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            NOVEMBER 3,2008
                                            CAO REPORT 2008-10

            TO:                   Members of Council

            FROM:                Chief Administrative Officers

            SUBJECT:             Collaborative Municipal Initiatives of the 6 Northern
                                 Municipalities of York Region


             1.     THAT CAO Report 2008-10 dated November 3, 2008 regarding
                    Collaborative Municipal Initiatives of the 6 Northern Municipalities be
                    received for information purposes.


            The purpose of this Report is to provide Council with a status report with respect
            to various collaborative initiatives among the Northern 6 Municipalities of York
            Region and to set out the process currently being followed by the six CAOs with
            respect to the identification of further collaborative initiatives for consideration by
             respective Mayors and Council.

             Current Initiatives:

             i) Internal Audit Services:

            The Internal Audit Services provided through the Region of York have now been
            extended to include all six municipal partners with the recent additions of King
            and Whitchurch-Stouffville. A full time Auditor has been retained for the N6 work
            and time is allocated to each municipality according to population.
                                                                   CAO Report 2008-10
                                                                      November 3, 2008
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Internal Audit services compliment the work of a municipality's external auditor,
and provide more concentrated focus on risk assessment. In particular, the
process examines identified municipal operations and assesses the following risk
factors: susceptibility to fraud; sensitivity of reputation/image; financial and
dependence on people.

To date, base line risk assessments have been conducted for all six
municipalities. This process identifies those areas at high risk as candidates for
further more in depth review. Detailed audits of specific operations in Aurora,
Newmarket, East Gwillimbury and Georgina have been conducted. Those
reports have been completed and filed with the respective CAO/Audit
Committees. Additional studies are currently underway and are following a work
plan agreed to by the CAOs.

In addition to specific initiatives for each municipality we are looking for synergies
that may benefit more than one of the municipal partners such as the creation of
specific policies and procedures. These initiatives are being monitored by the

ii) Green Bin Program:

This collaborative initiative is well underway and is performing successfully for all
six municipalities. Minor initial issues associated with this program, which
generally are expected with the change in contractors and with the additional
services being provided, have been substantially resolved. The program is being
monitored by an operational group that consists of representatives from all six
municipalities. This initiative earned the community sustainability award from
CH2M Hill at FCM as an innovative approach to servicing through collaboration
which has resulted in higher levels of service at reduced cost. This initiative was
also recognized by AMO. Specific detailed report will be provided by the
operational group setting out detailed information regarding such items as
complaint tracking, performance etc.

                                                                   CAO Report 2008-10
                                                                     November 3, 2008
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Mi) Other initiatives:

There are other initiatives that are taking place from time to time in areas such as
economic development, water and sewer services, taxi licencing and pound
services involving two or more of the Northern Six Municipal Partners. These
coordination efforts and initiatives are a direct result of the approach taken by the
6 Northern Municipalities to collaborate where there may be a mutual benefit to
the partner municipalities.

Future initiatives:

Now that the major collaborative effort of the Green Bin Program is well
underway with sufficient controls in place to keep it on track, the CAOs have
recently adopted an approach where each CAO will be responsible to arrange for
a cursory review by the appropriate staff in the six municipalities of specific
service areas. The review will be one that will identify whether there are areas
for quick wins that will result in efficiencies and/or effectiveness. This approach
and these initiatives have been reviewed with the Mayors of the six municipalities
and, as requested, same is being placed before Council for information. The
services being reviewed consist of the following:

   1. Economic Development                           Whitchurch-Stouffville
   2. Fire Services                                   Georgina
   3. Water and Sewer Billing Services               Aurora
   4. Drinking Water Quality Management Studies .... East Gwillimbury
   5. Training and Professional Development           Newmarket
   6. Customer Service                                King Township

Once the initial screening review is done by municipal staff in these various
areas, led by the municipality indicated, the CAOs will prepare a report to the
Mayor and Councils for approval to proceed with one or more collaborative
effort(s) where appropriate.   The following is the current status of these reviews:

                                                                    CAO Report 2008-10
                                                                      November 3, 2008
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Economic Development

In York Region, Economic Development services are provided both at the Area
and Regional level. These services are complementary, with the Region leading
in areas of research/data; small business services and tourism promotion and the
local communities providing more specific community/site information; promotion
and facilitation of developments.

The Northern Six municipalities undertake their own economic development
activities and participate as part of the York Region EDO network. While N6 do
not have a separate economic development strategy, the CAOs have agreed to
cooperate on special projects where appropriate. These include related policy
discussions and potential joint promotional initiatives. In some cases, these are
coordinated through York Region - for example, a Familiarization Bus Tour was
organized in 2007 for developers/investors/realtors to see the various industrial
areas of the northern municipalities. In 2008, the N6 communities are running
the FAM tour again on November 14, 2008. This event is being promoted in
conjunction with the Industrial and Office Realtors Show this fall. The N6
communities are also considering some joint marketing campaigns to promote
the areas for new business investment, including a joint newspaper supplement.
The CAOs are proposing a more formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
for Economic Development.

Joint Fire Issues

The area of Fire was an item that appeared to be of mutual interest to each of
our municipalities, albeit in differing aspects. Fire Dispatch was the initial point
suggested for discussion, however other service areas were also raised that
perhaps warrant a further review.

