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									                              List of Biographies

                KfW Financial Sector Development Symposium
                         Sponsored by ADB, BMZ and KfW

                            Insurance for Development –
Protecting Emerging Economies and their People in a Climate of Change

                                19 and 20 January 2012

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Norbert Kloppenburg

Member of the Managing Board of KfW

Norbert Kloppenburg first worked as a consultant in Burundi before transferring to the Kon-
rad-Adenauer-Foundation in India. He has been working for KfW since 1989. After heading
the Brussels office of KfW Bankengruppe in the mid-1990s, he returned to KfW in Frankfurt
in 1998 and was responsible for the Energy and Environmental Technologies Division of the
Export and Project Finance Department. From 2002 onwards he headed the Asia and
Europe Directorate at KfW. He has been on the Managing Board of KfW Bankengruppe
since 2007.

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Session 1

Michael Klein (Keynote Speaker)

Professor at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management; Former Chief Economist Interna-
tional Finance Corporation

Michael Klein is Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany
and a Senior Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Michael worked at the World
Bank (1982 - 2009), most recently as Vice President for Financial and Private Sector Devel-
opment for the World Bank Group as well as Chief Economist, International Finance Corpo-
ration. He was Chief Economist of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group (1997-2000) and headed
the unit for non-OECD economies at the OECD Economics Department (1991-93). Before
joining the World Bank, Michael was active in Amnesty International and served on its Ger-
man Board (1977-79) and International Executive Committee (1979-82). Michael studied in
Bonn, New Haven and Paris and received his doctorate in economics from Bonn University,

Torsten Jeworrek (Panelist)

Member of the Board of Management, Munich Re

Dr. rer. nat. Torsten Jeworrek was born in Oschersleben (Saxony-Anhalt) in 1961 and stud-
ied mathematics at the university of Magdeburg. After obtaining his doctorate, he worked at
the university for four years as an assistant lecturer. He joined Munich Re in 1990 as an un-
derwriter in the Operational Division: Fire/Treaty. He remained in this post for seven years
with the exception of a period of one year spent at Munich Re’s MARC subsidiary in New
York. This was followed by management positions in the Operational Division: Fire/Treaty
and in Financial Reinsurance/Retrocession. In 2001 Dr. Torsten Jeworrek was made Head of
the Divisional Unit: Netherlands, Nordic Countries, UK and Ireland. In 2003 he was appointed
to the Board of Management of Munich Re and is responsible for Reinsurance Development,
Corporate Underwriting, Accounting, Controlling and Central Reserving for Reinsurance,
Information Technology, Global Business Architecture and Geo Risks Research/Corporate
Climate Centre. Dr. Torsten Jeworrek is married and has a son.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Amer Ahmed (Panelist)

Chief Executive Officer, Allianz SE Reinsurance

Amer Ahmed was appointed President of Allianz Re with effect from 1 June 2010, with re-
sponsibility for the day to day operations of the company. Since May 2007 he had been the
Chief Risk Officer. Prior to this he was Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Board at Allianz
Global Corporate & Specialty. Mr Ahmed studied mathematics at Bristol University and
started his career consulting at William M Mercer, subsequently serving in various actuarial
and management positions at Odyssey Re. He joined Allianz Global Risks as Chief Actuary
in 2002.

Corneille Karekezi (Panelist)

Chief Executive Officer, Africa Re

Corneille Karekezi is the Group Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of the African
Reinsurance Corporation (Africa Re), the leading reinsurance company in Africa. Although a
Rwandan citizen, he was born in Bujumbura, Burundi, in 1966. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree
in Economics (1998) and a Master of Science in Management and Administration (1991)
from the University of Burundi. Later, while working, he acquired a Master in Business Ad-
ministration from the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University (Scotland). In his
career spanning 20 years, Mr. Karekezi followed many short-term courses in Insurance, Re-
insurance, Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Governance, Economic
Development (with Havard Business School) and Strategic Business Management. After his
university studies, Mr. Karekezi worked in insurance companies, both in Burundi and
Rwanda, where he occupied almost all managerial positions (Accountanting, Finance, In-
vestment, Reinsurance, Marketing, Technical Life and Non-Life) until he rose to the level of
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SONARWA, the leading insurance com-
pany in Rwanda. For over 15 years, Mr. Corneille Karekezi contributed to the development of
the insurance / reinsurance industry in Africa as Executive Member of various national, re-
gional and continental professional bodies. He is currently a Member of the Executive Com-
mittee of the African Insurance Organization (AIO) as well several Board of Directors.

           KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
José Luis Contreras (Panelist)

President and Chief Executive Officer, Aon Bolivia S.A.

Jose Luis heads the Microinsurance Practice Group at Aon Corporation, a world leading pro-
vider of risk transfer and management solutions, and is the CEO of Aon Bolivia. In 2009, Aon
entered the microinsurance sector in Bolivia and developed its own profitable business
model that was favourably reviewed by the Harvard Business Review in its December 2009,
Latin America edition. Prior to joining Aon in 2001, he was the Bolivian Insurance Commis-
sioner and previously worked in the insurance sector in Argentina and Bolivia. He is currently
working on exploring microinsurance sustainability as a profitable and value driven proposi-
tion and the limitations the insurance sector—as currently set up—has in providing micro-
insurance products. He is a regular speaker at microinsurance conferences and holds a BSc
(Hons) Economics degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the
Adolfo Ibañez School of Management.

Doris Köhn (Moderator)

Senior Vice President for Africa and the Middle East, KfW Development Bank

Ms. Köhn is Director General for Africa and the Middle East at KfW Development Bank. She
studied at the Universities of Hamburg and London and holds an MSc in Economics and Po-
litical Science. After completing postgraduate studies at the German Development Institute
she joined KfW Development Bank in 1985 as a Young Professional. From 1989 to 1991 Ms.
Köhn directed a rural development project in Costa Rica. In 1998 she moved to the World
Bank as Sector Director for Rural Development and the Environment in the Middle East and
North Africa. In 2001 she returned to KfW to become Director for Europe and the Caucasus,
serving simultaneously as Global Network Head for Financial and Private Sector Develop-
ment. In this position she actively promoted financial sector development with a special em-
phasis on microfinance. In 2006 Ms. Köhn was promoted to Director General for Europe,
North Africa and the Middle East, moving to her current position in January 2010. She serves
on the Supervisory Boards of ProCredit Bank El Salvador and Ukraine as well as of Pro-
Credit Holding, one of the world leaders in microfinance.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Session 2

Jerry Skees (Keynote Speaker)

President GlobalAg Risk

Jerry Skees is founder and president of the Global Centre on Disaster Risk and Poverty. He
is H. B. Price Professor of Agricultural Policy and Risk in the department of agricultural eco-
nomics at the University of Kentucky and also president of GlobalAgRisk, Inc. Skees is a
leading innovator of agricultural insurance programs in the U.S. and globally. Currently, his
attention has turned to a wider range of natural disasters that include droughts, floods, and
earthquakes. Via numerous country projects under GlobalAgRisk, Skees has linked his uni-
versity research program to an active implementation program. Since 1997, Skees has
worked in over ten emerging or developing economies designing index insurance programs
with ongoing work in: Mongolia, developing and pilot testing a new Index-based Livestock
Insurance Product (IBLIP) about to become a nationwide program, which won the 2006
World Bank Golden Plough Award for innovation; Peru, designing a new Extreme El Niño
Insurance Product (EENIP) that offers early payment from catastrophic flooding caused by
extreme El Niño events; and Vietnam, developing two products using index insurance to pro-
tect rural lenders in the Mekong Delta from flood and coffee producers in the Central High-
lands from drought. Current project support comes from the Bill and Melinda Gates Founda-
tion, the Ford Foundation, and GIZ. GlobalAgRisk has recently started a Ford Foundation
project in Indonesia that covers financial institutions from earthquake risks.

Manuel Lobato Osorio (Panelist)

Head of Insurance, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico

Since October 2008, Manuel Lobato Osorio is the head of unit of the Mexican Ministry of
Finance (SHCP) in charge of the public policy on Insurance, Pensions and Social Security.
From 2006 until September 2008, Mr. Lobato served as Chief of Staff to the Viceminister of
Finance and Public Credit. From 2004 to 2006, he worked as the Senior Microeconomist in
the office of the Chief Economist of the SHCP. Mr. Lobato also worked as an adviser to the
Minister of Finance and Public Credit, from 2001 to 2004. Mr. Lobato has worked on several
projects of the Mexican Government to transfer some public risks to the private sector.
Among others, he participated in determining the mechanism for transferring oil price volatil-
ity to international capital markets. In his current position, he has developed mechanisms to
transfer natural disasters-risks to capital and reinsurance markets. He has also worked on

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
the increase on insurance penetration, through the promotion of products such as micro-
insurance, basic standardized insurance and agricultural insurance. Manuel Lobato holds a
PhD in Economics from Columbia University. He earned an MA in Economics from El Cole-
gio de México and he holds a BA in Law from Universidad Veracruzana.

