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Official Quarterly Publication of the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce • January 2012 • Vol 30 • No. 1

From the Chair                                 MESSAGE froM thE chAir
  Frank Shipley
                                                             Progress is a Moving Target...
                                                             I want to talk to each of you as a Chamber member about “progress”.
  eConomiC                                               George Bernard Shaw once wrote that “progress is impossible without change,
 Development                                             and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”
   Brad Fox                                                  That willingness to embrace change is a good thing because it is all around
                                                         us. And it is necessary……..because it represents the first step toward a
                                                         future that will no doubt involve many steps toward the progress we seek.
    retail                                                   Consider this: when most of us were entering the workforce ……..there
 Development                                             were no I-pods, no You Tube, and no text messaging on our phones.
   Art Gernt                                                 It was a time when Bill Gates, who had dropped out of Harvard, was building
                                                         a little company called Microsoft but not many people were paying attention to
                                                         it. Another guy named Steve Jobs was making headlines selling the very first
  membership           computer for the home. Just a few years ago cell phones wouldn’t fit in your pocket because they were the size
  Development          and weight of a masonry brick… and our cars had 8-track tape players, the latest technology.
  Dorine Hatler           Henry Steel Commanger (A history professor at Amhurst) once wrote “change does not necessarily assure
                       progress, but progress implacably requires change. Education is essential to change, for education creates both
                       new wants and the ability to satisfy them”
    toUrism               Obviously, you have already seen a great many changes in your lifetime - changes in the way we communicate
 Development           with each other, changes in the way we transact our business, and general changes in the way we live our
 Glenn McDonald        respective lives.
 Charlie Strayer          The reason why our nation is so technologically advanced and why our nation continues to set the pace
                       globally in business and cultural development is because as a society we are the agents of progress because
                       we embrace change and reject the status quo.
  CommUnity               It is true that Progress sometimes defines the person….but I think that it is also true that sometimes the
 Development           person defines what Progress will be…….and what it will mean in their particular age and time much like it
  Janice Hamby         has for today’s community leaders.
                          The key to being successful in business and living a fulfilled life is to never stop scaling mountains – to
                       always be moving upward – to “progress” forward, and never be satisfied with the last single vantage point.
   retiree             There is always something farther.
 reCrUitment              Will Rodgers may have said it best, “Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there!”
 Don Alexander         “Change” the vantage point.
                       “Progress” to the next highest mountain.
                       “Discover” a higher vantage point, one where the view is unobstructed and the vision is life altering.
   bUsiness               In doing so, you will be defining progress for your business, for your future, and for your community. The
  barometer            Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce is undergoing change – in the facility as well as the staff
For Crossville         and volunteer structure. You will be hearing details as plans are finalized.
& CUmberlanD              I would like to say Merry Christmas (or Season Greetings) and Best Wishes for a prosperous 2012.

  34 South Main Street • Crossville, TN 38555 • 931-484-8444 • Fax 931-484-7511
  PAGE 2                     EconoMic DEVELoPMEnt DiViSion
                                                           Brad fox, chair

                            chAMBEr hAS AccESS to BUXton
    Since its founding in 1994, Buxton has been a leading force in customer analytics. Buxton began as a service to help retailers make
informed location decisions by understanding their customers and precisely determining their markets. Buxton leaders soon realized that
the company’s expertise in location and market analysis could also be leveraged to benefit communities desiring retail expansion. Buxton’s
presence in the public sector was established in 2001 with a simple but powerful mission to provide communities with information and
marketing tools to expand their retail base.
    Tennessee Valley Authority has contracted with Buxton to make the program available to communities served by TVA. The Crossville-
Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce took advantage of the opportunity and is very excited about this marketing tool to better serve the
                    StonEPEAK cErAMicS PLAnS to EXPAnD
    StonePeak Ceramics located their operation in Crossville 10 years ago. Currently, StonePeak Ceramics employs approximately 150
individuals. Company officials have worked with the City, County and Chamber of Commerce to expand their Crossville operations. StonePeak
is planning a $15 million expansion and adding an additional 50 employees.
          EconoMic DEVELoPErS forUM – SAVE thE DAtE
    Tennessee Valley Authority will host the 7th Annual Economic Developers Forum on February 16th & 17th in Nashville. This forum is by
invitation only. A representative from the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce will attend.

