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					                                21st Century
     for the passage
  Reading Senior 1 carefully
and complete the form总第433期
          10-11学年第34期 below.(within
3 words)
 What the British laugh at

                                                    21st Century

II. Skimming                                         Teens

 1. Read the article and answer the following questions.

  1. Why do the British “take laughing very seriously”?
   Because they think humor is a very important
   part in their culture.
   2. Why do his fans like Mr Bean?
    Because of his childlike behavior.

  3. Why was Mr Bean a successful series?
   Because he shows the audience the typical
   feature of British comedy.
                                                    21st Century

II. Skimming                                         Teens

4. According to the author, why must Monty Python be
   mentioned when talking about British humor?
  This television series influenced British comedy greatly.
   The show’s influence on comedy has been compared to
   The Beatles influence on music.
5. According to the author, what is the difference between
   Mr Bean and Monty Python?
   Differently from Mr Bean, it uses absurdity as the
   source of its comedy.
6. The British like dry humor. Do you know about dry
  humor? Give an example of a character with a dry sense
  of humor?
  Yes. One form of dry humor is sarcasm. One sarcastic
   comic character is Basil Fawlty, played by John Cleese.
                                                  21st Century

II. Language study                                 Teens

1. Read the passage carefully and then translate the
   following phrases.
1)重视,认真对待 _________________
2)认为,视为 count as
3)与…不同 ___________________
         apart from
4)依靠;信赖 _________________
           rely on
5)嘲弄;取笑 _________________
         make fun of
6)比喻为 _____________________
        (be) compared to
                                             21st Century

II. Language study                            Teens

2. Translate the following sentences, using the
  phrases above.
  Jane was counted among the greatest
  dancers of the century.
 2) 不要把他说的话当真;他老爱说疯话。
    Don’t take him seriously — he loves to say
    crazy things.
   His use of language sets him apart from most
   other modern writers.
                                            21st Century

II. Language study                           Teens

   Don't rely on him to do anything he's just a
    Nobody likes being made fun of.

   Youth is often compared to the morning sun.
                                                  21st Century

IV. Review                                         Teens

 Fill in the blanks. The first letter of the word is
 already given.
      H _______ plays a very important role in Britain. In
Britain c________, it is regarded as important as
afternoon tea or David Beckham.
   One of the most famous f________ to come out of
British comedy is Mr Bean.
His c________ behavior in a grown man’s body is very
amusing to audiences. We often see him o________ other
people on the screen and the British find this very
amusing. The social a____________ in the show is what
makes British comedy different from other kinds of
                                           21st Century

V. Post-reading                             Teens

     If possible, watch some more videos
   about Mr Bean and write a movie review.
                              21st Century

for Senior 1

                 Is prejudice
                 珠海市第一中学 王吉
                                     21st Century
Warming up                            Teens

 Monkeys in Chinese and English Culture
 In Chinese, “monkey” is also used
 to describe naughty children.
 The monkey symbolizes
 smartness and rapidity.

  猴急 feel anxious
 猴手猴脚        be careless
 沐猴而冠 a worthless person in imposing attire
                                             21st Century

In English, people use the word “Monkey”, to
describe children who are naught and full of energy.
Eg. The little boy is as mischievous as a monkey.
“Monkey” also has derogatory sense (贬
义). It means deceit.
They suspected monkey business at the
                                             21st Century
Comprehension                                 Teens
 Direction: Read the article quickly and judge
 whether the following statements are true or false.
1. Biases about strangers don’t exist among humans.
2. Psychologists have performed experiments to
  research monkeys’ responses to their surroundings.
3. The monkeys spent a longer time staring at the
  familiar faces of outsiders than the faces of
  monkeys living in the same community.
4. Moneys were very confused when the faces of
  some monkeys were matched with fruit and spiders.
                                               21st Century
  Vocabulary and Structure                      Teens
Language chunks: Match the words in Column A
with the words in Column B.
    Column A                      Column B

      perform          the second picture

    take note of       animals’ responses

      stare at         the two pictures

        pair           the experiment

    distinguish        between insiders and outsiders
                              21st Century

for Senior 1

                 A special
               birthday party
                 珠海市第一中学 王吉
                                    21st Century
Warming up                           Teens

  Discussion: If tomorrow were your
  classmate’s birthday, what would
  you give him/her as a gift? And why?
                                             21st Century
Comprehension                                 Teens
 Direction: Read the article quickly and judge
 whether the following statements are true or false.
1. Juan and Cynthia’s mother informed the teacher
   of the date of their children’s birthday.
2. Juan and Cynthia were frustrated because their
  parents hadn’t brought any cupcakes.
3. It can be inferred that the teacher was
4. The celebration was both Juan and Cynthia’s first
  birthday party.
5. Although the teacher had to struggle for a while
  on a few dollars, he thought it was meaningful and
                                               21st Century
  Vocabulary                                    Teens
Language Chucks: Match the words in Column A
with the words in Column B.
    Column A                     Column B

      inform             the Mexican bakery

     approach            the last couple of weeks

     struggle            the children’s moms

       grin              her biggest smile

       beam              from ear to ear
                                          21st Century
Structure: Revision of Object Clause       Teens

1. I informed both Juan's and Cynthia's moms that
they could bring in cupcakes to celebrate their
children's birthdays.

2. I wondered whether either intended to bring
in a birthday treat for the kids.

Judging from “that” and “whether” in the
above sentences, we can know the sentences
in blue are _______ Clauses.
                                              21st Century

 Directions: Use appropriate conjunctions to fill
 in the blanks.
1.As a new graduate, he doesn’t know________it
  takes to start a business here.
2. When changing lanes, a driver should use his signal
  to let other drivers knowwhich
                             _____lane he or she is
3. I want to be liked and loved for what I am inside.
4. —Have you finished the book?
   —No, I’ve read up to _________the children
  discover the secret cave.
                                               21st Century

5. She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do
 whateverit takes to save her life.
6. Could I speak to ___________ is in charge of
  International Sales please?
7. As a new diplomat, he often thinks of ________ he
  can react more appropriately on such occasions.
8. The companies are working together to create
  ___________ they hope will be the best means of
  transport in the 21st century.

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