Olivier Mahul (Panelist)

Coordinator, Catastrophic Risk Insurance Working Group, World Bank

Dr. Olivier Mahul leads the World Bank Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance Program, co-
sponsored by the World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery
(GFDRR), the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), and the Government of
Japan. This program mainstreams disaster risk financing and insurance within the disaster
risk management and climate change adaptation agenda in developing countries. Since he
joined the World Bank in 2003, Olivier has been involved in developing disaster risk financing
and insurance solutions in several countries, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Indo-
nesia, Mongolia, India, Mexico, etc. Olivier was closely involved in the product development
of the World Bank CAT DDO, a contingent credit line that provides immediate liquidity to
World Bank member countries in the aftermath of natural disasters. The CAT DDO has been
approved for several countries, including Colombia, Costa Rica and the Philippines. Olivier
is one of the key architects of the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility, which pro-
vides the Caribbean island states with parametric insurance against major natural disasters.
He is currently co-leading the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment and Financing Initiative,
which offers the Pacific island countries risk assessment and modeling tools to guide their
disaster risk management decisions and their disaster risk financing strategies. Olivier is one
of the program designers of the Mongolia Index-based Livestock Insurance Program, an in-
dex-based livestock mortality insurance program against extreme weather events. Olivier
also provides the Government of India with advisory services on the reform of the India’s
National Agricultural Insurance Scheme, the world’s largest crop insurance program in terms
of farmers insured. Olivier holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Toulouse School of Economics
and post-doctorates from Wharton Business School and University of California at Berkeley.
Olivier has authored more than 40 publications in international journals and won several
academic awards. He recently co-authored two books: “Catastrophe Risk Financing in De-
veloping Countries: Principles for Public Intervention” (with J. David Cummins) and “Gov-
ernment Support to Agricultural Insurance: Challenges and Options for Developing Coun-
tries” (with Charles Stutley).

         KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Reto Schnarwiler (Panelist)

Head Worldwide Business Activities with Governments and Development Organisations,
Swiss Re

Reto Schnarwiler leads Swiss Re’s business activities with governments, development and
non-governmental organisations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. As the
world’s leading and most diversified global reinsurer, Swiss Re offers financial services prod-
ucts that enable risk taking essential to enterprise and progress. Global Partnerships is a
global function established in 2011 to grow Swiss Re’s business with governments, devel-
opment and non-governmental organizations and to accelerate the firm’s growth in emerging
markets across reinsurance, insurance, and investment. Reto Schnarwiler joined Swiss Re in
1996 as underwriter for non-traditional reinsurance solutions. He was involved in a variety of
significant transactions, including one of the first securitisations of natural catastrophe risks in
1997. He then moved into client management roles for selected clients in Africa, South East
Asia, Europe and North America, and was based in New York for two years. In 2003, he be-
came Deputy Head of Swiss Re Group’s Strategy Development team in Zurich and worked
on several major group projects. In 2007, he initiated Public Sector with hubs in New York,
Singapore and Zurich. Reto Schnarwiler holds a degree in business administration from the
University of St. Gall (lic.oec. HSG) in Switzerland and a MBA in Financial Services & Insur-
ance from Leuven-Vlerick Business School in Belgium, University of Nyenrode in the Nether-
lands and University of St. Gall in Switzerland.

Norbert Gorißen (Moderator)

Head of Division, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear

Mr Norbert Gorißen (52) is Head of the Division “International Climate Finance, International
Climate Initiative” at the Federal Environment Ministry. He has been working for the Ministry
since 1999. In 2003 he became Head of Division for “International and EU Affairs in the Field
of Renewable Energies”, where his responsibilities included the preparation and implementa-
tion of the International Conference for Renewable Energies Renewables2004. During Ger-
many's EU Presidency he was Head of the Ministry's European Division. Prior to joining the
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Mr Gorißen
held various posts in the areas of transport and environment in the Federal Environment
Agency. Mr Gorißen holds a diploma degree for mechanical engineering from the RWTH
Aachen University.

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Session 3

Charles Stutley (Keynote Speaker)

Insurance and Reinsurance Consultant, Agricultural Risk Management

Charles Stutley is an agricultural economist who has worked for more than 25 years in the
assessment of risk in agriculture and in the design and implementation of agricultural insur-
ance and reinsurance solutions in a wide range of developed and developing countries. In
the early 1980s Charles worked as a development economist for the British Government in
Latin America, Asia and Africa. During the late 1980s and 1990s Charles was a Director of
Agricultural Risk Management Limited, a London based consultancy company specialising in
the analysis of agricultural risks and in the design and rating of agricultural insurance prod-
ucts and programs, mainly for commercial agribusiness clients, insurers and reinsurers. Be-
tween 2000 and 2005 Charles worked as a senior agricultural underwriter for a Zurich-based
international reinsurance company where he underwrote a portfolio of mainly European and
Latin American agricultural risks. Since 2006, Charles has worked as an agricultural insur-
ance consultant for various international development organizations including FAO, GIZ and
The World Bank in Africa, Asia and Latin America. His major interests are in advising
on institutional frameworks for agricultural insurance and the appropriate roles of private and
public sectors in promoting agricultural insurance in developing countries and in the technical
design and implementation of traditional and index crop insurance programs.

Richard Wilcox (Panelist)

Managing Director i.a., African Risk Capacity

Dr. Richard Wilcox is the Managing Director a.i. of the African Risk Capacity; a joint African
Union – UN WFP appointment to manage the creation of a pan-African sovereign disaster
risk pool. An expert in natural and man-made disasters, Richard returned to the UN WFP
from assignments as Political Director for the United Nations in Iraq in 2007 and as envoy of
the UN Secretary-General to Serbia in 2008 where he helped negotiate the Secretary-
General’s Kosovo package.Richard Wilcox joined the UN WFP in 2001 as chief of inter-
agency coordination. As WFP’s Director of the Business Planning Division in 2005-2006, he
created and managed a $250 million financial facility to finance emergency aid in advance of
contributions and pioneered drought insurance in Ethiopia as an international risk transfer to
protect poor populations in Africa vulnerable to natural disasters.
Prior to joining the UN WFP, Dr Wilcox was director of United Nations political affairs on the

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
U.S. National Security Council staff at the White House under President Clinton. Richard
has been working in the emergency assistance field since 1995 in a number of positions in
the United Nations including political advisor to the international police commissioner in Bos-
nia, senior UN liaison in Iraq in 2003 and political advisor to the Secretary General’s Special
Representative for Iraq in 2004. A German and American national, Richard holds a Ph.D
from MIT.

Michael Roth (Panelist)

Senior Advisor, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Michael Roth currently holds the position of a senior advisor for financial systems develop-
ment at the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and is senior project manager of a Stra-
tegic Alliance of Allianz and GIZ. Beforehand he was project leader of a GIZ project in China
consulting the Postal Savings Bank of China with regard to the introduction of the credit
business. Prior to GIZ, Michael Roth has worked as a relationship manager in the corporate
finance business of HVB-Bank in Munich. Michael Roth holds a diploma in economics from
the Free University of Berlin.

Margaret McMillan (Panelist)

Associate Professor of Economics, Tufts University

Margaret McMillan is an associate professor of economics at Tufts University and a
Research Associate in the NBER’s program on International Trade and Investment. In 2009,
she was appointed the Director of the Development Strategies and Governance Division of
the International Food Policy Research Institute. McMillan holds a Ph.D. in economics (with
distinction) from Columbia University an MPA from Princeton University and B.A. in
mathematics and economics (summa cum laude) from Boston University. Before coming to
academia, she taught math in the Republic of Mali, managed a project for the World Bank in
the United Republic of Tanzania and worked as a financial analyst at Lehman Brothers.
McMillan’s research interests lie in the areas of international trade, investment and
development. McMillan is the recipient of numerous awards for her research. In 2005, she
was named the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for
Advanced Study. She is also a recipient of research grants from the National Science
Foundation, the Center for Aids Research and the NBER Africa Project.
She is currently the principal investigator on a multi-million dollar project funded by the
Economic and Social Research Council of the U.K. designed to enhance the understanding

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
of economic growth and structural change in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her work has been
featured in the New York Times and the NBER Digest and has been published in a wide
range of leading economics journals.