                                EXiStinG inDUStrY coMMittEE
                                                       James Perry, chair
                                   EXEcUtiVE MAnAGErS GroUP
                                                        The Executive Managers Group of the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of
                                                Commerce met on Tuesday, December 6th, at the First National Bank of Tennessee. James
                                                Perry, Chairman of the Chamber's Existing Industry communicated his appreciation for the
                                                attendance to all present and welcomed local officials and area business representatives. The
                                                featured speakers were Mike Corley, general counsel for the Middle Tennessee Natural Gas
                                                Utility District, and Bobby Randolph, general manager of the Volunteer Energy Cooperative for
                                                the Crossville service area.
                                                        According to Mr. Corley, natural gas prices have decreased and industrial usage has
                                                increased over the last twelve months. He offered a comprehensive description of several
                                                natural gas consumers served by the MTNG Utility, and stated that the MTNG coverage area is
                                                the second largest in the Tennessee. Mr. Corley explained the efficiently of the use of natural
                                                gas, and expressed the utilities desire to serve its customers. Mr. Corley stated the Crossville
Frank Shipley, Chamber Board Chair; Michael area is the largest user of natural gas in the MTNG system.
Corley, MTNG; Beth Alexander, President & CEO-          Mr. Randolph explained Volunteer Energy's commitment to assisting customers achieve
Chamber of Commerce; Bobby Randolph, VEC and energy conservation, and how the long term savings will safeguard the area's future supply
James Perry, Existing Industry Committee Chair. of electricity. He outlined VEC's partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority, and discussed
                                                the construction of a new substation that will be located in Cumberland County. Both speakers
 stressed their company's commitment to the current and future energy needs of their customers.
     After the presentations, Committee Chair Perry expressed his appreciation to all present, and spoke of his gratitude to the executive
 managers present for their commitment to the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Crossville and Cumberland County.

                                                       LABor StUDY
    The Labor Study is completed with eleven existing firms participating in the study.
    The purpose of this study is to provide a labor market profile of Cumberland County. The study is primarily statistical and developed by
analyzing information obtained in questionnaires from Cumberland County manufacturing firms. Additional information for the report was
secured from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community
Development, the U. S. Department of Labor, and the U. S. Census Bureau.
    Data from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development suggest that since 1990, population growth has exceeded
labor force growth. This is related to the rapid increase in the retirement age population. Annual average data for 2010 showed a labor force
estimated at 22,900. The average number unemployed was estimated to 1,140 in 1990. In 2000 some 1,390 were unemployed, and by 2010
an estimated 2,450 were unemployed. Especially significant have been the rapid rise in the labor force (albeit less than the population growth
rate) and the related, large increase in female participation rates. These factors continue to contribute to excess labor supply in the area.
                              rEtAiL DEVELoPMEnt DiViSion                                                                  PAGE 3

                                                    Art Gernt, chair

              ShoP croSSViLLE firSt 2011 WAS A SUccESS
    The “Shop Crossville First” campaign
has had another successful year even
with the challenge of this economic
downturn. A special Thank You goes to
the corporate sponsors who made the
program possible this year: Cumberland
County Bank, Crossville Housing Authority,
First National Bank of Tennessee, Highland
Federal Savings & Loan, Progressive
Savings Bank, The Bank of Crossville,
Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union,
Volunteer Energy Cooperative, Walgreens
and Wal-Mart Supercenter.

    “Shop Crossville First”, a project of the
Chamber’s Retail Development Division, is
in its 15th year and seeks to encourage
shoppers to buy locally. We are hopeful
that this program helped our local
businesses during the current economic
downturn. As shoppers save time and
money by shopping Crossville first, they
assist in making a brighter future for the
community year round.

“Keeping tax dollars in Crossville, Fairfield
Glade and Cumberland County also
supports local businesses that employ
our friends and neighbors,” explained Art
Gernt who chairs the Chamber’s Retail
Development Division.