In regard to the Fire Dispatch matter, the group met with Chief John Molyneaux,
Regional Fire Coordinator, to discuss this area in more detail. It appears that the
dispatch arrangements through Richmond Hill provide constant strong upgraded
technical support for those of the N6 that are currently on this system and the
opportunity for transfer exists for the remaining ones currently on other systems.
The dispatch systems for Vaughan and Markham will continue to be the

                                                                  CAO Report 2008-10
                                                                    November 3, 2008
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preference for those individual municipalities, however this is considered a good
situation for the N6 as a "Hot back up" can be easily established to cover
redundancy issues should any situation occur with the current.

As for other areas put forward for further discussion, we note that generally we
are all in the process of reviewing and updating existing "Fire Master Plans". It is
suggested that perhaps there should be an agreed commitment by each of the
N6 municipalities, to at least include in that review, or subsequent reviews, the
subject of efficient cross border coverage. It is realized that Mutual Aid
agreements are in place, however, the question raised was; should this review
focus on ensuring that we obtain the best possible emergency response for
specific geographical areas regardless of municipal boundaries.

Water and Sewer Billing

There would appear to be an opportunity for the Northern 6 group to look at the
possibility of a joint Request For Proposals regarding: a) water and sewer billing
and b) water meter reading. The billing aspect would be an opportunity to
determine if utilizing an outside contractor to do all water and sewer billing would
reduce the overall administrative costs to each participating municipality. An
even more ambitious process would be to have all meter reading and billing
performed by one entity. This in all likelihood would require installation of new
water meter reading systems in most municipalities, however there are
companies that will replace the meters as part of their overall proposal to the
municipalities for reading and billing services. An overview of these services will
be reviewed.

N6 Prinking Water Quality Municipal Standards DWQMS Working

N6 DWQMS working group consists of all 6 municipalities with the Town of
Georgina chairing the N6 DWQMS group.

Staff attend N-6 DWQMS group meetings on a monthly basis and share
information and resources with other municipalities. Up to now, the N6 DWQMS
group has accomplished the following:

                                                                    CAO Report 2008-10
                                                                       November 3, 2008
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   •   Risk Assessment
   •   List of essential supplies/services for water systems
   •   N6 water emergency contact list and resource-sharing list
   •   Proposing a collaborated water emergency plan
   •   Proposing a workshop coordinated through the MOE for an audit of
       operational procedures, which is a part of the Operational Plan

It is proposed that this initiative continue and that the municipalities work
collaboratively to ensure that Provincial regulations are met.

Training and Professional Development (P.P.)

Human Resources staff of the 6 municipalities have met to discuss opportunities
through further shared and coordinated Training and Professional Development.

A summary of items discussed at the first meeting are as follows:

   •   Opportunity to develop peer trainers under the guidance of a professional
       trainer and ultimately cut costs
   •   Potential to reduce costs of training consultants due to increased numbers
   •   Missed local training opportunities may be covered off by a neighbouring
   •   Opportunity to develop consistent corporate standards - e.g. customer
   •   Potential for training that was out of reach previously due to budget
   •   Opportunity to share training specialists to enhance training
   •   Potential for advancing senior management training that is costly and
       often prohibitive
   •   Better legislative compliance from a training perspective - WHMIS,
       Human Rights, Accessibility
   •   Longer term planning focus that makes budgeting easier and more
   •   Opportunity to create better alignment with corporate vision and mission

                                                                  CAO Report 2008-10
                                                                     November 3, 2008
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As a result of further meetings staff have identified the need to establish guiding
principles, and a cost sharing model as well as the need to carry-out some
internal surveys to establish specific training needs. This area seems to have
some real potential for both efficiency and effectiveness in the area of
coordinated efforts to maximize the effectiveness of resources and efficiencies of
budgets. Further review of this area will be carried out upon completion of the
internal surveys of training and development needs.

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

An opportunity may exist for the N6 municipalities to pool financial, staff and
established accessibility committee resources to develop "best in class" policies,
practices and procedures on providing goods or services to people with
disabilities. On an initial screening and review, it appears that N6 municipalities
are in various but limited degrees of readiness to comply with the Customer
Service Regulations. Newmarket has created an internal committee of three with
representation from their Customer Service, HR and Clerks Department and has
most recently developed a template they will utilize in assessing their level of
readiness and what they will need to do to comply with the regulations.
Newmarket is willing to share their resources and experience with other
municipalities. Several other municipalities have indicated their intent to
permanently hire or recruit on a contract basis, to assist with development and
implementation of the requirements under the regulations.

All Municipalities in Ontario are required to comply with Accessibility Standards
by January 1st, 2010 in which Municipalities must have established polices,
practices and procedures on providing goods or services to people with
disabilities and to communicate with a person with a disability in a manner that
takes into account the nature of the disability. There are 14 specific and detailed
requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA),
2005 Ontario Regulation 429/07 that all municipalities must comply with by this
deadline. Enforcement of the customer service standard will take place through
inspections, compliance orders and legislative penalties.

                                                                    CAO Report 2008-10
                                                                      November 3, 2008
                                                                             Page 8 of 8

The CAOs continue to find great benefit in the N6 collaborative approach, where
appropriate, with respect to service delivery, coordination of effort, joint review of
emerging issues, and sharing of information, policies and procedures.


This report links to the five key strategic directions and in particular being well
equipped and managed.


Any budgetary impact will be identified in subsequent reports on an initiative-by-
initiative basis.

Chief Administrative Officer

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