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					             China International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition
                              (A&G EXPO 2011)
                                 Nov. 11~13, 2011
Zhengzhou International Convention and Exposition Centre,
                                Henan, P.R.China

★Approver: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

★Organizers: The People’s Government of Zhengzhou

     China National Automotive Industry International Corporation

     Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding

     China Abrasives Import & Export Corporation

     White Dove (Group) Co., Ltd

     No.6 Institute of Project Planning & Research of Machinery Industry

★Supporters: China National Machinery Industry Corporation

     Henan Development & Reform Commission

     Department of Science & Technology of Henan Province

     Superhard Materials Industrial Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance

★Sponsors: Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding

     China National Automotive Industry International Corporation

★Co-sponsors: Industrial Diamond Association of America

     The National Center of Superhard Materials & Tools Engineering Research

     The National Center of Abrasives & Grinding Tools QC Supervision and Inspection

     China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association

     National Technical Committee on Abrasives & Grinding Standardization

     China Abrasives Information Network
  Grinding and cutting in high efficiency   Manufacturing with environmental protection
      China is a big producer and exporter of abrasive and abrasive tools, especially the abrasive
that take a dominant part in the world. Its conventional abrasive takes a share of 65% of the global
market, and the superabrasive, 90% (of which 80% is produced by Henan Province). Zhengzhou is
the center of abrasive industry in China and also the cradle and gather palace of superhard material
industry in China. It has a series of advantages in industrialization, human resources, research and
development, technology, information, market and industrial service management, etc.
      Abrasives are world-known as “the tooth of industry”. They are directly bound up with the
industry of equipment manufacturing, aerospace, shipping, new energy, auto, household appliance
and electronics information, and even influence all aspects of people’s life. Modern industry can
not survival nor develop without abrasives. Advanced abrasives have a great stimulative effect
upon energy saving, environmental protection, emission reduction, efficiency enhancement,
low-carbon economy and the sustainable development of the national economy.
      The program of adjusting and developing the ten major industries and the new decision of
accelerating the development of seven strategic emerging industries released by the country newly
request a higher level of the grinding and cutting tools as well as their technology development for
modern advanced manufacturing. “China International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition” is holding just in
time. It will make a platform for abrasives manufacturers and users at home and abroad by
exhibiting products and organizing related activities, provide channels for investment, trade and
exchange of information and promote modern manufacture technology and product upgrades of
Purpose: Lead the development of abrasives by scientific progress; build a great country with
advanced manufacturing technology.
Aim: Promote the products over the world and benefit the users.
Feature: Lead the harmonious development of industry chain of abrasives with scientific progress,
reveal the high level achievements in the field of “grinding” and “cutting”, promote the upgrade of
products and machining technologies by academic exchange.
Public policy escort, government & association support.
      The State Council has paid great attention to abrasives, especially superhard abrasives and
cutting tools owing to their great stimulative effect on modern manufacture industry. The new
policy for supporting abrasives development is being drafted by “Ministry of Science and
Technology” and “Development and Reform Commission”, etc.
      The exposition is supported by “Superhard Material (diamond & cBN) Association of China,
CMTBA”, “Abrasive Association of China, CMTBA”, “Coated Abrasives of China, CMTBA”,
“China Metal Cutting Tool Engineering Association”, “China Machine Tool & Tool builders’
Association” and other associations abroad in America, Japan and Germany, etc.
Leading institute as organizer, influence far-reaching.
      China National Automotive Industry International Corporation is the biggest organizer and
systematic operator of exhibition in China. It runs 40 exhibitions with independent brand and the
exhibition area is over two million square meters every year. It was ranked one of the Top Ten
Influential Corporations in China’s exhibition industry in 2010.
      Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding is a state level and the unique
comprehensive R&D unit for abrasives industry in China which plays a leading role in the field of
grinding technology research. It is also a supplier of great reputation of abrasives, superhard
materials and products and equipments.
       China Abrasives Import & Export Corporation (CAEC) is the unique international trader of
abrasives’ import & export in China with worldwide business activities. White Dove (Group) Co.,
Ltd is one of the most influential enterprises in abrasive industry. No.6 Institute of Project
Planning & Research of Machinery Industry is a large-scale integrated design institute and the
unique professional design institute of abrasives industry in China.
      The sponsors will make concerted efforts to hold an international brand exhibition by means
  of professional, international and standardized management.
Exhibitors looking forward, professional audiences gathering.
      Under the background of increasing innovation of abrasives product, rapid development of
abrasive technology and high growth of market capacity, the enterprises urgently need a platform
for revealing the latest technical achievements, publicizing and popularizing their products, and
extending exchanges and cooperation. The international professional exposition with theme of
abrasives and grinding technology is expected by the modern manufacturing.
      The organizing committee invites professional audiences by many ways.
      Media advertisement: The organizing committee makes alliance with hundreds of
professional media to expand and promote its influence by newspapers, magazines, webs, radio
and television etc.
      Post advertisement: The organizing committee possesses a huge database of enterprises,
buyers and professionals, insuring potential clients will visit the exposition.
      Direct publicity: The organizing committee will attend other expositions of related business
in China to propagate the exposition to the professional merchants and visitors there directly.
      Free Tickets Programme: The organizing committee will print 300 thousand tickets which
will be distributed to audiences in other expositions, posted directly or attached in magazines to
satisfy the demands of popularity and investment attraction by exhibitors.
      Special invitation: The organizing committee will invite the industrial organizations,
enterprises, trade fairs of hardware and electro-mechanical products to attend the exposition.
Holding place boast the abrasives industrial cluster, convenient channel for business to
      Henan province makes up a very strategic position in business from time immemorial. The
scale and resources advantage in Henan and the leading effect of Zhengzhou National Superhard
Materials Industry Base attract the attention of colleagues around the world. The developed traffic
and communication facilities transfer conveniently the information about talent, commodity,
technical and information to all over the world.
Professional media advertising, excellent activities arranged during the EXPO.
      The sponsor will make cooperation with the media of aerospace, shipping, military industry,
machinofacture, construction materials, metallurgy, electronics and other public medias to
publicize the exposition, so do some webs abroad. The annual conference of abrasives, some
seminars as well as new product introduction will also be hold during the exposition.
Related activities:
China International Abrasives & Grinding Technology & Development Forum (The Association’s
annual conference):
◆Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum
◆Corumdum & Silicon carbide Technology Development Forum
◆Coated Abrasives Technology Development Forum
◆New Product Release & Technology Exchange conference
<Diamond & Abrasives Engineering>, <Abrasives News>, <Tool Engineering>, <Stone>,,,

