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									BHM Offers Chance To Win A Free iPad At The U.S. Psychiatric And Mental
Health Conference

The upcoming 25th annual U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Conference
will feature an exhibit by BHM Healthcare Solutions booth 738. The
conference will be held at the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina
Convention Center November 8-11.

St. Louis, MO, November 08, 2012 -- BHM is pleased to exhibit at this
conference and will provide information on its Independent Review
Organization (IRO) Services as well as recruitment efforts for Physician
Advisors. Participants are invited to stop by the BHM exhibition booth to
obtain information on products and services, to register to win a free
ipad, and to learn about exciting independent contracting opportunities
offered by the consulting firm. Specifically, BHM will be conducting
recruitment outreach for physician and clinical advisors and will accept
applications for those interested in joining the consulting firm and
assisting in the provision of a Physician Peer Review.

“We believe there are exciting opportunities within BHM for highly
motivated peer and clinical advisors so we are hoping to increase
awareness of our organization as well as the many lucrative positions
available for advisors at our firm,” stated Annette Donovan, IRO
Coordinator for BHM. Ms. Donovan has assisted in preparation for the
exhibition, which will be hosted by Anthony Grimaldi, SVP of the Provider
Division. Conference participants are encouraged to stop by the BHM
exhibition booth for free giveaways, information, and an opportunity to
meet key staff within the Physician Advisory branch of the organization.

Of course, attendees can also learn more about BHMs URAC Accredited IRO,
Physician Advisor Services, and the proprietary Peer Review Solutions
(PRS) Portal that BHM has developed for its clients. BHM is pleased to
announce its IRO services received full URAC Accreditation earlier this
year and continues to improve and develop the PRS Portal. The PRS Portal
was designed to provide a secure, automated solution for the provision of
peer reviews, which includes standard as well as expedited reviews. . BHM
first introduced the PRS Portal in August 2011 as an automated peer
review tool that ensures an efficient and effective review process. Since
then, the portal has received rave reviews for its user friendly
functionality. In an effort to make the system even more responsive, a
number of enhancements have been implemented.

“We believe that continuing to improve our services through technology
fits in well with the focus and theme of this year’s Psych Congress”
stated Mark Rosenberg, CEO. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to
bring these advancements to our peers in the industry and view physician
peer reviews as another important process by which the provision of
information and tools can help clinicians through the effective process
of providing superior patient care.”

For more information on the 25th annual U.S. Psychiatric and Mental
Health Congress, please visit:
BHM is a healthcare management consulting firm whose specialty is
optimizing profitability while improving the delivery of care in a
variety of health care settings. BHM has worked both nationally and
internationally with managed care organizations, providers, hospitals,
and insurers. In addition, BHM offers a wide breadth of services
including peer review services, accreditation/compliance, financial risk
management, clinical operations, quality improvement, and denial

Contact :
Linda Ringquist
BHM Healthcare Solutions
Suite 102, 1033 Corporate Square
St. Louis, MO, 63132

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