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									                                                                                    MEETING NOTES
                                                                                      March 18, 2009
                                                                   Superintendent’s Conference Room

Stan Rounds, Herb Torres, Patrick Sanchez, Jo Galván, Bea Acosta, Chris Cook, Terry Dean, Betsy
Geery, Sheryl Barham, Brenda Lewis, Olga Hawkins, Glenda Rodriguez, Roni Wingenroth, Andrea
Fletcher, Anthony Plaza, Joy Walkey, Karen Robles. Absent: Lorin Davis; Ralph Ramos.

I.   Welcome.
     The Superintendent extended his thanks for support during the last month.

II. Legislative Update:
A. Got the funding bill for this year which has a .58% cut. That’s 1.2M for LCPS except for the
     following: LCPS didn’t get growth funding and we had a T&E adjustment; got elementary PE
     into the budget. So final is $793,560 shorter in revenue this year than we had anticipated.
     We slowed on hiring practices for the last month – review all openings. Also looked at
     supplies and materials.
     Current budget at legislature: The state dollars have been cut by 6.9% in addition to this
     year’s cut. We don’t know about the federal stimulus; those dollars only 2 years and
     discourage recurring costs and personnel costs. (Possible: $6.2M) Some of those to go to
     public ed/higher ed; other track is for services. Legislative is trying to hedge their bet with
     the Stimulus.

     Stan still trying to strategically cover the gap – at this point it’s about 3%. What we have to
     1. There’s an increase in employer share in retirement (.5%) that’s unfunded.
     2. Teachers advance to next tier. ($1.2M anticipated)
     3. Utility increases

B. Small school legislation passed; cap school size for new middle and high schools at 400.
    Reality: we can’t afford it. Don’t know how it will affect our new buildings under design.
    Danger is it will embed itself – administrative costs will be higher.

C. Legislation, Employee Share of Retirement. (Sen. Smith) 1.5% Increase possible. What
    potential problem for budget – net effect is take home pay decrease. This is an unfunded

D. 8.6% increase but won’t increase insurance; instead, co-pays will go up.

E. Added an additional day and we increased salaries by .5%. That bill died. They’ll take that
   day back. Don’t know whether to take the day back and reduce salary.
   Yet, 180-day bill is still a possibility. Requires student contact of 180 days. LCPS at 177. That
   would displace days of professional development. Not known about Parent-Teacher
   conferences and how those would count.

     Not gloom/doom. Budget Committee begins its work today.

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III. School beginning and end times.
    Supt: Talked with Secretary of Ed. Dr. Garcia will not enforce the advisory letter to require
        passing-periods not counted. I’ve already told principals. We’ll change our student times
        to be similar to the 06/07 model. That will bring back the 8:35 am-3:40 pm for
        mid/highs. Elementary stays the same. All tentative.
    Herb: we need to look at transportation issues. Also look at the warning bells. May create
        some breakfast issues.
    Stan: We’ll bring back times to SPIRiT for review.
    Brenda: We still need a San Andres, MVTC and Sierra offset by 15 minutes for shuttles.
    Glenda: in 06/07 model, we had a number of sped students being dropped off late; then had
        to rack up compensatory and then had to offer ESY.
    Stan: Still need to meet 1080 requirement. No announce till later. Can tell staff that we
        starting earlier. Board will act on this – anticipate they’ll support.

IV. 90% Attendance Rule/Athletic game times
    Supt.: As we’ve instituted 90%, attendance we find blips. Do we maintain the policy as is, and
       allow the review process to be the clearinghouse, or, do you change/soften the rules? We
       took the average attendance rate fro 94% to 97%. This has had a net positive effect.
    The issues have been school activities. How to manage student absences due to school-
       sponsored activities. Need to know if this is a big issue.
    Chris: Thought there would be more fallout from the school sponsored absences.
    We’ll do a year-in-review on this with the Board. Will ask for help on the presentation.

V. Summer School
    LCHS and OHS have independent programs in addition to summer school. MHS under
    Joy: last year, 8th graders were offered Read 180 and Tabula Digita. 8th graders met on 3
    campuses; attendance low. Not real success. About 115 mid and 250 at the high school; plus
    PE at Sierra high school PE.

    This year HS Summer School: Nothing at Lynn. The HS PE is at Sierra. Brenda: but MS
    magnet kids need MS PE and SMS only one open. Stan – can change the location if need.

    San Andres will have the core, June 1-26. 2 days missed – they dropped. No tuition refund.
    Students got report cards after report cards came out, so then they didn’t need summer

VI. Student Lockers and backpacks.
    Betsy Geery: Took information from Jo and sent to DAC members. Discussed pros and cons
    of lockers and backpacks and made recommendations.

    Consensus –
    Backpacks: wouldn’t be heavy if they are carrying only what supposed to be. They carry all 8
    books even if go to only 4 a day.
    Lockers: minimal pros. No one wanted to move back to lockers.
    1) continue backpacks and do more on education for parents to check the packs, are only carrying
       what they’re supposed to and take out items.
    2) Look at classroom sets of books to solve problems overall. Also would lose fewer books.

