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					Big Foot Union High School

       Dan Singer                  Marie Severing
    Director of Bands             Director of Choirs

        262-275-2116                  262-275-2116
          ext. 227                      ext. 223
 djsinger@bigfoot.k12.wi.us   mlsevering@bigfoot.k12.wi.us

                 401 Devils Lane
                   P.O. Box 99
             Walworth, WI 53184-0099

                                From the Directors…

Parents…after reading the handbook, please keep the handbook at home
                    for your reference over the year.

This handbook is designed to be an informational tool for parents and students to have a
better understanding of expectations and workings of the Big Foot Music Program. Please
read the contents thoroughly and keep it handy to refer to during the year.

There are often many questions and new experiences involved in the high school band or
choir program that my need to be clarified. During the year, please feel welcome to stop by
our offices, drop a note, or call. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and address
your concerns.

Students participate in music for many reasons. As a result, one of our goals is to meet these
needs and provide a comprehensive musical experience for every student. Your support,
interest, cooperation, and enthusiasm are the keys that help make the Big Foot Music
Program a successful one.

We are looking forward to an exciting and fantastic year of teaching the future of music

       Sincerely,                                                Sincerely,

       Dan Singer                                                Marie Severing
       Director of Bands                                         Director of Choirs
       Big Foot Union High School                                Music Department Chair
                                                                 Big Foot Union High School

                                               •   No talking, playing, or singing when
    Big Foot Music Program Goals                   the conductor is on the podium or
Respect, Responsibility, Reliability               while instruction is taking place
and Attitude – we expect these from            •   Store all equipment and music neatly
everyone!                                          and carefully before leaving the room.
♦ Self Discipline                                   Band/Vocal Room Rules
♦ Pride and Accomplishment
♦ Community Spirit and Teamwork                •   No gum in the rooms or practice
♦ Creative Thinking Skills                         rooms at any time
♦ Appreciation of Wind Band and Vocal          •   No food or drink without specific
   Repertoire                                      permission of the conductor. Only
                                                   water is permitted
♦ Integrity
                                               •   Always display a positive attitude and
                                                   100% effort in rehearsals and
             Daily Supplies                        performances
                                               •   All students are expected to play/sing
•    A sharpened pencil                            every day. If for some reason you are
•    Your instrument in good working               unable to play/sing, you must bring a
     order and necessary supplies. (Note:          note from home explaining the reason
     Mr. Singer does not sell reeds or other       for consideration
     instrument supplies.)                     •   When not in use, keep your
•    Music and music folder                        instrument closed in its case and
•    Marching/pep band books and flip              locked within its locker. (band)
     folders (in season)                       • Mark your name clearly on your
•    Positive attitude!!                         instrument folder and case (band)
                                                 or choral folio
       Classroom Expectations                  • Play only your instrument (band)
                                               • Only percussionists my touch the
•    Be respectful of each other’s property,     drums or be in the percussion area
     person, and feelings. You will have to    • Students are expected to be on time
     live with each other for 4 years!!          for all classes and to report promptly
•    Be on time, in your seat, and ready to      for after school activities and
     play/sing 2 minutes after the class         performances
•    All musicians are expected to give             Important Class Policies
     100% effort daily
•    Have your music, instrument, and          ♦ If you come to class late, you must
     pencil                                      have a pass or permit
•    Read the board when you enter the         ♦ Many classroom-related questions will
     room for important announcements            be answered in rehearsal or can be
     and repertoire                              found posted around the room
•    Warm-up your instruments/voice            ♦ Communicate problems and concerns
     intelligently and carefully before          to us privately, not in front of other
     rehearsal                                   students and faculty. We will try to do
  everything we can to solve any                         daily rehearsals. Parents are strongly
  situation that may arise                               encouraged to check the instruments at
♦ Music is almost like a family. You                     home periodically to see how the
  have to live with each other for a long                instrument is being treated.
  period of time, take trips together,
  work together to solve problems,                       Percussion Equipment is highly costly and
  listen to each other, etc. RESPECT                     expensive to maintain. Therefore, only
  each other (maybe more than you                        trained percussionists are allowed to touch
  would your brother or sister                           and play the instruments. Students are
  sometimes) and you will be surprised                   expected to maintain a high degree of care
  how much you are able to accomplish.                   when playing or transporting percussion
                                                         equipment. “Banging” or otherwise
          Consequence Policy                             improperly playing drums will not be
                                                         tolerated. Any damage to drum heads of
Students who choose not to fulfill their classroom       drums that is deemed by the director to be
obligations as outlined in this handbook, will           deliberate abuse or neglect will result in
result in the following process or consequences:         the student paying to replace the damaged
                                                         or defaced equipment.
1. Verbal reminder from the instructor
2. After School Detention with                           Band Folders are issues to each student
   instructor                                            each year and contain various pieces of
3. After School detention with instructor                music that are the property of the school.
   and call to parents                                   Students are responsible for turning in all
4. School detention, conference with                     music issued to the student. Students will
   parents                                               be charged for the replacement of all
5. Referral to administration                            music not turned in.
6. Removal from the Music Department
                                                         Chairs/Music Stands. Defacing or
         Equipment Care and                              breaking of chairs and stands will not be
                                                         tolerated. Replacement cost of a standard
          Replacement Fees:                              music stand is over $25.
School- owned wind and brass
instruments are “bonded” to the student.
They are issued in good working
                                                                 Band/Choir Lessons
condition, as most are serviced every
                                                         The lesson program is the key to the
summer. They must be returned in the
                                                         success of the band program at Big Foot.
same condition as issued, less normal
                                                         Most Wisconsin District Music
wear-and-tear. I shall determine what is
                                                         Curriculums state that all students will
considered “normal” use. The student is
                                                         receive a minimum
responsible for any repairs need as a result
                                                         of 20 minutes of small
of abuse or neglect.
                                                         group instruction, in
                                                         addition to class time.
Student/parent owned instruments will be
expected to be maintained in good
working order, as the nature of the class is
performance based. Students are
responsible for having needed supplies for