    Funds from the program were used to
award a total of 20 individuals each a $100
gift certificate to a “Shop Crossville First”
participating merchant. We would like to
thank our media sponsors who helped
make this year’s program a success: The
Crossville Chronicle, Flynn Sign Company, PEG Broadcasting & Roland Advertising, Inc. Your generosity is appreciated!

   The winners and businesses where they registered were: Erica Martin, First National Bank of Tennessee – certificate to Gigi’s
Boutique; Jamie Smith, Hill’s; Margaret Potter, Century 21 Realty Group – certificate to The Screen Door; Eleanore Dotson, 3 Stones
Crafts & Consignments; James Nixon, Cumberland Auto Parts; Anita Jones, Crossville Depot Gift Shop; Tora Whitson, Shoe Sensation;
Carolyn Brock, Best One Tire & Service – Certificate to Food City of Crossville; Helen Davis, Mikki’s Frame Shop; Laura Stephens, Farm
Bureau Insurance of Cumberland County – Certificate to Make It Personal! Embroidery & Gift Shop; Joe Profitt, Shoney’s; Linda Willman,
Dave Kirk Automotive; Angela Barringer, Wal-Mart Supercenter; Carla Zimmerman, Little Blessings Quilt Shop and Andy Phipps, The
Place LLC.
 PAGE 4               MEMBErShiP DEVELoPMEnt DiViSion
                                                   Dorine hatler, chair

                                   nEW chAMBEr MEMBErS

    ANDERSON PRINTING SOLUTIONS                                            CUMBERLAND EYE CARE
                        Mike Rodgers                                                     Dan Richardson
                  599 Vickers Place, Suite F                                            57 Fairfield Blvd.
                    Cookeville, TN 38501                                           Fairfield Glade, TN 38558
                       931-528-1561                                                      931-484-3344
                                      Dr. Galloway is one of the leading ophthalmologists on the
  APS is an established, respected, full-service, commercial          Cumberland Plateau in refractive cataract surgery.
      printer and service bureau. Established in 1976.
                                                                           ENVIRONMENTAL & CIVIL
  CHOICE REALTY OF TENNESSEE, LLC                                          ENGINEERING SERVICES
                          Celeste Chism                                                  Pamela Harris
                     126 Stonehenge Drive                                        702 Old Jamestown Highway
                     (New Branch Location)                                            Crossville, TN 38555
                   Fairfield Glade, TN 38558                                             931-484-9321
                         931-456-4484                            A full-service multi-disciplined engineering firm for both the
                        public and private sectors. ECE Services is your total project
   The first “$500 Flat Fee” MLS real estate firm in our area      solution providing civil, environmental and geotechnical
giving consumers the opportunity to save money when buying                           engineering services!
                       or selling a home.

       CROSSVILLE CIGARS & PIPES                                               PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA
                        Jerry Byrne                                                      Beth Gaynor
                     3980 Peavine Road                                                 20 The Crossings
                    Crossville, TN 38571                                             Crossville, TN 38555
                       931-456-5950                                                     931-707-1234
            Offers Cigars, Pipes & Fine Tobacco.                           
                                                                   Papa John's is committed to quality. Enjoy their superior
  CROSSVILLE FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC                                 menu consisting of pizza, cheese sticks, breadsticks, chicken
                                                                    strips & roasted wings. They offer carryout or delivery.
                     R.J. Crawford, D.C.
              2625 North Main Street, Suite 202
                    Crossville, TN 38555                                WITT FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC
                       931-456-8880                                                       Jordan Witt
                                     93 Hwy 70 East, Suite 201
Chiropractic, wellness, active rehab & nutritional counseling.                        Crossville, TN 38555
   CROSSVILLE MEMORIAL FUNERAL                                      Tax management, investment management, retirement
      HOME & CREMATORY INC.                                         strategies, estate conservation, insurance and annuity
                       Jaime Grimsley                                products & third party money management services.
                   2653 North Main Street
                     Crossville, TN 38555
Burial Insurance, Pre Need Funeral Planning, Bronze Markers
    & Monuments, On-site Cremations and Pet Services.
            MEMBErShiP DEVELoPMEnt DiViSion                                                            PAGE 5

