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					                      ALFORD LAWN TENNIS CLUB
                                   Notes for Members 2009
The tennis courts are pre-booked from April to the end of October for the exclusive use of club
members at the following times
Monday 6pm – 10pm                                     Saturday - all day
Wednesday 6pm – 10pm                                  Sunday 10am – 12 noon
Thursday 9.30am –12 noon* & 2pm – 10pm

*A crèche is available in the Community Centre from 9.30 –12noon. on a Thurs am
Please contact the Centre 019755 63651 directly to book a place.

          At peak times all games should be doubles and limited to 40 mins court time
Members may invite visitors to play tennis with them outside these times and are also welcome to
play during club hours if the courts are not busy. See also ‘Availability of Courts’ below

Availability of Courts:
Peak Time Play - If more than 8 people arrive at the courts try to ensure that everyone gets the
chance to play tennis by playing shorter games (by missing the advantage point for example) or by
changing in bystanders once each player has served once.
Match Nights - played from May to June either on Monday or Wednesday nights, depending on the
league. Courts will not be available for general play on the nights when home matches are being
played. We will try to let members know which dates apply to these matches by posting a notice in
the hut or the pavilion.

Nets and Courts
The nets are kept in the small hut nearest the sports pavilion.
A key to the hut is available to adult club members for a deposit of £5.00, renewable each year on
payment of £1.00. Keys must be returned if membership ends when the initial deposit of £5.00
will be returned.
Each net should be put away with its pairs of posts with one post still attached to the net. Nets must
be stored in a tidy fashion making it easier for the next person to use them. Winders will be found
in the small blue box, please take care of them and return them to the hut afterwards. When
taking nets down please do not unwind the net completely from the post since it is very
difficult to re-attach.
Brushes are stored in the hut to sweep the courts of rubbish, glass and leaves. The wheelie bins
next to the hut are for tennis club use. The council only clears the courts a few times a year.

Please note that the courts can be dangerous to play on when wet.

If the nets/courts are damaged please inform a committee member.
Before leaving the courts please ensure that those still playing have a key to store the nets away.
Please don’t leave this responsibility to a junior member.

Flood Lights - Tokens for the floodlights can be bought from the pavilion and used when the
pavilion is open. Please check with the pavilion. Tokens cost 50p for 90 minutes of light.

Committee Members:
Chairperson Graham Howes 019755 62731       Secretary       Graham Howes 019755 62731
Treasurer   Richard Atkey 019755 62120      Match Secretary Jean Peat 019755 62947
Coaching    Fiona Robertson 019755 63277 Junior Organiser Jean Peat 019755 62947
Membership Secretary Rosemary Atkey 019755 62120
Ordinary Member: Sheila Howitt 019755 63650

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