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					The official newsletter of the Grand Rapids Sail and Power Squadron
A Unit of the United States PowerSquadron®
Sailing and Power Boating, District 9
1620 Olson NE, Grand Rapids, Mighigan 49503                                           vol. 58
                                                                           mar. 2012 vol. 57
                                                                         april 2011             no. 07 8
                              U N I T E D S T A T E S S A I L AND P O W E R S Q U A D R O N S®
                                             S A I L and P O W E R B O A T I N G
                       GRAND        R A P I D S S A I L AND P O W E R             SQUADRON
                                                   DISTRIC T 9

GRSPS 2010-2011 Bridge
Commander                                               Cdr Curtis Campbell, AP
Executive Officer                                       Lt/C David Brinks, AP
Administrative Officer                                  Lt/C James Kearns, AP
Squadron Education Officer                              Lt/C Daniel Rightmire, AP
Treasurer                                               Lt/C Tim Proos, P
Secretary                                               Lt/C Michael Smith, AP

Executive Committee
Lt Dakota Hewlett, AP                                         Lt Diane Stehouwer, P
Lt Robert Hewlett, AP                                         P/Lt/C John Strauss, P
Lt Bernhard Kleinselbeck, JN                                  P/Lt/C Allan Veen, AP
P/C James Molenaar, AP                                        P/C Denny Webb, JN
P/Lt/C Michael Pokrywka, AP                                   P/Lt/C Kim Wilson, AP
P/C Robert Rehkopf, AP                                        Lt Greg Young, AP
P/C David Ristow, AP

Acting Editor                                                   Designer
Birgit Molenaar                                                 Kristin Huyck
3274 Pinoak Ct. SE                                              C: 616-690-1665
Grand Rapids, MI 49546                                          Email:
H: 616-942-7100
E-mail is

General Membership Meetings are held on                         Executive Committee Meetings are held
the second Thursday of the month at various                     on the fourth Thursday of the month at
locations in the Grand Rapids area and are                      Squadron Headquarters at 1620 Olson St., NE,
announced monthly in the Waterspout                             Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The Waterspout is published ten (10) times a year, September through June, by Grand Rapids Sail and Power
Squadron, 1620 Olson St, NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. The articles, advertisements and opinions expressed
therein do not necessarily reflect USPS or GRSPS policy, unless so designated. Articles may be reprinted with-
out permission, if credit is given to the author, GRSPS and the Waterspout.
    what's inside
    View from the Helm                       2
    Greetings from the Executive Officer     3
    Admin. Officer Report                    4
    Squadron Officer Note                    5
    Call to General Meeting                   6
    Seamanship                                7
    Advanced Classes                         8
    Spring Conf. Reg. Form                   9
    The Commander's Club                     10
    Birthdays                                10

                                               luck of
1                                          mar. 12
           View from the Helm of a New Boat at the Boat Show I Wish was Mine

                                       Curt Campbell, AP
                                                                           March 2012

    The Grand Rapids Boat Show has again been a successful event to increase
    public awareness of who we are and what we do. A special THANKS goes out to
    Denny Webb and Dave Brinks for all the work they put into setting up and tearing
    down the booth as well as gathering and providing materials to offer visitors.
    Thanks also to Gary Harkins, Dan & Joan Rightmire, Mike Smith, Tim & Vicki
    Proos, Jim & Birgit Molenaar, Greg Young, Bob & Vicki Rehkopf, Al & Sara Veen,
    Bob & Diane Stehouwer, Gary & Barb Terrell, Dave & Sallie Brinks, Rob, Dakota &
    Cheyenne Hewlett for volunteering your time at our booth. This was possible only
    with your collective participation and support. THANK YOU!!

    P/C Bob & Vicki Rehkopf shared a copy of Tip of the Mitt squadron’s “The
    Barometer” publication with me, suggesting ‘some interesting reading’. I thought
    it was a triple header and so well done that I sent it on to everyone in our
    squadron. Check for email from me if you haven’t already seen this. I hope you
    enjoy Cdr Thomas Rea’s medical analogy to maintaining your boat as much as I
    did. There’s also a product failure notice involving Orion aerial signals that may
    affect some of us, so check it out. Thirdly, there’s an invite for a mid-July ‘Inland
    Waterway Rendezvous’ near Indian River. This is a great opportunity to
    experience one of the best boating waterways there is, especially for runabouts
    and small cruisers (larger boats can go upstream as far as Alanson).