Lovemore Forichi (Panelist)

Vice President, Insurance and Specialty, Swiss Re

Lovemore Forichi is a Zimbabwean national who grew up on a peasant farm in his country.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Crop Science at the University
of Zimbabwe in 1990. He joined the Ministry of Agriculture where he worked for 7 years as
an Agricultural Extension Specialist. The bulk of his duties was devoted to developmental
work which involved the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of small scale
irrigation systems all over Zimbabwe. During his tenure with the government he was involved
in projects funded by various organisations such as the GTZ, FAO, EU, JICA and DANIDA.
In 1994 he graduated with a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering from Cran-
field University (UK). In 1996 he left government and joined Munich Re Africa as an under-
writer for property, engineering and agriculture. He was promoted to Deputy Regional Man-
ager in 1999 before leaving for the United States in 2001. Based in New York State, he
worked for CFCU Community Credit Union as a Member Service Representative, before join-
ing Swiss Re Africa Limited in 2005 as a Senior Agricultural Underwriter responsible for the
whole of Sub-Saharan Africa. Lovemore was relocated to Swiss Re Company Limited in Zu-
rich, Switzerland in 2010. In 2011 he graduated with an MBA (General Management) from
University of Witwatersrand (S. Africa) and his research report was on Micro-Insurance. Dur-
ing his MBA studies he spend some time at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.
Lovemore currently occupies the position of Vice President (Senior Underwriter) Agriculture
and is heavily involved in developing insurance solutions and structures in Africa with special
focus on micro-insurance. He introduced the first ever agricultural insurance indemnity cover
in Kenya in 2007 covering cereal crops and livestock and continues to work with other coun-
tries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Zim-
babwe. His passion is providing a “tool box” of insurance solutions to the small scale farming
community which encompasses: indemnity based, index based, and value chain insurance

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Richard Leftley (Panelist)

Vice President, Agriculture, MicroEnsure

Richard Leftey joined Opportunity International in January 2002 from Benfield Greig, a lead-
ing reinsurance intermediary, where he worked as a reinsurance broker responsible for the
African account and worked in a team covering the Middle East and South East Asia.
Richard pioneered the introduction of insurance products within the Opportunity Network
which lead to the establishment of the Micro Insurance Agency which subsequently became
MicroEnsure. He is a thought leader in the field of micro insurance and also serves on the
steering committee of the ILO “Micro Insurance Innovation Fund” a $35m fund provided by
the Gates Foundation.

Philipp Erquiaga (Moderator)

Director-General, Private Sector Operations, Asian Development Bank

Mr. Philip C. Erquiaga is the Director General of ADB’s Private Sector Operations Depart-
ment. Mr. Erquiaga leads a team of professionals tasked with catalyzing private investment
for sustainable development activities across Asia and the Pacific. By 2020, 50% of ADB’s
annual operational volume will be in private sector development activities and direct private
sector lending and investment. Mr. Erquiaga is an American with over 32 years of profes-
sional experience, most of which has been in Asia. Mr. Erquiaga joined ADB in 1985 after
positions at the Overseas Development Council and the Chase Manhattan Bank. He has
managed fixed income and interest rate derivative products for ADB’s treasury operations,
developed the treasury risk management function and enhanced and consolidated the co-
financing operations of the Bank (including syndications and risk enhancement products)
Most recently, Mr. Erquiaga was the Director General of ADB’s Pacific Department. Mr. Er-
quiaga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of California,
Berkeley. He obtained his Masters of Arts Degree in International Studies.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Session 4

Lakshman Alles (Keynote Speaker)

Professor of Finance, Curtin University of Technology, Perth

Dr. Lakshman Alles is an Associate Professor and former Head of Department of Banking
and Finance at Curtin University, Perth, Australia. He received his MBA and Ph.D. degrees in
Finance from Washington State University. His research interests are in asset pricing theory
and applications, portfolio management and investment strategies, asset securitisation and
structured financing, futures and options markets and developmental issues in financial mar-
kets. He has over forty publications to his credit in numerous academic and industry journals.
Lakshman has held visiting appointments from time to time, at the IMF and at Universities in
Canada, USA, Ireland and Sri Lanka. He has served as a consultant to the Asian Develop-
ment Bank and several Australian government agencies.

Pablo Antolin (Panelist)

Principal Economist, Private Pension Fund, OECD

Pablo Antolin is Principal Economist at the Private Pension Unit of the OECD Financial Af-
fairs Division. He is currently working on three main projects. The first project consists in put-
ting together by early 2012 a book on defined contribution plans. This book will compile the
OECD work on improving the design of DC pension plans in order to protect retirement in-
come stemming from these plans carried out in the last 4 years. It will include a set of policy
measures options to strengthen retirement income adequacy in DC pension plans. This pro-
ject includes work on: (i) modelling the impact of labour market, financial markets (e.g. in-
vestment, inflation, interest rate), and demographic (e.g. life expectancy) risks on retirement
income adequacy; (ii) annuities and the payout phase; (iii) default investment strategies in a
world of uncertainty; (iv) cost of guarantees in DC pension plans; and (v) improving the
communication of uncertainty to pension members. The second project assesses how pen-
sion funds, annuity providers such as life insurance companies, and the regulatory frame-
work incorporate future improvements in mortality and life expectancy. The ultimate goal is to
provide recommendations on best practices on how to incorporate future improvement in
mortality and life expectancy. The third project evaluates the retirement saving adequacy of
current and future pensioners by looking at all the sources to finance retirement as a whole.

He has recently published with J. Yermo (OECD), R. Hinz and H. Rudolph (World Bank) a

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
book on evaluating the financial performance of pension funds. In the past, he has worked on
the impact of ageing populations on the economy and on public finances. He has produced
several studies examining options available to reform pension systems in several OECD
countries, including public pensions. Previously, he worked at the IMF and at the OECD
Economic Department. He has published journal articles on ageing issues as well as labour
market issues. Mr. Antolín has a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford and an
undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Alicante (Spain).

Kavim Bhatnagar (Panelist)

Principal Advisor, Invest India Micro Pension Services

Dr. Kavim V Bhatnagar is a unique combination of a researcher, a pension economist, a mi-
cro pension designer & practicing professional and an Indian Civil Servant (Madhya Pradesh
Finance Service, 1991) by profession holding more than twenty years of varied experience in
area of Social Protection in general and pension sector in particular. Expertise includes ar-
ticulating social protection schemes of Government and NGOs including designing and im-
plementing pension reforms in India across Central & State Governments and the micro sec-
tor. He holds a PhD in Management with super specialisation in ‘Pension Economics’ from
Nirma Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and New Mexico State University, Las Cruces,
NM USA. He holds varied research experience in financial and pension sector, has written
extensively in refereed journals and presented several research papers at national and inter-
national conferences of repute. Highly experienced in designing, formulating and rolling out
individual account based contributory pension schemes, micro pensions, co contributory
pensions schemes, Kavim has also played a key role in large scale research oriented pro-
jects like designing pension systems for countries like India and Nepal. He has advised many
State Governments on National Pension System adoption and on designing a social protec-
tion co contributory pension scheme for low income workers in unorganised sector including
policy advocacy for Conditional Cash Transfer Towards Pension Savings Amongst Central
and State Governments in India. However, his favorite areas include designing and imple-
menting pension literacy modules for facilitating micro pension coverage for low income
workers, especially women across many Indian States. Core Competency includes Product
and Process Development for Micro Pension; Designing the Institutional Architecture, Impart-
ing Financial Literacy to Target Group and Implementing Pension Schemes at Most Optimal
Transaction Cost. Achievements include designing, rolling out and implementing India’s first
contributory pension scheme for low income unorganised sector women workers of Sewa

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Bank in Gujarat India; designing, rolling out and implementing India’s first co contributory
pension scheme ‘Vishwakarma Unorganised Sector Pension Motivation Scheme’, a condi-
tional cash transfer social protection scheme for low income unorganised sector workers in
Rajasthan. Designed one of the largest co contributory pension scheme for SHG women
workers in rural Andhra Pradesh targeting ten million low income rural women. Assisted in
designing India’s pension policy, New Pension System for Civil Servants (Team Member,
World Bank Project) and Nepal’s pension policy on a World Bank TA. Currently working on
ADB TA on ‘implementing pension reforms’ in India.

José Luis Contreras (Panelist)

President and Chief Executive Officer, Aon Bolivia S.A.

Jose Luis heads the Microinsurance Practice Group at Aon Corporation, a world leading pro-
vider of risk transfer and management solutions, and is the CEO of Aon Bolivia. In 2009, Aon
entered the microinsurance sector in Bolivia and developed its own profitable business
model that was favourably reviewed by the Harvard Business Review in its December 2009,
Latin America edition. Prior to joining Aon in 2001, he was the Bolivian Insurance Commis-
sioner and previously worked in the insurance sector in Argentina and Bolivia. He is currently
working on exploring microinsurance sustainability as a profitable and value driven proposi-
tion and the limitations the insurance sector—as currently set up—has in providing micro-
insurance products. He is a regular speaker at microinsurance conferences and holds a BSc
(Hons) Economics degree from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the
Adolfo Ibañez School of Management.

Jim Roth (Panelist)

Founder and Partner, Leaprfrog Investment Ltd

Jim co-founded LeapFrog in 2007 with Andrew Kuper. Jim leads LeapFrog's work in South
Asia as well as the fund's Europe office. He is a leading expert in the global mass-market
insurance sector, and a pioneer of commercial microinsurance. Formerly he was Vice Presi-
dent of The Microinsurance Centre, ILO Chief Technical Advisor on microinsurance in India,
and consultant to multinational insurance companies such as AIG and Allianz and banks
such KFW and ADB. Jim has sourced and negotiated deals with mass market insurance dis-
tribution networks; he has developed partnerships between commercial insurers and MFIs;
and he has trained over 50 leaders of MFIs to sell microinsurance.
Jim is the author of numerous reports on microinsurance, co-authored the manual on Making

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Microinsurance Work for MFIs. Jim holds a PhD on financial services for low-income clients
from Cambridge. Jim led the 100 Country Landscape Report on Microinsurance. This con-
vinced him of the massive opportunity within the space and the need for investment and ex-
pertise to reach its potential.