Exhibition Goods
1. Abrasives and Abrasives tools
◆  Abrasives:
Corumdum: Corumdum, Garnet, Brown fused alumina, White corundum, Black fused alcmina,
Chrome alumina, Corundum-zirconia, Corumdum single crystal, Microcrystalline alumina,
Alumina titania, Alumina barium, Technical corundum, Sinteredcorundum, Semi-friable
aluminum oxide, etc.
Silicon (Boron) carbide: Black silicon carbide, Green silicon carbide, Cubic silicon carbide,
Cerium silicon carbide, Silicon carbide for electrician, Boron carbide, etc.
Superhard abrasives: Natural industrial diamond, Synthetic diamond and its microgrit, Cubic
boron nitride and its microgrit, PCD, PCBN and CVD diamond film (thin & thick), etc.
◆  Abrasives tools:
Conventional bonded abrasive product: Vitrified abrasives, Resin abrasives, Rubber abrasives,
Oxychloride abrasives, Burrstone, Mounted wheel, Grinding segment, Lapping paste.
Superhard abrasive product: Diamond wheel, cBN wheel, Diamond grinding board, Diamond saw
blade, Diamond segment, Diamond drill bit, Diamond roller, Diamond rag wheel, Diamond
abrasive block, Diamond flexible pad, Diamond electroplated product, Diamond lapping paste,
Diamond drawing die, Diamond cutting tools, cBN cutter, Diamond wire saw.
Coated abrasives: Abrasive sheet for dry grinding, Abrasive cloth for dry grinding, Waterproof
abrasive paper, Ultra-coating abrasive paper; Half-resin sheet, Resin sheet, Waterproof and oil
resistant sheet, Sheet for metal grinding, Ultra-soft sheet, Paper backing abrasive belt, Mesh belt,
Abrasive disc, Dish disc, Flap wheel, Elastic sponge grinding block.
◆  Raw and auxiliary materials:
Bauxite, Alumina powder, Quartz sand, Coke;
Graphite, Pyrophyllite, Hexagonal boron nitride, Catalyst metal powder, Anvil, etc;
Mold, Metal matrix, Saw core, vitrified bond, Resin bond, Rubber bond, Binding medium,
Backings, etc.
◆  Equipment:
Corundum smelting-furnace, Silicon carbide smelting-furnace, Bruising mill and fine grinder,
equipment for magnetic separating and screening, mixing and forming machine, equipment for
firing and for curing, wheel post-treating machine, press for diamond synthesizing, selection
machine, sieving machine, magnetic separator, swing machine, hot press, cold press, sintering
furnace, welding furnace, etc.
◆  Detection equipment and instrument for abrasives and grinding.
Magnetic analyzer, magnetic susceptibility analyzer, impact toughness determination apparatus,
magnetic separator, abrasive cleanness determination apparatus, screen vibrator, sand-blast
hardness apparatus, grinding wheel speed testing machine, grinding wheel balancing machine,
grinding wheel run-out analyzer, grinding machinability tester.
◆ Grinding instrument and products for complete
Various kinds of grinding machine, grinding center, finishing machine, polishing machine, honing
machine, precision lapping machine, instrument for dressing and for balancing, coolant, fluid, etc.
◆ Tools
Hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, auto maintenance tools.

