Brain Station Notes by FC66BH


									                              Brain Specialist Notes
                              (Take notes at each station)

                           Station 1      Brain Exploration

Cross Section Brain: Use the soft model

Locate these four areas on the brain model: cerebral cortex, cerebellum, spinal cord, and

Learn the hand signals on the picture cards and use them to remember the function of
each of these four areas. Name one area and one function it controls _________________


Diseased Brain:

Look at the diseased brain model. How does the body protect the brain from injury?


Find the stroke injury on the model (use the card for help). If someone has a stroke, what
might be affected? Look at the hand signal cards for ___________________________________

What do you do to protect your brain?____________________________________________________

Animal Brain (if one is included):

What animal do you think this brain came from?__________________________________________

How different is it from our brain? _______________________________________________________

How is it the same as our brain? _________________________________________________________

                         Station 2     Brain Discoveries

Brain Scans:

How have MRI brain scans changed how doctors are able to look at a patient’s brain?


H.M (1953) :
What area of the brain did the surgeon remove?___________________________________

What does that area do? _________________________________________________________________

What were the benefits of H.M.’s surgery? ________________________________________________

Phineas Gage:

What area of the brain was damaged? ______________________

What does this area do? _________________________________________________________________

                       Station 3   Brain Connections

Making a neuron:

What are neurons

Label the following:





                         Station 4      Brain Business
Attention Station:

Time to finish test 1:___________________________Test 2:________________________________

Which was harder, test 1 or 2? Why do you think it was harder?


Memory Station:

Time to finish game 1: __________________ Game 2:_______________________

Which was easier, game 1 or game 2? Why do you think it was easier?

Language Station:
Answers to the word puzzles:

1.                      2.                       3.

4.                      5.                       6.

Which puzzles were easier for you (1, 2, and 3 or 4, 5 and 6)? ______________________

Why do you think they were easier?_______________________________________________________

Emotion Station:

How did you feel after looking at picture 1? ______________________________________________

Why did you feel this way?_______________________________________________________________

How did you feel after looking at picture 2? ______________________________________________

Why did you feel this way?_______________________________________________________________

                         Station 5     Brain Growth

Analyzing the data of rats in cages:

What were the effects of these variables on the brain cells of rats? Friends (other rats),
space, toys (“enriched environments”):____________________________________________________

Which of these variables had the biggest positive impact on brain cells? ___________________

_______________________________Biggest negative impact? __________________________________

What things or people enrich your environment at home and school which help your brain
to grow?_________________________________________________________________________________


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