    Coming up this month: Our General Meeting on March 8th will be held at
    Uccello’s in Standale where AJ Veen will share his experience from a “Semester
    at Sea” voyage he participated in last fall. I’m particularly looking forward to this –
    I think we’ll find it quite interesting! Also, the spring 2012 District 9 Conference
    will be held in Bay City on March 23rd to 25th with Dearborn as the hosting
    squadron. Grand Rapids and Muskegon squadrons will share in hosting a
    hospitality room on that Friday evening. Please come and join us – you’ll have a
    great time! Look for details of both events in this issue of the Waterspout. Please
    get your reservations for the D9 conference in soon to ensure you have a room.

    THANKS for your support!


2                                                                                             mar. 12
    From the desk of your Executive Officer
    From the desk of the Exec…

    The Grand Rapids Boat Show is still the headliner. At the time of this writing, Denny Webb
    and I have set up the display booth and are stocking the brochures in anticipation of today’s
    opening at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids. I toured some of the displays yesterday and
    this is the year of pontoon boats! Who would ever have thought we would see a pontoon
    powered by a 300 hp outboard? And it wouldn’t be complete without blue LED under deck
    lighting and a sound system that will make your neighbors wish you would investigate relocating
    to Indiana. I hope you will have taken the time to visit the show…it offers a great break from
    winter and some great bargains. And thanks in advance to all who helped staff the booth. We
    paired with Muskegon again this year and we all had a great time. This is another opportunity to
    put a face on GRSPS and let the public know who we are and what we do. A special thanks to
    Denny Webb for chairing this event again this year.

    A reminder to all: we will no longer have access to the display we have been using for many
    years. Bob Bepristis, Past Commander of our squadron and Muskegon squadron owns the display
    and has been more than generous in allowing us to use it each year. However, he uses the
    display in his business and it is a real inconvenience to take the display down, package it, allow
    us to use it and then have to reassemble it in his showroom. Plus, he’s without the display when
    customers come to his showroom while we have it at the Boat Show. We need to obtain a new
    display. Whether we make it ourselves or someone donates it, we need to get started now so we
    don’t end up scrambling next January. Please, if you have expertise in this area, we need your
    help now. Email me or call me as soon as possible to get started.

    The membership voted to approve the revised bylaws to be in compliance with USPS
    requirements at the February Membership Meeting. The process moves to the national level now
    for USPS approval. Once approved, our new bylaws will take effect.

    As ambassadors for your squadron, please take the time to solicit advertising from your marina,
    supply store, favorite restaurant, vehicle service center…boating-related business (or not). The
    Waterspout reaches all of our members monthly and provides a targeted audience for
    advertiser’s products and services at a reasonable rate. Squadron members patronize the
    advertisers. Please refer all prospective advertisers to me, for the time being. And if you would
    really like to help out, how about heading up the squadron advertising committee? It’s not a
    tough job and would be especially suited to a member who is in the business; however, any
    member can effectively reach out to prospective advertisers. How about you?

                                                                             Lt/C Dave Brinks

3                                                                                                        mar. 12
    Administrative Officer Report – Feb 2012 – Jim Kearns
    An AO in the twilight zone – Twice everyday in every location on earth there is a
    meteorological moment known as Nautical Twilight. This is the time when the
    center of the sun is 6 to 12 degrees below the horizon meaning navigation at sea
    using the visible horizon is no longer possible. The important thing about Nautical
    Twilight is that it occurs before dawn as well as after sunset, knowing that offers
    reassurance that when darkness falls it doesn’t mean the sun has been extinguished!
    In other words, don’t despair the boating season will be here soon, Think Spring

    Under the tutoring of Dave Brinks, I am learning about setting up the Predicted Log
    event for the summer. While there are many details to work out (i.e. which
    squadron will host, course and location…etc.) the tentative dates being considered
    are June 15-17. More information will be available next month.

    Think Spring 2012!