                                Package stand indoor        Raw space indoor          Raw space outdoor
                                    (3m×3m)                  At least 36m2              At least 36m2
         Domestic                 6800RMB/9 m2                600RMB /m2                 300RMB/ m2
       Foreign-funded             1600USD/9 m2                160USD/ m2                  100USD/ m2
PS:1. There will have 10% discount if the full booth fee paid before 05/31/2011.
    2. The package stand with two openings needs to pay an extra of 10%, the one with three
openings need to pay 15% extra.
     3. Standard Shell: walls on three sides, 1 reception counter, 2 chairs, 2 spotlight, company
name board,1 socket(220V ,5A)
    4. Raw space is only space without any decoration and minimum 36 m2, booth with special
decoration needs to self-pay the management fee of construction and electric expense.
        Technology lectures, academic exchange, professional seminar, information press launch:
        1. 3000 RMB/one hour/one speech
        2. Note: Organizer provides space, lighting, desk, chair, water, audio, whiteboard, projector,
        Advertisement on catalogue
                                     Ordinary    Black and      Inside front      Inside back     Influential
Front cover      Back cover
                                    color page   white page        cover             cover           page
20000RMB         12000RMB           4000RMB      2000RMB        10000RMB          10000RMB        8000RMB

        Field advertisement and others
  Show ways               Position                                Quantity                         Price
                     1st floor pillar       3.1m×6.0m                                   3000RMB/ one picture
                          2 floor          5.0m×10.05m                                  6000RMB/ one picture
                          Corridor                                                              100RMB/ m2
                        Pillar in hall      2.0m×8.0m                                   1500RMB/ one picture
 Arch balloon                                Span 20m                                     5000RMB/one arch
                                             High 10m                                    3000RMB/one pillar
       Helium             Square
                                           Diameter 2.5m                                3000RMB/one balloon
       balloon            outdoor
                                            3.0m×5.0m                                   5000RMB/one billboard
 LED screen                                12.8m×6.7m          At least 3 times       300RMB/15seconds/3times
   Handbag                          280mm×380mm               10000             5000RMB/thousand bags
    Ticket                           210mm×90mm              300,000         3000RMB/ten thousand tickets
     Registration: The exhibitors have to fill the application form with the official seal and fax to
the organizing committee, the deadline is 2011/6/30. After the reception of the stand confirmation
and the notice of payment from the organizing committee, please pay the exhibition expense sum
by wire transfer or to the designated account in 5 working days. If the expense sum has been
received, the exhibitors will get the exhibition confirmation (registration voucher) from the
organizing committee by fax or mail.
     The invoice will be collected at the registration counter or by post at request.
     Allocation principles of booth: “Earlier application, earlier payment, earlier arrangement”,
“priority to the larger space”.
     Cancellation: The organizing committee will not reserve the booth for the exhibitors who
have not paid the sum, and have the right to refuse the products which are not contained in
exhibitions. Exhibition, package and advertisement which have infringed the intellectual property
right will be refused.
     Exhibitor manuals will be fax or post to the exhibitors one month before the exposition open
by the organizing committee. The manuals includ the schedule, exhibts shipping, accommodation,
build and adornment of booth, rent and electric power increase, etc. Please pay attention.

