dick Nite.
Nice catch of the day.
Bill with his two - about 10 seconds before we got poured on.
Brett Basim of
Paul and the first chum of the day.
Paul on the Skagit with a bright one (wearing his camouflage flannels, LOL.)
Can't keep Bill's cutthroat.
Joyce and chum.
Bill and a nice bright one.
John Koenig of
Paul enjoying the view of the little town of Lyman.
John in front of Lyman on the Skagit.
A mix of rain and rainbow.
Some tension between the clouds and sun that day.
A beam of light from heaven?
No wonder they call her Dolly, look at those pretty eyes.
Leaving the truck on shore, we drift down the Hoh River.
Find Paul and guide Randy on the Hoh River early in the morning.
Bill starts off the day right.
Run back to Mama, little fish.
Bill helping guide the drift boat over some shallow rapids.
Roosevelt Elk on the Hoh Rain Forest road.
Guide Bill Meyer, Bill, Paul, and guide Randy Lato.
Native Steelhead - had to let it go.
Rialto Beach - the small islands are called sea stacks.
Sunset off the Olympic Peninsula, Rialto Beach
Bill freezing in the ocean breeze.
The westernmost point in the contiguous 48 states.
Butterfly on goldenrod.
Beautiful sandy beaches, no people.
Reservation land on the Sooes River.
Pete and Repete, the twin fawns.
Zoomed in on Seattle and Mt. Rainier from the Edmonds ferry.
Edmonds ferry and Mt. Baker to the north.
Joyce starts off the day with a nice silver, hee hee.
Might as well try that again.
Bill takes a turn, I think they are getting bigger.
Winning the battle with a chum is work, but let him win the war. Bye.
The fog and sun struggled all day.
Another chum, ho hum.
That is much more like it, Bill.
See the pretty little eggs, all in a roe.
Moss way up in the trees looks like yarn.
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fishermen.jpg          450        300
fourthfish.jpg         450        300
map.jpg                450        300
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secondfish.jpg         300        450
thirdfish.jpg          300        450
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billfishes.jpg         300        400
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joyceslug.jpg          400        400
jandbfish.jpg          400        300
sky99.jpg              450        300
2004sno1.jpg           300        450
2004sno2.jpg           300        450
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2004sno4.jpg           450        300
2004sno5.jpg    450   300
2004sno6.jpg    450   300
2004sno7.jpg    450   300
2004ska1.jpg    450   300
2004ska2.jpg    450   300
2004ska3.jpg    450   300
2004ska4.jpg    450   300
2004ska5.jpg    450   300
2004ska6.jpg    450   300
2004ska7.jpg    450   300
2004ska8.jpg    450   300
2004ska9.jpg    450   300
2004ska10.jpg   450   300
2004ska11.jpg   450   300
2004ska12.jpg   450   300
hoh01.jpg       400   300
hoh02.jpg       400   300
hoh03.jpg       400   300
hoh04.jpg       400   300
hoh05.jpg       400   300
hoh06.jpg       400   300
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hoh11.jpg       400   300
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hoh13.jpg       400   300
hoh14.jpg       400   300
hoh15.jpg       400   300
hoh16.jpg       400   300
hoh17.jpg       400   300
hoh18.jpg       400   300
2005ska01.jpg   300   400
2005ska02.jpg   300   400
2005ska03.jpg   400   300
2005ska04.jpg   400   300
2005ska05.jpg   400   300
2005ska06.jpg   400   300
2005ska07.jpg   300   400
2005ska08.jpg   400   300
2005ska09.jpg   300   400
code       description
2005Ska    Skagit River 2005
2005Hoh    Hoh River 2005
2004Sno    Snohomish River 2004
2004Ska    Skagit River 2004
2003Ska    Skagit River 2003
2003Cow    Cowlitz River 2003
2002Sno    Snohomish River 2002
2002Ska    Skagit River 2002
2002Cow    Cowlitz River 2002
2001Cow    Cowlitz River 2001
1999Riv3   Three rivers 1999

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