Holger Rothenbusch (Moderator)

Senior Director, Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft

Holger Rothenbusch is Senior Director Asia / Europe responsible for investments in private
companies across emerging markets in Asia as well as CEE, CIS, Turkey and the Near East.
He is also responsible for DEG’s risk capital strategy, which comprises DEG’s fund of funds
programme as well as direct equity and mezzanine investments. Before joining DEG in June
2004, Holger was working with Actis (which emerged out of CDC) in London, a private equity
fund manager focussed on emerging markets; there he was heading the financial services
team. He holds masters degrees in Economics from Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg,
Germany as well as from Wayne State University Detroit, USA.
DEG is one of the biggest European development finance institutes, based in Germany. For
almost 50 years, DEG provides long term capital in form of debt, mezzanine and equity to
private companies in developing countries and emerging markets in Latin America, Africa,
Asia and Eastern Europe/Russia. DEG’s objective is to establish and support private enter-
prises in these regions, and thus create the basis for sustainable economic growth and a
lasting improvement in the living conditions of the local population, whilst generating risk-
adjusted, sustainable returns on its invested capital. In 2010, DEG made new investments of
over €1,2bn and manages a portfolio of close to €3bn in over 80 countries. DEG is a member
of KfW Bankengruppe, which is a AAA-rated German banking group, owned by the German
government with total balance sheet footings of more than €450bn.

         KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Session 5

Fred M. Ssewamala (Keynote Speaker)

Associate Professor of Social Work and International Affairs
Columbia University

Fred Ssewamala is an Associate Professor of Social Work and International Affairs at Co-
lumbia University, New York (USA). Fred teaches in the area of International Social Devel-
opment Policy and Practice, covering courses on Evaluation of Programs and Social Ser-
vices, Intervention Research, Asset Development and Microfinance, and International Social
Development Practice and Social Welfare. His current research is funded by a consortium of
organizations, including the U.S. National Institutes of Health (specifically NIMH and NICHD),
and the MasterCard Foundation. This research focuses on advancing and broadening
knowledge about social protection, and economic empowerment interventions aimed at sig-
nificantly improving the life chances of marginalized and vulnerable populations, specifically
children and youth. His academic work has been published in internationally respected peer
review journals, including American Journal of Public Health, Social Science and Medicine,
Journal of Adolescent Health, Social Service Review, and International Journal of Social
Welfare. Ssewamala holds a PhD with a focus on social and economic development policy
from Washington University in St. Louis (USA).

Peter Dempsey (Panelist)

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Association of Savings and Investment, South Africa in
charge of Education Plan FUNDISA

Peter John Dempsey is a South African Citizen and works for Association of Savings and
Investment South Africa (ASISA) as Deputy CEO, which is responsible for provision of tech-
nical support structures to members, stakeholder engagement and media. From 2005 until
his retirement (2008) he was Managing Director of Masthead Distribution Services (Pty) Ltd,
South Africa’s largest Independent Broker Network with 2960 members. In 2004 he became
chairman of Old Mutual International. After his Bachelor of Laws, he completed Certified
Financial Planner in 1987 and Executive Development Program in 1990. Peter John
Dempsey is married and has a son.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Piyush Shah (Panelist)

Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Assurance Ltd., Kenya

Piyush Navin Shah is the CEO of Apollo Life Assurance Limited, a leading life assurer and
pension administrator in Kenya. Last year, the company ventured into credit life micro-
insurance business and already insures over 400,000 lives. Piyush comes from the Actuarial
profession and is a member of the Institute of Actuaries (UK) and the Institute of Directors
(Kenya). He joined Apollo in 2003 as an assistant life manager and in 2009 was appointed
as the CEO of Apollo Life at the age of 29.

Klaus Maurer (Panelist)

Member of Supervisory Board, Finance in Motion

Klaus Maurer is Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Finance in Motion, an alternative
asset management company. He has 25 years of work experience in financial systems de-
velopment in developing and transition countries, with particular focus on rural and microfi-
nance. He has been instrumental in developing and building the European Fund for South-
east Europe (EFSE) as a flagship fund in micro and small enterprise finance, initially as a
senior advisor (1998-2004) and later as Chief Investment Officer (2005-2008). Most of his
professional career he worked as an independent consultant and trainer in 35 countries for
multilateral and bilateral development organizations such as ADB, IFAD, World Bank, CGAP,
KfW, GTZ, SDC, Sida and others, primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe. From 1986 to 1988
he was a project manager at KfW Development Bank and from 1989 to 1991 served GTZ as
microfinance advisor to the Central Bank of Indonesia. He holds a doctorate in Financial
Economics from the Free University Berlin and a Master of Economics from the University of
Regensburg. He currently also teaches microfinance at the University for Applied Sciences
(HTW) in Berlin, Germany.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Alexia Latortue (Panelist)

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, CGAP

Alexia Latortue is the Deputy CEO of CGAP, a global independent policy and research cen-
ter dedicated to advancing financial access for the world's poor. In addition to corporate
management responsibilities, Alexia heads CGAP’s expanding work on Clients and Products
and also leads outreach to Sub-Saharan Africa. At CGAP since 2002, Alexia moved to
Washington, DC after spending four years running CGAP’s Paris office. From Europe, she
led CGAP’s portfolio with donors and investors, including the development of the SmartAid
for Microfinance Index and the CGAP Funder Survey with comprehensive data on cross-
border funding for microfinance. Alexia has 15 years of experience in access to finance, and
previously worked with Development Alternatives, Inc.                    She is a board member of the
Microinsurance Network. Of Haitian descent, Alexia grew up in West Africa and Austria, and
she has worked in developing countries around the world. She has a master’s degree in de-
velopment economics from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.
She speaks English, French, Creole, and German.

Eva Terberger (Moderator)

Director, Evaluation Department Financial Cooperation, KfW Development Bank

Eva Terberger is Professor of Development Finance at the University of Mannheim. Since
10/2006 she is on part time leave from the university to head the FC Evaluation Department
of KfW Development Bank. She received her PhD and qualification as a university lecturer in
economics at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Her main research interests are devel-
opment finance with a special focus on microfinance, the development of financial markets,
corporate finance and corporate governance. She has participated in numerous conferences
and studies on micro and development finance and has worked as a short-term expert for the
German development agencies, evaluating projects in the financial sector in several coun-
tries. Since 1998 she has been a member (2000 to 2004 Chair) of the Scientific Advisory
Board to the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and has contrib-
uted to several publications of the Board on key issues of development policy.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Session 6

Jürgen Zattler (Panelist)

Head of Directorate, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Jürgen Zattler is presently Deputy Director General for Multilateral and European Policy in
the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development. Before he was Head of
the Division on World Bank, IMF, and debt related issues and Deputy Head of Division for
WTO and trade policy. His prior experience in the public and private sector includes the
European Commission in Brussels, where he worked on macroeconomic issues related to
developing countries and the Dresdner Bank in Berlin. Dr. Zattler holds a PhD in economics.

Philip Erquiaga (Panelist)

Director-General, Private Sector Operations, Asian Development Bank

Mr. Philip C. Erquiaga is the Director General of ADB’s Private Sector Operations Depart-
ment. Mr. Erquiaga leads a team of professionals tasked with catalyzing private investment
for sustainable development activities across Asia and the Pacific.
By 2020, 50% of ADB’s annual operational volume will be in private sector development ac-
tivities and direct private sector lending and investment. Mr. Erquiaga is an American with
over 32 years of professional experience, most of which has been in Asia.
Mr. Erquiaga joined ADB in 1985 after positions at the Overseas Development Council and
the Chase Manhattan Bank. He has managed fixed income and interest rate derivative prod-
ucts for ADB’s treasury operations, developed the treasury risk management function and
enhanced and consolidated the co-financing operations of the Bank (including syndications
and risk enhancement products) Most recently, Mr. Erquiaga was the Director General of
ADB’s Pacific Department. Mr. Erquiaga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from
the University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his Masters of Arts Degree in International

Kai-Uwe Schanz (Panelist)

Principal Partner, Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company AG

Kai-Uwe Schanz, a Swiss and German citizen born in 1967, has almost 20 years of
international experience in economic research, market analysis, corporate communications,
investor relations and strategy development. He is Chairman and Principal Partner of Dr.

           KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Schanz, Alms & Company, a Zurich-based strategy and communications consultancy
specialising in international insurance, reinsurance and wealth management. From 2004 to
2007, prior to founding his own company, Kai-Uwe Schanz served as Chief Communication
& Corporate Development Officer at Converium, then a global Top 10 reinsurer. In this
function, reporting to the CEO, he was responsible for corporate communications, investor
relations, strategy development and market research. At Converium, Dr. Schanz made a
significant contribution to managing a severe corporate crisis, stabilising the company,
achieving a successful turnaround and merging it with SCOR, the world's 5th largest
reinsurer, in a US$ 2.5 billion transaction. From 1995 to 2004 Kai-Uwe Schanz worked for
Swiss Re, one of the world's leading reinsurers, performing various senior management roles
such as Chief Economist Asia-Pacific, based in Hong Kong, and Global Head of
Communications Content and Strategic Issues Management, based in Zurich. From 1992 to
1995 Kai-Uwe Schanz led various consulting and research projects at the Institute of
International Economics at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). He also served as
lecturer in International Economics. Kai-Uwe Schanz holds a Ph.D. degree in economics
from the University of St. Gallen. In 2003 he was appointed Research Fellow at the China
Center for Insurance and Social Security Research at Beijing University. In 2005 he received
the Geneva Association / International Insurance Society Research Award for a paper on
“Stakeholder Management in Insurance as a Driver of Corporate Performance”. Kai-Uwe
Schanz also serves as a Special Adviser to the Geneva Association, the think-tank of the
world’s 90 leading insurance companies’ CEOs. His record of publications and media quotes
includes leading newspapers such as the Economist, Financial Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung
and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as well as the insurance and financial trade press in
Europe, Asia, the US and Latin America.

Alexia Latortue (Panelist)

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, CGAP

Alexia Latortue is the Deputy CEO of CGAP, a global independent policy and research cen-
ter dedicated to advancing financial access for the world's poor. In addition to corporate
management responsibilities, Alexia heads CGAP’s expanding work on Clients and Products
and also leads outreach to Sub-Saharan Africa. At CGAP since 2002, Alexia moved to
Washington, DC after spending four years running CGAP’s Paris office. From Europe, she
led CGAP’s portfolio with donors and investors, including the development of the SmartAid
for Microfinance Index and the CGAP Funder Survey with comprehensive data on cross-

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
border funding for microfinance. Alexia has 15 years of experience in access to finance, and
previously worked with Development Alternatives, Inc.                    She is a board member of the
Microinsurance Network. Of Haitian descent, Alexia grew up in West Africa and Austria, and
she has worked in developing countries around the world. She has a master’s degree in de-
velopment economics from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.
She speaks English, French, Creole, and German.

Michael Klein (Moderator)

Professor at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management; Former Chief Economist Interna-
tional Finance Corporation

Michael Klein is Professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany
and a Senior Visiting Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Michael worked at the World
Bank (1982 - 2009), most recently as Vice President for Financial and Private Sector Devel-
opment for the World Bank Group as well as Chief Economist, International Finance Corpo-
ration. He was Chief Economist of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group (1997-2000) and headed
the unit for non-OECD economies at the OECD Economics Department (1991-93). Before
joining the World Bank, Michael was active in Amnesty International and served on its Ger-
man Board (1977-79) and International Executive Committee (1979-82).
Michael studied in Bonn, New Haven and Paris and received his doctorate in economics
from Bonn University, Germany.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:

Paul Armbruster

Head of Division, Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband e. V.

Mr. Armbruster studied Economics and Business Administration at the University of Mann-
heim, from where he received his Ph.D in 1989. He is the head of the International Relations
Department at the Deutscher Genossenschafts- und Raiffeisenverband e.V. (DGRV) since
1988. In 2002 he became Secretary General of the International Raiffeisen Union (IRU).
Before that, he was a Member of the Board of ICA-Europe in Brussels. He has been an ex-
pert and consultant in Germany as well as abroad for the Ministry of Economic Cooperation
and Development (BMZ), The German Technical Cooperation, KfW as well as the German
political Foundations and DSE (InWEnt). Between 1980 and 1988 he worked as a scientific
assistant for the chair of finance at the University of Mannheim. From 1981 to 1983 he had a
senior research position at the Institute of Agricultural and Economic Development at the
University of Heidelberg.

Michael Anthony

Board of Directors, Allianz SE Reinsurance

Mr. Anthony is Head of Microinsurance and Food Security for Allianz Reinsurance in Zurich.
In that capacity he coordinates the insurer’s activities with regards to crop insurance in Asia,
working on the implementation of agricultural insurance schemes to protect small-holder
farmers against the financial risks of natural catastrophes. Previously, Mr. Anthony had been
Allianz Group’s Head of Microinsurance at the company Headquarters in Munich. In that po-
sition he had worked with different donor organisations such as GIZ, DFID and the World-
bank on various projects. Mr. Anthony had started his career as a journalist, reporting for
various German media outlets among them the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung and Welt am
Sonntag. His main focus was Israel and the Palestinian territories. He was also the founder
and managing director of the institute in Berlin. In 2002 he joined Allianz
as a spokesperson for corporate affairs at the company’s headquarters in Munich. He later
advised the Executive Board of Management on climate change as a senior member of a
task force and he prepared a series of stakeholder dialogues and publications on emerging
risks that face the insurance industry. He studied International Relations in Jerusalem and
Canterbury and graduated from the University of Bath and Sciences Po Paris with a degree

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
in European Studies in 2000.

Christoph Bals

Policy Director, Germanwatch

Christoph Bals, 1960, is the Political Director at the environmental and development organi-
zation Germanwatch. In 1991 he was a founding member of this NGO and has been en-
gaged since then in the politics of climate and development. He is also a member of the
board of the "Stiftung Zukunftsfaehigkeit" (Foundation for Sustainability) as well as of the
Munich Climate Insurance Initiative, which is pushing for insurance for the people of develop-
ing countries against climate risks. Bals has long taken part as an active observer at the UN
climate summits. He has co-initiated many political initiatives in the area of climate and de-
velopment as well as climate and economics - the European Business Council for Sustain-
able Energy, e-mission 55 and atmosfair, for example. Together with the Potsdam Institute
for Climate Impact Research, the University of Potsdam, the Wuppertal Institute and the
German Institute for Economic Research, Bals has coordinated a project on "Mainstreaming
Climate Risks and Opportunities in the Finance Sector" funded by the German Ministry for
Education and Research. Bals studied theology, economics and philosophy in Munich, Bel-
fast, Erfurt and Bamberg.

Driss Benchaffai

Director General, Cnia Saada Insurance

Driss Benchaffai is an public woks engineer, having received his degree in Paris. He worked
for 10 years in a Consulting Firm in Paris, during wich time he gained extensive experience
consulting with banks and insurance companies. Moste notable in this experience was his
work on margers between banks and between insurances compagnies in both France and
Morrocco. In 2009, he headed up the merger of CNIA Insurance and Saada Insurances. In
2010 he was hired by CNIA SAADA as their Deputy General Manager in charge of finance
and support Services.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Wolfgang Bücker

Head of Section, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Mr. Bücker heads the Competence Centre Financial Systems Development at GIZ head
quarters in Germany. His core areas of expertise include financial sector regulation and su-
pervision - also in the context of new international standards and discussions within the G-20
context. In his current position, he provides strategic advisory to more than 40 projects
worldwide, mostly in Africa and Asia. Prior to joining GIZ in August 2008, he was a consultant
to banks in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe in the field of risk management and treas-
ury (working with zeb/rolfes.schierenbeck.assocates). From 1998 to 2003 he worked as a
long-term expert in micro, SME and housing loan projects in the Balkans and in Turkey with
LFS Financial Systems, on behalf of KfW. He holds a Master`s Degree in Economics from
the Free University of Berlin.

Martin Reto Bühler

Principal Insurance Officer, International Finance Corporation

Martin Reto Buehler has been in the insurance industry for 31 years. Starting out as a loss
adjustor, after earning his professional designation in Switzerland as a certified insurance
specialist, he then moved on to become a broker. He joined Zurich Financial Services in
1987 where he stayed until joining International Finance Corporation in 2006. In his career,
Martin was responsible for a variety of corporate underwriting and management functions,
including Alternative Risk Transfer solutions. At IFC, he is the Principal Insurance Officer
responsible for the Asian, European, North African (French speaking) market, looking after
and supporting IFC’s investment projects related to the insurance sector. Specialty areas
include Micro-, Agro-, Health insurance, facilities and structured transactions.

Victor Cardenas

Consultant, GlobalAgRisk & Multilateral Organisms

Victor Cárdenas is a consultant specializing in climate change and catastrophe risk man-
agement. He spent over ten years in different risk management positions within governments
in developing economies and for multilateral financial organizations and international compa-
nies. He has participated in the development of risk management schemes for natural catas-
trophes in Latin America and Africa, as well as designed schemes for developing economies
to handle the possible impact of climate change. His expertise focuses on financial risk man-

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
agement strategies combining structured insurance products and capital markets instruments
such as options, swaps and insurance linked securities (ILS). Mr. Cárdenas was in charge,
for the Ministry of Interior of Mexico, of guiding the establishment of the MultiCat program in
2009 and the first cat bond sponsored by the government of Mexico in 2006. He holds a
Master‘s degree in Finance from the IE Business School in Spain and a BA in Economics
from ITAM of Mexico.