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    Stan: Let’s cost the book issue out. Then talk logistics to see how that would work. Next Step:
    in the next budget cycle (maybe Stimulus) to get up to classroom sets. May require change of
    instructional practices. Law requires district o have one book per student. This would be in
    addition to the one-book-per-student. Let’s bring it back as a budget issue.

VII. School Supplies Committee
Previous discussion about amount parents must pay for supplies; burden/hardship. Looked at
the supply list. It was standard and some teachers didn’t use the items.
Took the existing lists and went back to their representatives.

Stan: How do we take this? We could eliminate this for parents. District provide at $77,745.
Also see the secondary list.

DAC had hard time that LCPS is making cuts and yet supplies would be spent from district. This
is a recurring cost which would be hard for future to tell parents they must pick up cost. Lot of
secondary parents.

Brenda: start with class sets.
Liz: Parents thankful. Willing to do co-pay.
Stan: Jo do staff survey. Provide the background. Ask for staff input. Liz, Betsy, Brenda, Chris
and Jo to do the questions.

Chris – Bigger question at high school are the fees.

VIII. Pass Key Project and Camera Update
Herb: Question last time of both issues.
All facilities being wired for key access through cards. All schools are listed. Contractor -
    (Coyote). Sunrise and Valley View at total completion; in middle stages for district-wide.
    Hourly employees keyed during M-F during working hours. Five schools will have video
    surveillance installed. They selected as part of a grant. OHS, Conlee, MHS, Lynn and Zia. Also,
    additional video surveillance at Mesilla, BTW and Jornada. OHS system is ready to be turned
    on. Jeff asking for policy and whether to notify. What warning do we need to do for
    community? We’ll wrap that up with policy and the signage.
Eventually do video surveillance for all schools. Chris - Memo to staff would be good.
Herb: we will have something put out to staff before it’s underway. Most are general public
Betsy: double-check on PDC for the list.

IX. Transition/intervention programs.
Glenda: Last SPIRiT meeting we talked about intervention and transition from elem to mid and
    mid to HS. Table showing progression of multi-sensory instruction. Take Flight training has
    been provided for last 3 years (also multisensory instruction); Read 180 6th-8th; SRA mostly
    for special ed in mid and high.
There is consistency in interventions across the board.
Also provided Saturday Tutoring.

X. Cell Phones Policy
Brenda: Need to review. See pros/cons. Is it fair to take phone with the videotape on cells. Need
   awareness with parents. Students are downloading porn on the cell and distributing to other
   students. Stealing. Police trying to determine source. Girl self-photo sent to boyfriend who
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    shares with friends. In PE locker – took video of someone in restroom. Many legal issues
    since cells are very much like a computer. Confiscation of phones. Recording classroom
    teachers. Kids texting parents during class about what’s happened and it’s on the cell.
    Internet access on the phones.

Need a district policy.

Roni: One is being developed. Based on model policies.
Stan: Find out the legalities and whether we need to scramble during the day.
Chris: CAPs saw the kids text/call the parents – saw increase.
Stan: Have scrambling as part of their discussions at the PAC. Will it interfere with the radios?
    What about the safety? Adults not happy with scramble.
Brenda: Need campaign with parents. Good side: kids text to principal to alert.
Bea: It’s disruptive to instruction.
Stan: Need a standard for all and can do with policy. Quality of education versus an individual
    right to have a phone. When parents have a policy with a cell company, they don’t think of
    their liability with illegal activity.
Jeff and Gregory to bring the scrambling information to the PAC.

Herb: employee use of cell phone a separate but needed issue.

XI. Advisory Committee Reports/Other
    1) Geery: DAC other issue – new facilities presented. Next meeting April 6 is the draft of cell policy if
       ready. Also supplies survey to be discussed.
    2) Brenda: SHAC discussed positive school climate; also SBHC discussed. A nutrition grant written by
       Berger – ways to teach kids about whole grains and get kids to try it. Next meeting April 1.
    3) Chris – Math discussed preparations for Algebra 1. Will have a summer institute after Memorial
       Day to help with kids in HS not yet for Algebra coursework. Have intervention. Want 8th grade
       teachers there. A double-blocked intervention at 3 schools.
    4) OPAC – Next meeting, 5-7 p.m. Wed, March 25. Need more members. Parents interested in issues
       on how district makes determination on remodeling and HR selection of staff.
    5) Ralph sent note of wanting to serve on the middle school athletic committee.
    6) Jo – Board survey. On survey monkey. Both English/Spanish.

Next Meeting: April 15, 2009 • 8 a.m.
a) Budget
b) Glenda
c) Send calendar of the budget committee to the SPIRiT. Open to those interested.
d) Cell Policy/Reg
e) Survey on Supplies
f) Lockers/backpacks

                                                                                    - minutes by Jo Galván

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