4                                                                                         mar. 12
    Advanced Piloting students prepare for their final exercises. Our boating
    safety class (America’s Boating Course 3rd Edition) at Dutton Christian
    School presented 13 sailors with their new Michigan Boating Safety
    Certificates. Unfortunately, the boating safety class at Gander Mountain in
    Kentwood did not fill. This was a trial of a new venue for the boating safety
    class. We are hopeful that we might fill a class there next January.
    Mark your calendars. GRSPS members come out to first nights of boating
    safety classes to welcome students and assist with registration. Come out
    on boating safety class fourth nights to congratulate students, assist with
    test scoring, demonstrate fundamental seamen’s knots, and encourage
    students to join up for Seamanship, the Advanced Grade course and key to
    greater safety and fun on the water. Contact the course administrators to
    help coordinate efforts, or
    We are looking for more registrants for Seamanship to come forth this
    spring in anticipation of the upcoming boating season. Jim Kearns will be
    the principal instructor this year. Contact Jim at or
    me at to enroll your boating friends.
    Calling all America’s Boating Course Instructors! Please volunteer to
    teach in one or more of the upcoming courses. It’s fun, you meet
    interesting people, and you help make our waterways a safer place to
    work and play.

    Think of the courses that you would like to take this fall to round out
    your boating knowledge. How about Engine Maintenance, Cruise
    Planning, or Marine Electronics? Gather your friends to fill out a
    quorum, elect a course administrator, and identify the instructors.
    Plan ahead and we’ll all look smarter at the pier head, so to speak.

                                  Dan Rightmire

5                                                                                   mar. 12
                          UNITED STATES POW ER SQUADRONS
                                  SAIL and POWER BOATING
                                 GRAND RAPIDS
                            SAIL & POWER SQUADRON
                                     1620 Olson St., N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

                            General Meeting Invitation
                      Thursday, March 8, 2012
            Cocktails at 1830 (6:30 PM) - Dinner at 1900

                                Uccello's (Standale)
                  4787 Lake Michigan Drive, Walker, MI 49534 Tel: (616) 735-5520

                                              Followed by
        “Semester at Sea” Presentation by AJ Veen
   Established in 1963, Semester at Sea is the only study abroad program of its
kind in the world. Using a ship as a traveling campus, undergraduates, lifelong learners,
  faculty, and lecturers live and learn together while circumnavigating the globe each fall
   and spring semester and exploring a world region each May and summer term. AJ will
 share experiences from his Fall 2011 Semester at Sea. He has many photos from around
              the world along with a very interesting story surrounding them.

       All Dinners $20.99 + Beverages, Tax & 20% Gratuity. Individual tabs
       Includes Plated Entrees w/Garlic Bread and House Salad (assorted dressings)
       Selection: (choose at time of order)
        o 8 oz Top Sirloin - Prepared medium, served with a vegetable medley & Asiago
            Garlic Mashed Potatoes
        o   Chicken Marsala - Tender Chicken Breast Medallions dusted with seasoned flour,
            sautéed in olive oil with fresh mushrooms and Marsala Wine. Served with vegetable
            medley & Asiago Garlic Mashed Potatoes
        o   Meat or Six Cheese Lasagna – Layers of lasagna noodles, melted cheeses and
            house made Meat or Tomato Sauce.

                           We hope you will be able to join us!
                 Please call Curt Campbell at 616-891-3500 or email Curt at:
             to reserve your space.
              Include your name, number attending and phone number (if calling).
                Please make your reservations by:
                     Monday, March 5, 2012.

6                                                                                               mar. 12
  This Seamanship course is a natural next step after America’s Boating
Course in building a foundation for confidence and competence for safe and
                       enjoyable boating on the water.

Learn:    basic “deck officer” seamanship,
    handling and maneuvering a vessel, either sail or power,

    under various conditions including close quarters and open water operations

     and emergencies, and safe operation in waters of Canada and Mexico

           marlinspike (basic knots and ropes),
           anchoring and rafting up,
           basic boat care and maintenance,
           nautical customs and etiquette.

WHEN: Tuesdays, beginning 17April, for 7 weeks
           4090 BARDEN SE
REGISTER: Dan Rightmire,
7                                                                                 mar. 12
                      BOATING SAFETY CLASSES

    March:       Valleywood Middle School, 1110 50th St SE,
    Mondays from March 5, 4 Night 26 Mar. Course Administrators Rob
    Hewlett and Gary Harkins

    April:           Rockford High School Freshman
    Center, 4500 Kroes St Rockford, Mondays from March 12, 4th Night
    9 Apr. Course Administrator Bob Rehkopf

               West Marine, 2975 28th St SE, Wednesdays from 18 April,
    4th Night 9 May.   Course Administrator Available (Contact SEO)