                                      Dorine hatler, chair

riBBon cUttinGS &                                          hoLiDAY BUSinESS
 GrAnD oPEninGS                                              AftEr hoUrS
                                                    To welcome in the holiday season the Chamber’s
                                                Membership Development Division organized a Business After
                                                Hours gathering on December 1, 2011, at the Fairfield Glade
                                                Conference Center. This year’s holiday event was sponsored
                                                by Action Heating & Cooling; Art E. Gernt Insurance Agency,
                                                Inc.; First Realty Company; Flowers Bakery of Crossville, Inc.;
                                                Fairfield Glade Community Club; Progressive Savings Bank;
                                                Regions Bank; The Screen Door and Judge Larry M. Warner; and
                                                assistance provided by Budweiser of Cookeville and Chestnut
                                                Hill Winery. “December’s Holiday Business After Hours” was
     Choice Realty of Tennessee, LLC            very successful and enjoyed by approximately 155 Chamber
                Celeste Chism                   member representatives.
126 Stonehenge Drive (New Branch Location)
         Fairfield Glade, TN 38558                  The next Business After Hours will be in March 2012 (date
               (931) 456-4484                   to be announced later). If you haven’t made it a habit of
                                                attending, you are missing out on one of the best uses of your
                                                membership investment. Please take time to plan to attend
                                                and take advantage of the great opportunity of networking
                                                and display your business cards or business/organization
                                                brochures on our display table. Learn how and what made
                                                other businesses successful and meet with business leaders or
                                                potential customers.

                                                   If you would like to be a sponsor for the March Business
                                                After Hours or if you are interested in donating a door prize
                                                please contact the Chamber at 931-484-8444.
       Crossville Heating & Cooling
                Tessi Gilmer
       1853 Peavine Road, Suite 101
           Crossville, TN 38571
             (931) 484-0004

Cumberland County Habitat for Humanity
            Melinda Weigle
          329 McLarty Lane
         Crossville, TN 38557                    Dorine Hatler, Chair of the Membership Development Division with
                                                 one of many door prize winners – Richard P. Bringenberg, CPA
           (931) 484-4565
 PAGE 6                  toUriSM DEVELoPMEnt DiViSion
                             Glenn McDonald & charlie Strayer, co-chairs

    2012 trAVEL DirEctorY                                                WALton roAD ScEnic
                                      The            Crossville-           BYWAY ProJEct
                                  Cumberland Chamber of               The Walton Road Scenic Byway project is a part of a regional,
                                  Commerce partnered with          ongoing effort to promote, preserve and protect the cultural and
                                  Let’s Golf Travel Network to     natural resources of the Upper Cumberland and Cumberland
                                  participate in 10 golf shows.    Plateau region, and to develop the area as an eco and heritage
                                  A travel directory is given      tourism destination. The counties included in the project are
                                  out to attendees at each         Cumberland, Putnam, Roane, and Smith. The City of Crossville,
                                  show. A new advertisement        Cumberland County and the Crossville-Cumberland Chamber
                                  for Crossville-Cumberland        of Commerce have each committed $2,500.00 to the project
                                  County has been designed         as required by each county.
                                  for the directory.
                                                                      2012 tAcVB confErEncE
                                                                       Chamber representatives will be present at the 6th Annual
                                                                   Tennessee Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus
                                                                   Blizzard VI- Charting the Course on February 2nd and 3rd
                                                                   in Murfreesboro. This annual conference is for Tourism
                                                                   Professionals. Several known speakers will present valued
                                                                   information for the industry.

       chAMBEr rEcEiVES                                                croSSViLLE KoA nAMED
      MAtchinG GrAnt for                                              Woodall’s Publications, publisher of the comprehensive
       toUriSM EffortS                                             Woodall’s Campground Directory, has released its list of
                                                                   North America’s top 100 favorite campgrounds based on the
    The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce approval
                                                                   nationwide voting. Crossville KOA has been named in the Top
of funds from the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development
                                                                   100 RV Parks. Congratulations!
for the 2011-2012 Partnership Marketing Program. This grant
will assist in promoting tourism in Crossville and Cumberland
County. The program provides tourism organizations the
opportunity to expand the impact of their marketing message,
increase visitation to their community and increase travel
generated revenues. The impact on the Crossville and
Cumberland County area was $94.37 million in 2010.