Craig Churchill

Senior Technical Spezialist, International Labour Organization

Craig Churchill has more than two decades of microfinance experience in both developed
and developing countries. In his current position in the ILO's Social Finance Programme, he
focuses primarily on the role of financial services that the poor can use to manage risks and
reduce their vulnerability, including savings, insurance and emergency loans. He serves as
the Chair of the Microinsurance Network and on the Faculty of the Boulder Institute of Micro-
finance. Craig has authored and edited over 40 articles, papers, monographs and training
manuals on various microfinance topics including microinsurance, customer loyalty, organ-
izational development, governance, lending methodologies, regulation and supervision, and
financial services for the poorest of the poor. His 2006 publication, Protecting the poor: A
microinsurance compendium (Geneva: ILO, Munich Re Foundation), which he edited, is the
most authoritative book on the subject.

Yvonne Deblon

Project Manager Social Protection Section, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zu-
sammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Yvonne Deblon is currently working as a project manager at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Eschborn with the main focus on microinsurance
and Social Protection. She joined GIZ in 2009 after years of political advisory as a research
assistant in the German Parliament. She is facilitator of the Social Protection Working Group
within the Microinsurance Network and graduated in geography and development economics
at Rheinische-Friedrich-Wilhelms-University in Bonn.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Natalie de Wit

Investment Manager, Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft

Natalie de Wit (formerly Groos) joined DEG-Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesell-
schaft in Cologne in April 2011 as an Investment Manager exclusively focusing on equity
participations in insurance companies in developing and transition countries. DEG, a mem-
ber of KfW Bankengruppe, is a German development finance institution for private sector
development. Up to date, DEG has invested in six insurance companies worldwide with fur-
ther insurance/reinsurance investments in the pipeline. Prior to joining DEG, Natalie worked
for KfW development bank where she was responsible for financial sector projects including
in the microinsurance/micropensions space (LeapFrog Financial Inclusion Fund, Invest India
Micropensions). Natalie has also worked as a consultant for different development institu-
tions (IFC/World Bank, GiZ, ILO) in various countries in the area of insurance. She holds a
M.A. in International and Development Economics and a M. Sc. in International Economics
with a major in Business Administration.

William Dick

Agricultural Insurance and Risk Management Consultant

William Dick is a consultant in international agricultural insurance and risk management.
Since 2005 his main appointment has been to the Agricultural Risk Management Team of the
Agriculture and Rural Development Department of The World Bank, where he works on risk
management solutions on behalf of government departments, agricultural banks, and the
insurance sector. He works with IFAD and WFP on projects in China and Africa.                               In 1983
William Dick founded Agricultural Risk Management Ltd, a leading consultancy in risk as-
sessment and in the design of agricultural and forestry insurance programmes for private and
public sector clients. In 2000 he joined Partner Reinsurance Company, Zurich, as a senior
underwriter for global agricultural business. William Dick’s particular interests are in institu-
tional planning for agricultural insurance, and in risk management mechanisms to facilitate
the financing of agriculture. He has worked for over 25 years in international agricultural risk
management and insurance.

Fatma Dirkes

Head of International Advisory Services, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Mrs. Fatma Dirkes is the Head for the International Advisory Services of Frankfurt School of

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Finance & Management with overall responsibility for all Frankfurt School international advi-
sory projects and department staff. As Head she is responsible for project acquisition (pro-
posal development & project planning) and management, incl. consultant contracting, back-
stopping, monitoring, quality management, reporting, finance/accounting and contract man-
agement. In line with the departments key competences her responsibilities include a variety
of projects focussing on Micro-Finance, Rural and Agricultural Finance, SME Finance, Hous-
ing Finance, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Finance implemented by Frankfurt
School. As an experienced project director Mrs. Dirkes has developed and implemented ca-
pacity building programmes in Rural and Agricultural project e.g. Tajik Agricultural Frame-
work (TAFF) and Turkey Agricultural Framework (TURAFF). Mrs. Dirkes holds a university
degree in Business Administration and worked before joining Frankfurt School in 2003 as
financial sector expert and auditor for Price Waterhouse Coopers and KPMG.

Susanne Dorasil

Head of Division Economic Policy, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Develop-

Susanne Dorasil LL.M is German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Develop-
ment (BMZ). Currently she is Head of Division “Economic Policy; Financial Sector” and in
charge of: sustainable economic development (economic policy, financial and private sector
development); corporate social responsibility and ICT for development. Formerly she was
deputy head of division “Central Africa, West Africa II, Madagascar”, Senior Advisor to the
German Executive Director at the World Bank Group (Focal areas: IDA; dept sustainability,
lending instruments, corporate governance, safeguards/performance standards, good gov-
ernance, fragile states); Private Secretary to the Permanent State Secretary of the BMZ,
deputy head of the legal division. Susanne Dorasil studied law at the Free University of Berlin
and holds a Master of Laws degree from (King’s College London), Bar examination (Berlin).

Veronique Faber

Programme Manager, Microinsurance Network c/o ADA

Véronique Faber has been working as microfinance expert and project coordinator for ADA
(Appui au Développement Autonome) in Luxembourg since 2004. She is currently coordinat-
ing the secretariat of the Microinsurance Network, a knowledge platform for microinsurance
experts, and is involved in the performance indicators for microinsurance initiative. She holds

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
a masters degree in ethnology and African studies from the University of Vienna, Austria,
and a higher diploma in cultural management from the University College Dublin, Ireland.

Rainer Hartel

Principal Investment Specialist, Asian Development Bank

Rainer works at ADB’s Private Sector Department, Capital Markets and Financial Institutions
Division, promoting investments with private corporates in the region. He is a German with
over 26 years of professional experience in over 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the
Middle East..During his career he worked as a banker in ADB’s private sector department
and South, East and Central Asia regions, KfW's Financial Sector Practice in Europe, Middle
East and Africa and the World Bank in China. He has been advising partner governments on
financial sector reforms, structured transactions with private and public entities (mainly
banks), and held board and investment committee mandates in companies in emerging mar-
kets to promote private business activity of micro small and medium sized entrepreneurs,
corporate and farmers. He also carried out board and investment committee mandates in
emerging markets. Rainer holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Mu-
nich, and did his post-graduate work at the German Development Institute, Berlin.

Martin Holtmann

Head Microfinance, International Finance Corporation

Martin Holtmann heads the Microfinance Group in IFC’s Global Financial Markets Depart-
ment. Before joining IFC, he was Lead Financial Specialist at CGAP. He started his career
in commercial banking with Deutsche Bank in Buenos Aires. He worked in management
consulting (Monitor Company, London Office) and then spent twelve years as bank advisor,
program manager, and managing director with IPC, a firm specializing in microfinance con-
sulting and management services for the Procredit microfinance and SME banks. Martin has
been on the core faculty of the Boulder Microfinance Training Program since 1996 and has
authored a range of publications on micro and small business finance. He is a graduate of
the L.B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific in Victoria, B.C., Canada, and holds
Master’s degrees from Trier University (Business Economics) and Harvard (Public Admini-

         KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Alexander Ilkgelen

Global Head of Insurance, International Finance Corporation

Alexander Ilkgelen is the Head of the Insurance Group at International Finance Corporation
(IFC) within the World Bank Group. In this capacity, he oversees the global strategy, invest-
ment initiatives and activities, and manages global client relationships in the insurance sec-
tor. Previously, Mr. Ilkgelen was a Director of the Global Banking division of Deutsche Bank,
focusing on the insurance sector. Prior to that, he was Associate Director and Vice President
of Bear Stearns Companies, specializing in the insurance sector. Mr. Ilkgelen earned a BA
in economics from Harvard University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Stuart Kinloch

Consultant, African Development Bank

Stewart started his working career in banking with the Royal Bank of Scotland, initially in
Scotland and latterly abroad ... in London! Stewart moved into Trade Credit and Political Risk
Insurance when he joined the Trade Indemnity Group in London. He then served for ten
years with NCM / Gerling NCM and latterly with the Atradius Group where he was Regional
Risk Services Director covering emerging markets including Africa, Asia, the Middle East and
South America. He moved to the QBE Group in 2007 and worked as Deputy Head of Trade
Credit and Surety for Europe. Stewart joined the African Trade Agency in August 2008 as
Chief Underwriting Officer. He joined the African Development Bank in October 2011 as a
Consultant to the Initiative for Risk Mitigation in Africa Project. Stewart is a keen [but slow]
marathon runner.

Brigitte Klein

Head of Sector Project, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Dr. Klein currently heads the Sector Project Financial Systems Approaches to Insurance in
Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Eschborn. She is Member of
the Governing Board of the Access to Insurance Intiative and Member of the Excecutive
Committee of the Microinsurance Network. Her key qualifications are in the field of financial
system development, with focus on micro and rural finance. She has professional experience
in project planning, management and implementation. During her tenure with GIZ
Brigitte Klein was Head of the Sector Project Financial Systems Development in Eschborn
for 5 years. Before as was based on New Delhi, India for six years as team leader and prin-

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
cipal advisor to the NABARD GTZ Rural Finance Programme responsible for the German
contribution in the areas of self-help group linkage banking and the revitalisation of rural co-
operative banks. Prior to this assignment, she held positions in GIZ Headoffice. She was
further seconded as GIZ young professional to the FAO, Rome in the field of agricultural fi-
nance. Pior to joining GIZ she was lecturer and research associate at Humboldt University of
Berlin on agricultural market development and freelance consultant in the field of Rural und
Microfinance. She earned her Ph.D. in economics from the Free University in Berlin, con-
ducting empirical research on rural financial markets in Colombia. She also holds a master’s
degree in economics from the Free University of Berlin.