    May:       Action Water Sports, 4155 32nd Ave, Hudsonville,
    Mondays from 23 April, 4 Night 14 May. Course Administrator Jim

8                                                                        mar. 12

                          D9 GOES HOLLYWOOD
    23 – 25 March 2012
    Attention: All registration requests must be received, on this form, by 17 March 2012.
    Registration requests received after 17 March will be accepted on a space available basis.
                  Uniform of the Day: Seminars & Business Lunch: Uniform F
                                        (or USPS Blazer or appropriate attire)
                                        Dinner: Uniform A or appropriate attire
                                                                                                                                         First Time
        Rank       Last Name                    First Name            Grade              Certificate #           Squadron               Attendee?
                                                                                                                                         Yes No
    (1) _____       _______________             ___________          _______            __________           ______________             ____ ____

    (2) _____       ______________              ___________          _______            __________           ______________             ____ ____

    Address: ______________________________ City: __________________ State _____ ZIP _________

    Phone: ________________________ E-Mail: _____________________________________________

    NOTE: An additional surcharge of $5.00/meal will apply for any reservations made after 17 March
    2012 (if meals are available).
    Lunch                         __________ @$16.00 = $_________
    Choice: Chicken Caesar Wrap _______ Northlander Salad ________
    Lunch choices include yogurt and fruit parfait.
    Dinner                        __________ @$43.50 = $_________
    Choice: Prime Rib ____________ Parmesan/Walnut Crusted Salmon ___________
    Dinner includes dessert and entertainment at the Planetarium Digital 360 Theater.
    Special Meal/Dietary Requests Vegetarian:_________ Other: ______________

    Total Amount Enclosed: _________________________ Check # _________________
    Make checks payable to: Dearborn Sail & Power Squadron
    Mail checks and this form to:                                   Hotel Reservations/Room Rates:
                                                                    $99.00 per night – Call Doubletree to reserve room.
    P/C Leon Collins, SN                                            One Wenonah Park Place, Bay City (989) 891-6000
    33064 Sandra Ln                                                 Indicate Dearborn Sail & Power Squadron, if one of the rooms is a
    Westland, MI 48185                                              Hospitality room and if adjoining or nearby rooms are required.

9                                                                                                                                                      mar. 12
     happy birthday to you!
                     GRSPS Birthdays
                                    Gary L. Harkins          March 1
                                    Ken Hungerford           March 1
                                    Maxine G. Shepard        March 2
                                    Curtis C. Campbell       March 14
                                    Patricia A. Harkins      March 15

              luck of the irish!
                                    Jeriel A. Beard          March 18
                                    Kathryn E. Kuhn          March 24
                                    Carolyn Ringler          March 24
                                    Robert J. Stehouwer      March 25

                        The Commander's Club
                            An honor Roll of Supporting Members
                        Representing a minimum gift of $50.00 per year

                                   From Nov. COW to Nov. COW

                                   Daniel and Joan Rightmire
                                    David and Sallie Brinks
                                   Doug and Christine Evans
                                    Donald & Marsha Exelby
                                    Gary & Patricia Harkins
                                    Curt and Patty Campbell

      thank you!
10                                                                       mar. 12
                                                           Calendar of Events
                 DEADLINE for

                                                     Burgees are
               April Waterspout is:
               Thurs. Mar. 15, 2012

      Submit photos from events, stories

                                                    for sale - $20
      of travels, questions or anything you
      would like to see in the newsletter
      next time.

      Submit photo as .jpg files at high-            Contact Jim Molenaar for information
      est resolution. If you have question,
      please contact Kristin.
                                                      either by e-mail or

      Send all information for
                                                            cell phone 616-813-4464.
      the Waterspout to:
   Birgit Molenaar

   Grand Rapids, MI RAPIDS
   3274 Pinoak Ct. SE

   H: 616-942-7100
   E-mail is
ron Office: 1620 Olson St., N.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503

      Remember to
all to General Meeting
     Our Advertisers!
sday, January 12, 2012
 ve at 1830 (6:30 PM)
     Make this your
      lucky month!
                 Waterspout has
inner & a Movie”
                    Kristin Huyck
               earned the award!
               Cell: 616.690.1665
 Monterey Grille
         11                                                                             mar. 12
Cherry Valley, Caledonia, MI 49316

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