2011 cArEEr fAir = SUccESS!
   The 2011 Career Exploration Fair was held on November
4th 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM at the Tennessee Technology Center in
Crossville. Glenn McDonald, Co-Chair of Tourism Development
Division for the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of
Commerce assisted with the booth which displayed information
about hospitality and tourism.
                                coMMUnitY DEVELoPMEnt DiViSion                                                                                        PAGE 7

                                                                   Janice hamby, chair

               LEADErShiP cUMBErLAnD 2011 AnD StonEPEAK
                  contriBUtE to hoME AWAY froM hoME
                                                                Christmas 2011 was a bit brighter for children who attend the Home
                                                             Away From Home (HAFH) Head Start and daycare programs due to donations
                                                             from the Leadership Cumberland Class of 2011 and StonePeak Ceramics.
                                                                The HAFH program will provide Christmas Assistance to some 83 preschool children
                                                             who qualify from low and very low income families. The program got a big boost from a
                                                             $2200 donation through the combined efforts of the Leadership Cumberland 2011 and local
                                                             manufacturer StonePeak.
                                                                Leadership Cumberland is a community development program of the Crossville/
                                                             Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce that gives up and coming community leaders
                                                             a chance to meet and interact with current community leaders and learn more about what
                                                             makes the local area special.
Front, Left to Right: Ashley Kesterson, Leadership
                                                                StonePeak Ceramics has been a part of Crossville for 10 years and manufactures quality
Cumberland 2011; Lori Hedgecoth & Kathy                      ceramic tile.
Wilson, HAFH; Priscilla Cox, StonePeak Ceramics                 “Each year’s class selects a worthy project, but I believe the class of 2011 has raised
and Jane Powers, Leadership Cumberland.                      the bar considerably in generating this substantial amount of money to put toward such
Back, Left to Right: Glenn McDonald and                      an immediate need in our community,” said Crossville attorney Margaret Jane Powers, a
Matt Dukes, Leadership Cumberland 2011 and                   Leadership Cumberland facilitator. She added, “The class of 2011 is leaving a legacy of
Don Alexander, Crossville Housing Authority.                 leadership in Cumberland County for all who come behind them.”

                                  rEtirEE rEcrUitMEnt tASK forcE
                                                                 Don Alexander, chair
  iDEAL LiVinG rEtirEMEnt AnD                                                             2012 BESt PLAcES to rEtirE
  rESort EXPo in nEW JErSEY                                                                  During the AARC Conference, a silent auction was held to
                                                                                         benefit the American Association of Retirement Communities. The
                                          Winter months are ideal to recruit             Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce placed a bid
                                    individuals to Tennessee! The Retire                 on an advertisement in the 2012 Best Place to Retire and received
                                    Tennessee program participates in several            the advertisement, which was valued at $2,500.00. The guide is
                                    Ideal Living Retirement and Resort shows             distributed through RPI Media requestors, and bookstores.
                                    across the United States. On January 21st
and 22nd, Whippany, NJ will welcome thousands of attendees as well as                    ohio MAGAzinE to fEAtUrE croSSViLLE
exhibitors to promote areas represented. As a Retire Tennessee community, one                The Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce
requirement for the program is show participation. So, representatives from              has provided information on retiring in Tennessee and more
                                                                                         specifically Crossville and Cumberland County to Ohio Magazine.
the Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce will head north to                      In the February 2012 issue, an article regarding retiring in
do just that; promote Crossville and Cumberland County as a place with a mild            Tennessee along with various communities will be featured.
climate, low taxes and excellent quality of life to affluent individuals. In addition,       The article states, In Crossville, many locals joke that you never
to promoting Crossville and Cumberland County face-to-face with individuals;             really retire because everyone has a passion. The extensive volunteer
the Chamber will be able to contact individuals to provide more information.             opportunities in the other ensure that all passions can be pursued.

