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									Current Research in Egyptology XIII
We are pleased to announce that Current Research in Egyptology XIII (
CREXIII) will be held at the University of Birmingham, UK, from 27th-30
th March 2012.

We invite papers from postgraduate researchers and independent scholars studying Egypt and
the Sudan, from the prehistoric to the Islamic periods. In keeping with last year's conference,
we hope to stimulate discussion on the multidisciplinary nature of Egyptology. Therefore, we
also encourage papers from researchers in other disciplines, but whose research relates to the
field of Egyptology.

Themes may include, but are not limited to:
   ●   Architecture
   ●   Art History
   ●   Cultural Interaction
   ●   Current Fieldwork
   ●   Material Culture
   ●   Museum Studies and Site Management
   ●   Philology
   ●   Religion
   ●   State Development
   ●   Trade and Economy
Presentations may be either:
   ●   20 minute paper
   ●   A0 poster presentation
Abstracts should consist of no more than 200 words and should be submitted by 31st October
2011 to You will receive an email confirming reception
of your abstract. Confirmation of whether your paper has been accepted will be sent via email
by 1st December 2011.

For further information please visit our website at, or visit us on Facebook
(Current Research in Egyptology XIII) or on Twitter (@CREXIII). Alternatively contact us at

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