World of Warcraft Or Halo Wars

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					Halo 4 Or World Of Warcraft,
 Which One Do You Like?
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Halo 4


For those that do not have the Xbox Halo 4, The Halo 4 console is a must
have for Halo fans worldwide. Designed in collaboration with 343
Industries, this bundle includes an Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo
4 console, 2 customized Halo 4 controllers, a Halo 4 Standard
Edition game, a massive 320GB Hard Drive and bonus
downloadable Halo 4 content. Begin the Halo Reclaimer saga in
style with this Xbox 360 Limited Edition Halo 4 console bundle.

   Custom Designed Console
   Custom Halo 4 Wireless Controllers with Blue LED lights and a
   320GB HDD
   Halo 4 Standard Edition Game
   LIVE Token for exclusive Halo 4 downloadable content
   Wired Headset
   Custom sounds when the console is turned on and when the
    Eject button is pushed

For World Of Warcraft Fans

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