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Do You Want to Know Barack Obama’s Weight & Height?


									Do You Want to Know Barack Obama’s Weight & Height?

Barack Obama, the 44th and the current president of the United States, is one of the
tallest presidents of the country. One of the many questions about the US president
is how tall is Barack Obama? In terms of height, Mr. Obama is 6 feet and 1 inch.
That puts Mr. Obama in a 3-way tie with Ronald Reagan and Andrew Jackson for fifth
place on the list of tallest presidents the country ever produced.

At 6 feet, 1 inch, Mr. Obama is shorter by three inches than Abraham Lincoln and
Lyndon B. Johnson, who, at 6 feet and 4 inches, tied for first position on the list. All
of Thomas Jefferson, at 6 feet and 2.5 inches, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George H. W.
Bush, and Bill Clinton, at 6 feet and 2 inches; and George Washington, at 6 feet and
1.5 inches, were taller than Mr. Obama.

But, Mr. Obama is taller than James Madison, who stood at a mere 5 feet and 4
inches - 6.8-inch below the U.S. presidential average of 70.8 inches. At 73 inches,
Mr. Obama is clearly taller than the average.

But when it comes to Barack Obama weight, many believe that Mr. Obama needs to
gain some weight.

During his operation, Mr. Obama recently said in Ohio "People have been pointing
out — I need to gain some weight,” as he also explained the waistline stimulus
course that he has undertaken on his tour.

In less than twenty-four hours, the president enjoyed a cheeseburger along with
fries at Kozy Corners in Oak Harbor. He also drank a Bud Light at Ziggy's Amherst-
based Pub & Restaurant. On Friday, he consumed two eggs, bacon and wheat toast
in breakfast at Ann's Akron-based Place.

With all that diet, Mr. Obama is not obese at all. He claims to weigh 179.9 pounds.

Barack Obama’s Weight has been discussed since he turned the Democratic
presidential candidate in the year 2008, with some traditionalist antagonists jokingly
saying if he was too lean to be president.

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The news that Barack Obama is underweight because he works out will be welcomed
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