Christopher Klein

Managing Director, Guy Carpenter & Company Limited

Managing Director Chris Klein is Head of Sales Operations for the UK and EMEA regions
and Market Relationships. His responsibilities include oversight of responses to RFPs and
other business opportunities, client relationship management and relationships with principal
reinsurance markets. Previously, Chris was Global Head of Business Intelligence, which he
established on joining the firm. Chris joined Guy Carpenter in November 2007 from Benfield,
where he was Head of Counterparty Risk Analysis for more than eight years, having joined
from the Fitch rating agency. Until 1994 he was a commissioned officer in the British Army,
retiring in the rank of Major after 15 years of service in the infantry, including active service
on operations and, latterly, a range of finance-oriented staff officer appointments. He holds
an honours degree in Economic and Social History from the University of York and is a
graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Chris was a member of the Lloyd's Fran-
chise Performance Board Underwriting Advisory Committee until its dissolution and is a trus-
tee of the Lloyd's Patriotic Fund. He has had many articles published on industry issues and
is a regular speaker at industry events.

Larbi Lahlou

Chief Financial Officer, Mutuelle Agricole Marocaine d'Assurances

Larbi Lahlou was appointed in 2010 Chief Financial Officer of MAMDA (the largest agricul-
tural insurance company in Morocco) and MCMA (global insurance) with responsibility of the
strategy, the asset management and the internal control. Mr Lahlou studied finance at Higher
Institute of Commerce and Business Administration (ISCAE) and started his career consult-
ing at Ernst & Young (more than 10 years).

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
André Laude

Chief Investment Officer Western Europe, International Finance Corporation

André Laude is Chief Investment Officer, Western Europe, focusing on Climate Change.
Prior to that, André worked as Principal Investment Officer for IFC in global financial markets
with a worldwide focus on micro and small business finance. André also worked in IFC’s
regional departments in Southern Europe and Central Africa. He has over 15 years of finan-
cial markets experience in Wall Street, in London, Mexico City and Casablanca, including
management consulting for the Financial Institutions Group at Booz-Allen & Hamilton.
Educational background: M.A. international economics at the School of Advanced Interna-
tional Studies of the Johns Hopkins University. André was also a Hoover Foundation Fellow
for the Development of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. André holds and has held several
Board positions of which: Chair, Global Microfinance Facility; Director, CoopEst Fund in
Eastern Europe; Director, MicroCred S.A. Investment Holdings and Director for Zhong An
Credit in Shenzhen, China; Director, Média Finance, Morocco; Director, Settavex, Morocco;
Director, Tuninvest, Tunisia.

Brandon Mathews

Head of Emerging Consumer Microinsurance, Zurich Financial Services

Brandon Mathews is Zurich Financial Services’ Head of Emerging Consumer Microinsur-
ance. Brandon started professional life with General Motors in Germany. Then he joined
American International Group, establishing affinity operations in Latin America, Asia, and
Europe. Brandon is a member of the Executive Committee of the Microinsurance Network
and the Steering Committee of the Microinsurance Innovation Facility. Additionally, he is on
the International Advisory Board of Catalyst Inc. He received his bachelor’s degree from the
University of Rochester and master’s from New York University and is based in Switzerland.

Michael McCord

Founder and President, The Microinsurance Centre

With seventeen years of experience in microinsurance, Michael J McCord is a highly re-
spected microinsurance leader and a strong advocate for microinsurance. He is currently the
president and founder of the MicroInsurance Centre, LCC, a growing consulting firm special-
izing in research, advocacy and designing microinsurance products and processes that meet
the unique needs of the poor. He is also a founding member and currently sits on the Execu-

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
tive Committee of the MicroInsurance Network and the Steering Committee for the Munich
Re Foundation / Microinsurance Network Annual Microinsurance Conference. Michael spe-
cializes in institutional development for microinsurance, development of new products and
analysis of microinsurance programs. He has written extensively on microinsurance – being
the author of numerous microinsurance case studies, documents and manuals. Michael has
provided microinsurance training to over 1,600 people across the globe. Among other pro-
jects, at the moment, he is the Project Director for the MILK project, which aims to answer
questions of client value and the business case in microinsurance.

Jan Meise

Desk Office, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Jan Meise is desk officer in the division "Economic Policy/Financial Sector" at the Federal
Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), dealing with financial systems
development. Before joining the BMZ, he did a study for the German Development Institute
(DIE) on the financial sector in Uganda and worked as a research assistant in the field of
behavioral economics at the University of Bonn. He studied (M.A.) Political Sciences, Islamic
Sciences and Economics in Bonn and Paris.

Rochus Mommartz

Member of Management Board, ResponsAbility

Rochus Mommartz is a member of the Manangement Board and heads the equity invest-
ments team. Before joining responsAbility on a permanent basis in July 2008, he worked for
the company as an external consultant and independent member of the investment commit-
tee. In his capacity as a consultant, Rochus Mommartz worked on sector-specific issues in
more than 40 countries, helped design the legal basis and practical oversight framework for
microfinance in 8 countries, and for a number of years played a key supporting role in the
expansion of ProCredit Holding in Latin America. He studied economics and mathematics in
Frankfurt and Berlin.

Karl Murr

Head of Agricultural Department, MunichRe

Karl Murr was born and raised on a farm in Bavaria, Germany. Currently, he is still operating
a farm. He graduated from the University of Munich - specializing in agricultural economics -

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
in 1980. After joining MunichRe, he took over the technical responsibility of expanding and
improving MunichRe's Professional Services for risk management in agriculture, focusing on
North America, Austral-Asia and the European Community. In 2000, Karl Murr also ac-
counted for catastrophe risk management and loss financing for the worldwide crop and live-
stock insurance business and the global Agro-Portfolio Management for Munich Re. Today,
Karl Murr engages in fostering the financial stability of rural economies through an integrated
crop insurance system approach.

Hanns Peter Neuhoff

Consultant, KfW retired

Hanns-Peter Neuhoff holds a diploma in Business Administration and a PHD in Economics
(Dr. rer. pol.) of University of Cologne, Germany. He joined KfW in 1970 as a young profes-
sional and served in different positions and regions. He retired from KfW Development Bank
in 2008 as Director General for Africa, Middle East and Latin America. After his retirement he
became a financial sector consultant mainly for KfW and has accepted some honorary ap-

Hans Ramm

Policy Advisor, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Hans Ramm is a trained banker and holds tertiary degrees in economics and political sci-
ence as well as a post-university certificate in development co-operation. He first worked
within the United Nations system before managing as free-lance consultant financial and
private sector development projects in Asia and Eastern Europe. Mr. Ramm joined the Swiss
Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in 2008 as ‘focal point’ for financial and
private sector development covering rural finance, microfinance, SME lending, micro-
insurance, value chain development, public-private development partnerships, etc. He is
managing the Savings & Credit Forum which is the Swiss thematic knowledge management
platform for financial sector development. He represents SDC at the Swiss Capacity Building
Facility - that promotes the up-scaling of pro-poor banking and micro insurance services -
and CGAP and the Social Performance Task Fork. He is member of the Steering Commit-
tees of the Smart Campaign, the Rating Initiative as well the Development Facility of the
European Fund for Southeast Europe.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Dirk Reinhard

Vice Chairman, Munich Re Foundation

Dirk Reinhard, born in 1969, has worked for Munich Re since 2001. He is Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing.
(Graduate in industrial engineering) and Vice Chair of the Foundation. Up until his move to
the Munich Re Foundation in 2004, he worked in Geo Risks Research/Environmental Man-
agement as an expert on sustainable investment, emissions trading and water. Before joining
Munich Re, he worked for several years as a sustainability analyst for oekom research AG in
Munich. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Microinsurance Network and the
Chair of the Conference Steering Committee of the International Microinsurance Conference.

Björn Schildberg
Political Advisor, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
After his studies of Economics in France and Germany, Bjoern Schildberg worked for GTZ as
consultant in the field of economic policy. Afterwards he was engaged for PTB (German Na-
tional Metrology Institute) in the Middle East. There he implemented German and EU funded
projects to support the national quality infrastructure. Since 2007 he works in the German
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development; until 2009 on trade issues and
since 2010 in the division "Rural Development and Global Food Security".

