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									Company Information

  dbest products® is a consumer products company that
  specialized in the TV shopping business. We design, develop,
  patent and trademark unique products that makes everyday life
  easier. Our products span several traditional categories with our
  main focus and core competency in the area of collapsible
  storage. We are the market leader in a specialized niche of
  innovative collapsible carts through our best selling product the
  Quik Cart® . We have been selling Quick Carts since we started
  on the TV shopping networks more than 10 years ago and today
  we have a whole range of these products including accessories.

  We have recently experienced meteoric demand and
  unparalleled growth. Nothing has been more successful for us
  than our Quik Carts until now.        Our new Smart Cart®, with
  multiple patents, has become the best selling product in the
  history of our company in the first six months in the market. We
  sold more Smart Carts in 6 months than we did Quik Carts in
  8/12 years. We believe we have created the perfect cart. It is
  the most convenient, lightweight portable collapsible cart in the
  market. Nothing weighs so little, holds so much, and folds down
  flatter than our Smart Carts® and consumers are responding.

  Despite our belief in the perfect cart we continue to innovate
  and improve features as an ongoing process. We have also very
  recently introduced a new model, and two new accessories with
  more products in development.

  In addition to our domestic success, we are selling internationally
  to Germany, the UK, Canada, and Brazil. We have already
  received orders from Japan, and several Latin American countries
  including Honduras, Mexico, Panama……..
Some Success Stories in Different Channels:

    •TV: on our debut on QVC we sold out and waitlisted 20K. We
    were developing 20 products a year for QVC, but after these
    breakthrough results we decided to focus strictly on the Smart
    Cart . Sold the entire Quik Cart Range on HSN and QVC for 8 ½

    •Hardware: At the Ace Hardware Show the Smart Cart® was the
    #1 item scanned in the new product show case behind the
    Craftsman Products. We were given the Members Choice Award
    at the Do It Best Show for our Smart Cart , an award only given
    to 20 products out of 1,000 products in the new products show
    case. We have recently been invited to participate in the True
    Value Show after the buyer learned of our success with the other
    hardware co-ops.

    •Grocery Between the Housewares Show and the GMDC show, a
    3 month period, we were set up as new vendors with Kroger,
    Safeway, and Supervalu, the top 3 supermarket chains in the
    country wanted our Smart Cart.

    •Craft:We are chain wide with Hobby Lobby and have penetrated
    the most important National Craft Distributors in the country.
•Ad Specialty: At our first ASI show in Orlando, ASI’s biggest
show, we were one of the busiest booths accumulating 826
scans, all of which were prequalified, not just scanning anyone
we could that passed by the booth. The average was closer to
400 scans. We are in the process of joining PPAI and building on
our success this year.

•Office: After a rainy November, 50 store test with Staples on the
East Coast we got approved for a 3 Qtr chain wide promo, and
they bought above plan in anticipation of even better
performance. Testing in OfficeMax in the 4 Qtr.

•Private Label: Whole Foods asked us to put their logo on our
Smart Cart and gave us a specific Whole Foods Green Pantone
Color Number. When we produced the container and sent them
the sample it was much lighter green than they expected. They
had given us the wrong pantone number and told us that they
didn’t like it but will accept the shipment because they had made
the mistake and just not order it again. Even with the wrong
color it sold so well that they placed another order, this time
with one of our standard colors with their logo on it. We are
expecting a third container order soon, they are doing better
than the original green model we sold them first.
Product Information

 Below is the standard header that we carry in our California
 warehouse is the same as our sales sheet, see header below just
 without the UPC.
                Smart Cart Header Cards

We customize the Header for each channel if they are ordering
out of China to highlight features that are important to each
market. Below are a few of those Headers. With such universal
application, there should be no channel we cannot customize a
header for to continue our growth in new areas.
                      Smart Cart Displays
See the Smart Cart® retail display below. Simply remove the two
straps and cardboard box cover and its retail ready for the 5pc or
new 2-tier 10pc display:

   Standard Display                         2-Tier Display
Smart Cart Merchandising Options

     Smart Cart is Pegable
                Smart Cart Accessories
We currently have 2 accessories in the Smart Cart range,
with more in development.
dbest products® has been approached over the years by
companies like Tupperware, Grainger and even Coca Cola to
make custom Quik Carts for associates and sales managers in
the field. Our Smart Carts® are ideal for custom orders, even
more so than our Quik Carts, see below.
We have already produced orders for McKesson and Whole
Foods as you can see on the previous page. In addition we have
worked with Disney to create a Kids Smart Cart® for Toy Story 3
and The Princesses. As you can see from the Disney samples
there is nothing we can’t do. Minimum orders can start at 100
pcs and for full wraps like Disney our minimum qtysare a 40’
container which is 3,750pcs.
We have recently created samples upon request for Dasani
Water, Coca Cola and for Diageo the large Spirits company
which include Captain Morgan Crown Royal and Jose Cuervo.
dbest products® are winning awards for leadership and
innovative design in the growing category of rolling carts, most
recently in the 2012 Innovation Award Winners issue from the
Housewares Executive. Another winner in the same issue for
another category was Simple Human.

                    Do It Best June 2012

           Housewares Executive July 2012
In the next few pages are some of our other innovative
patented collapsible carts for your reference to give you an
idea of our extensive background within this category. If you
are interested in any of these as well please send your email
request to Richard Elden at relden@dbestproducts.net

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