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w3integrated offers a host of services at a very affordable price. We offer services in website design, development and maintenance, internet and digital marketing, reputation management, smart phone applications, social media promotion and marketing, content writing and print media.

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									W3integrated Reputation Management Announce New Techniques For Internet
Promotion And Marketing

W3Integrated USA today announced the formation of a dedicated group of experienced professionals
for Research and evolving newer techniques for internet promotion and marketing.

Announcing this in Burlingame, California, the COO Mr. R Tang announced the motto of this core group
– Research, Results and Reputation. This is a new concept called R3 or RRR has been designed for the
most modern and ethical promotion over the internet. This prevents the site from any penalization by
search engines as this system in upgraded time and again as per the changing algorithms of the search

This is a well developed technique after a proper research of the internet promotion and marketing
trends, ever changing algorithm of various search engines and new concepts emerging in the industry.
Our techniques not only saves your sites from negative reputation if any, but also takes preventive
measures so there is no negative content written about your website. Our techniques use the most
modern methods favorable content building and distribution on the internet along with the power of
social networking and videos.

Our reputation management services save you, your company, services and products from negative
remarks and reviews written on the net. In todays time when the power of brands is weighed by the
positive reviews, we make sure, that your brand is effectively created, marketed and protected on the
net from any negative reviews. It will not only help your brand to get market stability but also win over
new business and clients.

Today, when Reputation management is the buzz word in the, W3integrated reputation management
experts are always available with their rich experience to save and protect your websites and rank them
at good results in various search engines.

For more information and discussion on our services, please contact :

Riggies Tang
801 Mahler Road #D3
Burlingame, CA 94010
Tel : +1 650 266 8267


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