William Smith

Programme Officer, Ford Foundation

William Smith joined the Ford Foundation’s Jakarta office in October 2009 and works in the
areas of financial assets and economic security. The Foundation has supported a number of
initiatives relating to microinsurance and index based insurance in Indonesia and Vietnam.
Before joining the Jakarta office, William worked for three and a half years as Programme
Officer in the Foundation’s Office for Vietnam and Thailand. There he worked on widening
access of the rural poor to financial services and on improving rural livelihoods. Prior to this,
he spent thirteen years working to promote financial services for the poor and rural develop-
ment in Vietnam. He was Director of a World Council of Credit Unions project to strengthen
community-based financial organisations and prior to that, served as Rural Finance Adviser
to a Swedish funded mountainous areas development programme in Vietnam’s Ministry of
Agriculture and Rural Development. William also worked for three years as Assistant Director
of the NGO ActionAid Vietnam. William, who speaks Vietnamese, is a graduate in history of
Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and holds an MA in Southeast Asian Studies from

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Jürg Trüb

Managing Director, Swiss Re

Juerg Trueb is Head of Swiss Re’s Environmental & Commodity Markets department. The
unit provides stakeholders of the agricultural and energy sector with financial instruments
covering revenue risks with a special focus on solutions for intermittent sources of supply
and demand as typically seen in renewable energy production, agriculture and retail energy.
Solutions are in the form of derivatives, insurance and reinsurance transactions and offered
on a worldwide scale. Prior to his current role Juerg set up and managed Swiss Re’s
Weather & Power Outage as well as the Emissions trading desk, and managed Swiss Re’s
Atmospheric Perils unit. Furthermore he developed risk assessment and pricing tools for
European Windstorms, Tropical Cyclones and methods to steer portfolios of natural catas-
trophe reinsurance contracts. Juerg holds a PhD in Atmospheric Physics from the Swiss
Federal Institute of Technology and a master in Environmental Sciences.

Christina Ulardic

Vice President Corporate Solutions, Swiss Re

Christina Ulardic works for Swiss Reinsurance Company in Environmental & Commodity
Markets on the development of weather index and crop yield shortfall risk transfer solutions.
She leads origination efforts with main focus on the African continent; clients being investors,
financial service companies, corporate and public sector entities. Swiss Re is a leading risk
taker in the global weather markets. Christina received her Master of Science, Geology from
the University of Freiburg, Germany and Basel, Switzerland. Before joining Swiss Re she
worked for the Geological Survey in Chile, the climate change program of the United Nations
Institute of Training and Research in Geneva and the German Federal Ministry for the Envi-
ronment in Berlin. In 2004 she obtained a Master of Public Administration at the John F.
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA.

Gottfried von Gemmingen

Policy Advisor, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Gottfried von Gemmingen is a Policy Advisor at BMZ, the German Ministry of Economic Co-
operation and Development. Since 2010, he is in charge of supporting developing countries

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
in their efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change. In this function, he is a member of
the German delegation in the climate negotiations under UNFCCC and represents Germany
in the field of adaptation. He is a trained forest scientist with a University degree of the Uni-
versity in Freiburg and graduate of a post-grad course about Rural Development at the Cen-
tre for Advanced Training for Agricultural Development (CATAD) at the Humboldt-University
in Berlin. From 1994 to 2002, he worked for GTZ in Indonesia in promoting sustainable forest
management and rehabilitation of degraded forests. In 2002, he joined BMZ and managed a
vast project portfolio of the Indo-German Development Co-operation. From 2007 to 2010, he
coordinated the German Development Cooperation in Kenya as a Development Counsellor
at the German Embassy in Nairobi.

Michael Wancata

Member of the Board, Development Bank of Austria

Mr. Wancata Michael is Member of the Executive Board of the Development Bank of Austria.
Before, he used to work for Austrian´s Export credit agency Oesterreichische Kontrollbank in
various positions, such as Guarantees for Export Acceptance Credits and the Export Guar-
antees Underwriting Department. His last position was Deputy Head of the Project and Envi-
ronmental Risk Analyses Department. Since 2007 Mr. Wancata was intensely in the design,
the set up of frameworks and the establishment of Development Bank of Austria. The Bank
entered the market in March 2008. Since then the bank has supported a lot of projects in the
real sector economy especially in the financing sector (mostly microfinance) which have
been essential in times of the financial crisis. The recognition of the Bank has grown rapidly.
At the end of 2011 total assets amounted to Euro 220 mn. Mr. Wancata is also involved in
the promotion of the topic “private sector development in developing countries” in Austria to
raise the awareness and importance of the issue in the Austrian development corporation.

Gerd Weidenfeld

Head of Corporate Finance, Gothaer Asset Management AG Corporate Finance

As Head of Corporate Finance and M&A Dr. Gerd Weidenfeld, born in 1964, is responsible
for Gothaer’s M&A activities. He joined Gothaer Asset Management AG in 2009. Prior to that,
he worked as Senior Analyst for the German Rating Company Assekurata, as relationship
manager financial institutions for Deutsche Bank and for many years as Head of Marketing
and later Head of Client Strategy at Gen Re Capital GmbH in Cologne. Gerd Weidenfeld

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
holds a degree in business administration and politics of the University of Cologne.

Ewan Wheeler

Private Sector Investment, African Development Bank

Ewan began his career at the investment bank Merrill Lynch working in both London and
New York. However, after five rewarding, if sometimes trying, years he began looking for a
new challenge. Following a Masters degree in development economics he found himself at
the Economist Group where he worked as an editor and economist writing on and modelling
recent trends in economies and sectors in Africa. In 2007 Ewan decided to marry his growing
understanding of Africa with his investment banking experience and joined the African De-
velopment Bank focusing on investing in the private sector across the continent. In particular,
at the AfDB Ewan has taken responsibility for investments in the insurance sector after clos-
ing all the AfDB investments in the insurance space in recent years is presently working on
several additional investments that should be closed in 2012. Ewan presently works from
Kenya where he heads up the representation from the private sector investment department
at the regional office in Nairobi.

Henry Yan

Chief Executive Officer, Access to Insurance Initiative

Henry Yan is the Executive Director of the Access to Insurance Initiative. The Initiative is a
global partnership between the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS),
CGAP, BMZ (the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development),
FinMark Trust, ILO and UNCDF. With its unique link to the international standard setter on
insurance, the IAIS, the Initiative’s mission is to work with insurance supervisors to
strengthen their policy, regulatory and supervisory frameworks in order to increase access to
insurance, particularly for low-income clients. Henry heads the Secretariat, which is located
at GIZ in Frankfurt, Germany. Prior to joining the Initiative in May 2011, Henry was European
corporate pensions adviser at IBM. He was previously a global financial consultant at PwC
and before that Towers Perrin. Henry’s experience covers pensions, insurance, investments,
human resource matters and risk management and spans most developed and many devel-
oping markets. His interest in developing markets led to projects in the field of microinsur-
ance. Henry is a qualified actuary and CFA charterholder. He is an Australian and British
national of Chinese descent, based in Germany.

         KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Symposium Organizational Team

Hanns Martin Hagen

Chief Financial Sector Economist, KfW

Hanns Martin Hagen has been with KfW since 1997. He is Chief Financial Sector Economist
at KfW Entwicklungsbank’s Competency Center for Financial System Development and
Global Funds. Mr. Hagen is leading the piloting of new equity and debt instruments adapted
to the needs of financial institutions in developing and transitions countries. He is also lead-
ing the development of local currency instruments. Prior to his current position Mr. Hagen
served as Principal Financial Sector Specialist in the Financial Sector Competency Centre
and as Senior Project Manager in the Asia and Pacific Department (1999-2002) which fol-
lowed a posting as Capital Markets Analyst in KfW’s treasury department (1997-1999). Prior
to joining KfW he worked with Deutsche Bank in Australia, Hong Kong and Germany. Mr.
Hagen, born in 1966, studied economics and management in Freiburg (Germany), Marburg
(Germany) and St. Gallen (Switzerland) where he received a MA in economics with honours.
He has served on the Boards of ProCredit Holding AG, the Balkan Financial Sector Equity
Fund and Access Bank Azerbaijan and is currently on the boards of the Microfinance Fund
REGMIFA focussed on Sub-Sahara Africa and the ProCredit Banks in Bulgaria and Roma-
nia. Mr. Hagen represents KfW as investor in the The Currency Exchange Fund (TCX), a
global partnership promoting long-term local currency financing to emerging market institu-
tions in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

Susanne Feser

Project Manager, KfW Development Bank

Susanne Feser is currently working as a project manager in the Sector and Policy Division
“Financial and Private Sector and Global Funds” of KfW Entwicklungsbank. She is responsi-
ble for the Microfinance Enhancement Facility and the greenfielding of a microfinance bank
in Zambia. Before joining KfW in 2010 Ms. Feser has been working for the international advi-
sory services department of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. In her capacity as a
project coordinator she was responsible for the management and backstopping of microfi-
nance projects mainly in the Asian region.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:
Piero Violante

Freelance Consultant

Piero Violante is a freelance consultant and has been working on different projects, mainly
for the private sector, since 2001. With his strong background in organization, communica-
tion, marketing and employer branding he has successfully implemented a variety of projects
for KfW since 2010, including last year’s Financial Sector Development Symposium on Agri-
cultural Finance. As a Research and Expert Coordinator he was also involved in the resulting
book publication.
Piero Violante, born in 1974, studied at the University of Konstanz and the State University of
New Jersey, Rutgers, and holds a masters degree in Political Science and Sociology and a
Diploma in Marketing and Communication from the Düsseldorf Academy DAMK.

        KfW • Palmengartenstr. 5‐9 • 60325 Frankfurt, Germany •  Phone: 069 74 31‐0 • E‐Mail:

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