One Could Put A Price On Memory With Memory Card Price

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					One Could Put A Price On Memory With Memory Card Price

 A memory card is an essential product. One can’t live without it. They are used in gadgets like
smartphones and digital cameras. Your memory can fail to serve you right but the memory of
this card stays intact. But, sometime things go awfully wrong. Memory cards often get corrupted
by viruses. So, it’s advisable to scan the memory card frequently.

Memory card manufactures like Transcend, Sandisk etc have carved out a niche in the market.
They sell memory cards of different storage capacities. In the beginning memory cards were
heavily priced but now they are well within everybody’s reach. In your memory card you can
save data in the form of snaps, mp3 files and video clips. I remember tampering with my friend’s
memory card once. I won’t go for a total recall but will try to reconstruct the fateful day. He
wanted me to transfer some files from my laptop to his memory card. I inserted the memory
card in the slot of the computer. After going through the process of transmitting the data, when I
tried to retrieve it from the slot, I got the shock of my life. The memory card was stuck in the slot
was not complying with my will. When meeting success was slowly becoming a distant dream, I
went for some proactive measures. I got hold of a scalpel and tried extracting it. In a fit of rage,
I started thrusting the scalpel vigorously inside the slot. A very minute part of my brain was
constantly appealing me to stop. But, I think I was possessed by some evil spirit. The helpless
guy stood transfixed, watching me in horror. In a low voice( which sounded like a groan), he
urged me to stop. But, I wasn’t listening. I went on with my insanity and finally when every drop
of energy was drained out of me, I realized that I need some medical help.

It’s been two years now. We haven’t spoken to each other. I tried calling him but he never
answered. I feel sad for the poor chap. He ran with his tail between his legs, refusing to collect
what seemed like the last mortal remains of his memory card.

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