                                         AArc confErEncE hELD in BiLoXi
   Chartered as a non-profit in 1994, the American Association of Retirement
Communities mission is to help rural destinations use retiree attraction as an economic
development tool. The American Association of Retirement Communities’ (AARC) 2011
annual conference was held November 9-11 in Biloxi, MS. The 2011 conference theme
was Back from the Brink: Building Bridges to New Horizons. Ashley Kesterson of the
Crossville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce attended the conference. Tommy
Lee,Director of Operations at Fairfield Glade Community Club also attended the conference.
   Attendees at the conference were welcomed by Gerald Blessey, former Biloxi
Mayor and Diana O'Toole, Hometown MS Retirement Director. Along with general
sessions, tracks were available for Developers and Communities/Cities/Counties.
   Dave Robertson, President, RPI Media, presented “What 50+ Buyers Want”. He
said that 10,000 baby boomers are turning 60 daily. Retirees are the largest growing                        Left to Right – Tennessee attendees: Ramay Winchester,
                                                                                                            Retire Tennessee program director; Jeff Fleming, Lea
segment of home buyers and their looking for better weather and a lower cost of living.                     Ann Rasar and Miles Burdine of Kingsport; Beth Pippin
   For more information about the conference or AARC go to                                and Rachel Baker of Hardin County; Ashley Kesterson of
                                                                                                            Cumberland County and Laura Canada of Putnam County.
                                     croSSViLLE-cUMBErLAnD coUntY                                                                                 PaGe 9
                                                               chamber of commerce

                                                  A rEfLEction of 2011

  Board of                        Larry Henson                     r.t. steely                   ad Hoc:                          cHaMBer staff:
  directors                       roy Howard                       david sutton                  don alexander                    Beth alexander
  aNd officers:                   tommy Lee                                                      Pepe Perron                      ashley Kesterson
  amanda elmore                   Glenn Mcdonald                   eX-officio:                                                    Lindsey Brown
  Brad fox                        raj Patel                        Jane Powers                                                    Linda daugherty
  art Gernt                       James Perry                                                                                            staff Volunteer
  Janice Hamby                    frank H. shipley
  dorine Hatler                   charlie strayer

censUs                  2000           2010     lOcal OPtIOn sales tax       2009 annUal           2010 annUal              2011 seP                 2011 Oct
Cumberland County     46,801         56,053     county/city name            net collections       net collections      net collections          net collections
City of Crossville     8,964         10,795     Cumberland County            $2,634,088.21        $ 2,751,126.60         $ 275,753.94             $ 264,253.35
Crab Orchard             838            752     Crossville                 $ 12,869,796.58       $ 13,231,831.80       $ 1,148,358.76           $ 1,089,941.28
Pleasant Hill            544            563     Pleasant Hill                  $ 56,973.67          $ 56,117.93            $ 7,928.79               $ 5,540.09
Fairfield Glade        4,885          6,989     Crab Orchard                  $ 128,407.78          $ 166,461.71          $ 11,462.81              $ 21,625.10
Lake Tansi             2,621          3,803

Other IndIcatOrs             2009          2010    2011 aUG         2011 seP          BUIldInG PermIts                 2008     2009        2010 2011 Ytd
Electric Meters            32,012        32,215      32,361           32,349          City of Crossville - New Homes     63       38          47 156 (NOV)
Employment                 18,610        20,454      21,090           21,060          Lake Tansi - New Homes             54       42          34   7 (NOV)
Unemployment                2,710         2,510        2,470            2,460         Fairfield Glade - New Homes        88       63          64 48 (NOV)
Unemployment Rate          12.7%         11.0%        10.5%            10.5%

One half of sales tax collected inside the city limits of Crossville, Crab Orchard, and Pleasant Hill is designated by State of Tennessee law to be allocated
to the local school systems(s). In Cumberland County, with only one school system, it gets all of the allocation. Outside of the three cities, Cumberland
County has designated about 90% of the sales tax to the school district and one half (the sales tax increase of 1999) to debt retirement on new school
classroom construction. The remaining portion of the county share of asles tax is about 10%. It goes to the county general fund.

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