sAll students will be responsible for               Examples or excused absences are:
remembering and attending their                         funeral in the family
scheduled lessons at the designated times.             “unavoidable” family vacation
The hour and day will rotate for Band                  seriously illness
students, so you will rarely miss the same
class twice in a grading period. Choral             Examples of unexcused absences are:
students will have lessons scheduled                   had to work
during study halls, before school and after            couldn’t get a ride
school.                                                didn’t know I had to come
                                                       had to baby sit my brother/sister
Follow these procedures for attending
lessons:                                            As much as possible, parents please help
    Pick up your pass from the                      by avoiding scheduling medical
    Band/Choir Room the previous day                appointments, special events, and
    or that morning.                                vacations on the dates of required events.
    Present your lesson pass to your                We also enjoy a positive relationship with
    teacher at the beginning of the class           the staff of extracurricular activities, and
    period.                                         we will work hard to keep it that way.
    Come directly to the band room.                 Conflicts involving other school groups
    Lessons are mostly scheduled for the            can USUALLY be worked out IF you
    second half of the class period.                notify us of the conflict WELL IN
    I will initial the pass and send you            ADVANCE, and ask for help if you are
    back at the end of the lesson.                  unsure how to resolve the conflict.

If a teacher wishes for you to stay in class,                        Grading
you can make the lesson up at the earliest
time convenient to both of us.                      1. Attendance at required events.
                                                       Unexcused absences cannot be made
If you do not wish to have lessons during              up, and you will receive the grade of
school time, we will be available to give              “zero” for that event. If you are
private lessons after school each day. If              suddenly ill prior to a performance,
you already take private voice or                      your parent must call us at school
instrumental lessons, you are excused                  before the event occurs for this to
from the lesson schedule.                              be considered an excused absence.
                                                       Prearranged absences must be made at
               Attendance                              least two weeks in advance unless
                                                       there are extenuating circumstances.
1. REQUIRED ATTENDANCE: You                            Do not send messages through other
must be present at all required events as              students. In addition, students are
part of your grade, by the nature of the               expected to be in class the day of a
class. Consideration for excused absences              performance and will not be excused
will be given when the parents write a                 for other field trips or school
note no less than two weeks in advance                 activities.
which detail the circumstances and reason
for the request.                                    2. Attendance/Performance at
                                                       lessons. Students are expected to
                                                       have practiced for lessons to receive