Consult and contact:
Company: Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding
Address: 121, Wutong Street, High-technology development zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, P.R.China
Post code: 450001
Tel: +86-0371-6765 0914 6761 4360 6765 8993
Fax: +86-0371-6765 7827
Contacts: Mr. Yi Yunlei Mr. Sun Zhaoda Mr. Li Zhihong
Address: Tower A, No.3 Danling Street , Haidian District,Beijing,P.R.China
Post code: 100080
Tel: +86-010-8260 6854/6864
Fax: +86-010-6260 6790
Contacts: Mr. Zhang Dongdong Mr. Pan Xiaoyu Mr. Huo Feng
                                        Application Form
 Contact                           Position                         Tel
   Fax                                               Mobile
  Web                                                E-mail
                                        Application area
      Booth                     Unit Price                Quality   Expend/RMB       Note
                              6800RMB/9 m
  Package stand
                            (1600USD/9m2 for
                             600RMB/ m2
 Raw space indoor           (160USD/m2 for
                                                                                 At least 36m2
                              300RMB/ m2
Raw space outdoor           (100USD/m2 for
 Price                                  ¥                           RMB
Name of Beneficiary:
China National Automotive Industry
International Corporation
Payee’s bank: Bank of Communications
BeiJing Branch HaiDian Sub-Branch
Address: 16# SuZhou Street, HaiDian,
Beijing, China
A/C No: 110060576018150023792                     Authorized Signature:
Tel:+0086-10-8260 6854/6864
Fax:+0086-10-6260 6790
Contact: Mr. Zhang Dongdong
         Mr. Pan Xiaoyu                           Time:
Note: Deadline is 6/30/2011.
                                                   Advertisement Form
   Contact                                   Position                                  Tel
     Fax                                      Mobile                                 E-mail
                                                Advertisement application
Advertise                Front       Back       Ordinary color     Black and                   Inside back        Influential
              Type                                                                front
 ment on                 cover       cover          page           white page                    cover               page
  Flied                  1st floor    2nd                        Pillar           Inflatable   Helium    Mobile         LED
              Type                                 Corridor                Arch
advertise                 pillar      floor                      in hall            pillar     balloon   billboard     screen
  ment       Quantity
              Type       Handbag       Ticket
  Price                                             ¥                             RMB
Name of Beneficiary:
China National Automotive Industry International
Payees bank: Bank of Communications BeiJing
Branch HaiDian Sub-Branch
Address: 16# SuZhou Street, HaiDian, Beijing, China               Authorized Signature:
A/C No: 110060576018150023792
Tel:+0086-10-8260 6854/6864
Fax:+0086-10-6260 6790
Contact: Mr. Zhang Dongdong Mr. Pan Xiaoyu                        Time:
     The deadline of advertisement application: It will make 100,000 tickets respectively before
     31/12/2010, 31/3/2011 and 31/6/2011. Deadline for handbags is 3/31/2011. Deadline for
     advertisement on catalogue’s and Flied advertisements is 31/8/2011.
     (Zhengzhou)                                       (Beijing)
     Tel:0371-67650914 67658993                        Tel:010-82606854, 82606864
     Fax:0371-67657827                                 Fax:010-62606790
     Contact:Mr. Yi Yunlei                             Contact:Mr. Zhang Dongdong
     Mr. Sun Zhaoda Mr. Li Zhihong                     Mr. Pan Xiaoyu Mr. Huo Dong
                                Company Information Form
 Contact                      Position                              Tel
   Fax                         Mobile                             E-mail
                        Information in the Catalogue (More choices)
             □01 Manufacturer □02 Service provider □03 Publisher
             □04 Exclusive agent, Wholesaler, Dealer
             □05 The chamber of commerce, authority □06 Others (Please indicate)
             □ 01 Abrasive: Corundum ( ) Silicon (Boron)carbide ( )
                  Superhard materials ( )
             □ 02 Abrasive tool: Conventional bonded abrasive product ( )
                  Superhard abrasives product( ) Coated abrasive( )
             □ 03 Raw and auxiliary materials
             □ 04 Equipment: Corundum ( ) Silicon (Boron)carbide ( )
                             Superhard materials ( )
             □   05 Detection instrument and equipment
             □   06 Grinding instrument and products for complete
             □   07 Cutting instrument and products for complete
             □   08 Hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, auto maintenance tools

 (No more
than 300)

Note: We need your form in EM-book and the deadline is 8/31/2011 please.
(Zhengzhou)                                     (Beijing)
Tel:0371-67650914/8993                          Tel:010-82606854/6864
Fax:0371-67657827                               Fax:010-62606790
Contact:Mr. Yi Yunlei                           Contact:Mr. Zhang Dongdong
Mr. Sun Zhaoda Mr. Li Zhihong                   Mr. Pan Xiaoyu Mr. Huo Fong

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