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                                                                              Prospect Research

Non- Development Data Request Authorization

All non-Development campus units requesting SDSU alumni or donor information are
required to have authorization.

Please complete the following:

Requestor Name:

Requestor Department/Unit/School:

Purpose of Report Request:

Please attach a completed Data Request Form.

I hereby declare that the confidential information requested is being used for official
university business and only as the requested intent described above. I understand that
shadow databases are not permitted on this campus and I certify that the data I am
requesting will not be used for future mailings. ______ please initial.

_____________________________________________                                 ______________________
Requestor Signature                                                           Date

____________________________________________                                  ______________________
College/Department Director                                                   Date

_____________________________________________                                 ______________________
College/Unit Dean                                                             Date

As of July 1, 2006, Advancement Services and University Development will no longer provide printed address
labels for mailing purposes to campus units. All address and contact data for mailing lists from the alumni/donor
database BSR Advance will be sent to the department contact via email as an excel attachment. Instructions
on how to create a mail merge/mailing label document may be requested by contacting Elizabeth Janis Perl,
Director of Advancement Services.

Send signed form to: Advancement Services, SSE 2307, MC 8035 or fax to: 619-594-7321
or email to . If sending via email, have department Director
and Dean send email approval to

Internal Approval:

Stephanie Casenza, AVP, Campaign Communications/Donor Relations    Date

Elizabeth Janis Perl, Director, Advancement Services               Date

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