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									                                                           #1 Network
                                           “The Industry’s Fastest Growing Brand”

                                                         The Ultimate Portfolio of:
                                                           “Unique” Pressroom Products Solutions
Since 1974, #1 Network has focused the collective
                                                              “World Class” Litho Printing Plates
resources of its individual stockholder dealers on a mission
of creating the industry's most impressive product portfolio.    “Innovative” Inkjet Materials..
Today, #1 Network is clearly America’s fastest growing BRAND.      “High Performance” Films
#1 Network brand technologies represent the most advanced and
                                                                      Quality Products From
comprehensive portfolio of “High Performance” consumable products.
                                                                           People You Trust!
#1 Network products include, but are not limited to:
   The industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Inkjet substrates.
   A wide range of “advanced” Printing Plate Technologies.
   “Total solution” Press Room Products.
   The Industry’s Premier Portfolio of “High Performance” Graphic Arts Films!
#1 Network’s extensive portfolio of products are carefully designed to
maximize production performance, quality and purchasing “value”.
   #1 Network products are represented by local #1 Network dealers.
    With nationwide member branches, #1 Network dealers constitute the industry’s
largest distribution channel and the nation’s largest “local” technical field force.
    Through frequent benchmark evaluations and research programs, #1 Network seeks
to continually perfect the #1 Network Brand portfolio to set new industry standards.
    Product formulas and designs are amplified by intellectual properties in areas which
may include, but are not limited to, emulsion specifications, improved substrates, unique
finishing techniques, and proprietary process performance enhancements.
   #1 Network’s exclusive dedicated “world class” manufacturing facility is augmented by
partnerships with carefully selected premier “outsource” production facilities.
    #1 Network Brand films, Inkjet substrates and Printing Plate emulsions are coated
internationally in the world’s premier, “state of the art” Master Coating facilities!
Printed with Epson Inks on #1 Network Designer Series PMGU010 Inkjet Glossy Paper.
PMGU010 - Ideal for new Epson printers using Epson UltraChrome™ inks.
     #1 Network, Inc., P.O. Box 1627, Effingham, Il 62401 (217) 536-5737 Fax (217) 536-5141

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