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									   How Rivalries Make Sports Franchises Great

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In sports, a rivalry is one of the major ingredients to bring the best out of
individual players and teams. Rivalries usually create a lot of hype and make the
games more exciting for the fans. Without rivalries never would have known how
great players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were at their finest. We would
never be able to compare the difference of the Manning bothers’ games. Rivalries
make winning traditions much sweeter than just playing with a team you don’t
have a history with.

Here are some of the best modern day rivalries that you can keep track of.

The Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots Rivalry

In the years that the Colts and patriots were division rivals, their rivalry didn’t
spark much interest in the NFL until lately. The acquisition of two great
                                     quarterbacks in the Patriots’ and the Colts
                                     roster was the reason why this rivalry began in
                                     the early part of the new millennium. The
                                     Patriots seem to be in control at first claiming
                                     6 consecutive victories against the Colts.

                                      The colts returned by winning in the 2006 AFC
Championship in their campaign to take the Super Bowl in the same year. Two
really close games followed where each team took one win each. The latest game
that they played was taken by the Patriots by preventing a comeback from the
colts. This rivalry will surely make the fans watch out for both Patriots and Colts
schedule of games.

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The Miami Heat Vs the Boston Celtics

One of the most recent rivalries in the NBA is the one between the Heat and the
Celtics. The rivalry began when the Heat acquired their much younger big three a
couple of years ago. At this point, the Celtics already had their own aging big
                          three in Kevin Garnet, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen and an
                          emerging point guard in Rajon Rondo.

                          In the two seasons that followed, the two rivals met in
                          the playoffs where Miami won in both occasions. In both
                          times Miami went through to the NBA finals and won the
                          crown on their second attempt. The game’s newest
                          rivalry became even more interesting due to the fact that
                          one of Boston’s member of the championship line up
                          four seasons ago; Ray Allen, signed up with the heat for
another shot at the title. It’s sad that these two teams can’t meet in the finals but
the playoffs is the best chance we get.

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