   an “A” for that lesson. It is expected                 Jazz Band Concert Attire
   that your instrument will go home                  •   All Black
   over weekends and holidays. You
   may also practice during study halls, or           Marching Band/Pep Band
   if your class work is finished and you                  Performances
   have a pass from your teacher.
                                                  All parades and home football games are
3. Quality of personal performance at
                                                  required for all Concert Band and Wind
   concerts/events. You are expected
                                                  Ensemble members.
   to prepare your music technically for
   each performance, as this is your
                                                  Basketball Pep Bands will be split between
   responsibility to the group.
                                                  Wind Ensemble and Concert Band
                                                  members. Each member will be
4. Attitude/attention in daily
                                                  responsible for 6 of the 10 performances.
   classroom work. Measured by eye
                                                  Game assignments will come after
   contact during rehearsal,
                                                  football season is over. If a student is not
   talking/goofing behavior, pencils,
                                                  able to attend their assigned pep band
   meeting classroom rules and
                                                  event, they may switch events with a
   expectations, practicing, etc.
                                                  player of the same instrument from the
                                                  other band.
        Performance Dress
                                                          Key Events 2004-2005
    Marching Band & Pep Band:
   Big Foot Band Shirt
                                                  State Honors band auditions:
   Blue jeans (not another color)
                                                      Applications distributed in November
   White shoes
                                                      Applications due in early December
   Layers underneath if necessary
                                                      Auditions are in February
       Band/Choir Concert Wear
                                                  RVC Honor Band – Saturday, January
             No exceptions
                                                  15, 2005
   White dress-type shirt (no t-shirts) or
                                                      At Clinton this year!
                                                      Honor band by recommendation for
   Tie(men only)
                                                      the district
   Black pants/skirt
   Black shoes                                    District Solo and Ensemble Festival –
   Black socks                                    Saturday, March 12, 2005 at Clinton
   Black skirts(women only)                       H.S.
   Red gowns(A Cappella Choir only)                  Students may participate in this years
   Black tuxes, cummerbunds and bow                  solo ensemble festival
   ties (A Cappella Choir only)                      Most students participate in 1-5 events
                                                     Details will come out right after the
     Vocal Jazz Concert Attire                       Holiday Concert, so watch for info.
   • red long sleeved shirts                         We’re always looking for good,
   • black pants ( Docker’s style – no               qualified piano accompanists to help
     cargos or low rise bells)                       out.
   • black shoes

                                   Important Information
   1.   Choir Office                                           262-275-2116 ext. 223
   2.   Band Office                                            262-275-2116 ext. 227
   3.   Mr. Singer’s Email                                     djsinger@bigfoot.k12.wi.us
   4.   Mrs. Severing’s Email                                  mlsevering@bigfoot.k12.wi.us

                 Example Grade for Instrumental and Vocal Students:
                          Grade is based on Music Standards

                              1. Performance Events = 40%
                             concerts, pep band, marching band
                        2. Playing/Singing Assessments = 15%
                            scales, etudes and benchmark pieces
                                     3. Lessons = 20%
                                attendance and preparedness
                                      4. Written = 15%
                         assignments and term exam (if applicable)
                                       5. Daily = 10%
                            daily preparedness and participation

         Grade Scale for BFUHS Music Department
                                     A      93-100
                                     AB     88-92
                                     B      83-87
                                     BC     78-82
                                     C      73-77
                                     CD     68-72
                                     D      63-67
                                     DF     60-62

**Per p. 18 of the BFUHS 2004-2005 student handbook, academic fraud,
cheating and plagiarism are strictly prohibited.

                        Concert Band/Choir Performance Expectations
100% of the students’ grade is based on a combination of the Standards set by the Music
Education Curriculum and standards of ongoing improvement on their instrument. For
example the Wisconsin DPI Standards for Performing are:

Students in instrumental music classes who have completed one year of study will:
B.12.6 Perform, with expression and technical accuracy, a large and varied repertoire of
instrumental literature with a level of difficulty of four on a scale of one to six*
B.12.7 Perform an appropriate part in an ensemble, demonstrating well-developed
ensemble skills
B.12.8 Perform in small ensembles
B.12.9 Perform with expression and technical accuracy a large and varied repertoire of
instrumental literature with a level of difficulty of five, on a scale of one to six* (for
advanced students)

Students in vocal music classes who have completed one year of study will:
A.12.6 Sing with expression and technical accuracy a large and varied repertoire of vocal
literature with a level of difficulty of five on a scale of one to six.
A.12.7 Sing music written in more than four parts
A.12.8 Sing in small ensembles with one on a part


                          What in the world is expected of the student then?
1. Students will be expected to perform before the end of each quarter: (B.12.6)
    • a small piece of music chosen by the instructor based on year in school (called term
       benchmark) (B.12.6)
    • a few “technique or tone builders” that are a proven help with improvement on their
       specific instrument (called term technique builder)

2   Students will be expected to contribute in each concert or performance. (B.12.7)

3   Students will be expected to play a part in the solo ensemble festival. (B12.8).

                Please post this calendar in your home for future reference

Friday, September 10, 2004               Marching Band @ FB Game                      6:00pm
Friday, September 24, 2004               Marching Band @ FB Game                      6:00pm
Friday, October 8, 2004                  Marching Band(Homecoming)                    6:00pm
Monday, October 25, 2004                 Fall Music Department Concert                7:00pm
Friday/Saturday, November 5-6, 2004      Fall Three Act Play                          7:00pm
Monday, December 6, 2004                 Band Holiday Concert                         7:00pm
Monday, December 13, 2004                Choral Holiday Concert                       7:00pm
Tuesday, December 21, 2004               Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Tuesday, January 4, 2005                 Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Thursday, January 6, 2005                Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Saturday, January 15, 2005               RVC Honor Band @ Clinton                     11:00am
Friday, January 21, 2005                 Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Friday, January 28, 2005                 Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Tuesday, February 1, 2005                Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Thursday, February 3, 2005               Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Saturday, February 5, 2005               NIU Jazz Band                                2:00/7:00pm
Thursday, February 17, 2005              Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Friday, February 18, 2005                Pep Band                                     6:45pm
Friday/Saturday, March 4-5,              Musical                                      7:00pm
Saturday, March 12, 2005                 District Solo-Ensemble @ DDHS                all day
Monday, March 21, 2005                   Music in Our Schools Concert                 7:00pm
                                         A Cappella Choir/Wind Ensemble
Sunday, March 27 – Saturday,             Jazz Band/All That Jazz trip                 all week
April 2, 2005 (Spring Break)             London, England
**Monday, April 25, 2005                 BFAS Band Large Group Clinic at              morning to
                                         BFHS                                         early afternoon
Saturday, April 30, 2005                 State Solo-Ensemble Festival                 all day
**Wednesday, May 4, 2005                 BFAS Choir Large Group Clinic at             morning to
                                         BFHS                                         early afternoon
Monday, May 9, 2005                      Spring Band Concert                          7:30pm
*Monday, May 16, 2005                    Spring Choir Concert                         7:30pm
Monday, May 30, 2005                      Memorial Day Parade – Marching Band at      8:00am
                                          Walworth, Fontana and Sharon
Sunday, June 5, 2005                      Graduation – Concert Band/Senior Choir      12:00pm
*Per Patrick Byrnes’ approval. This is a parent/teacher conference evening. Mrs. Severing will need to be
released at 6:30pm to prepare for the concert.

**These dates are tentative until approved by the BFAS Administrators.

* Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have with this

       Parents and Students: PLEASE READ THIS HANDBOOK.

        Many problems that may arise during the school year may be avoided if the music
department handbook is fully read and understood. Please sign this statement and return it
by Monday, September 13, 2004 to Mrs. Severing or Mr. Singer. Returning this signed
paper is your first written assignment.

        We have read, reviewed, and understand the
    Big Foot High School Music Department Handbook

       Student signature_______________________________________

       Parent(s) signature ______________________________________


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