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									                            Third Grade Summer Reading Program

                                   Rockledge Elementary

                    The purpose of the PWCS Summer Reading Program is to
                    encourage students to enjoy quality literature and to continue
                    developing their independent reading skills. Student
participation in the program is voluntary. Students who choose to participate in
the program are required to complete a minimum number of readings over the

Students participating in the program in Grade 3 will complete a list of books read
(minimum of three). The documentation is to include the name of the author, the
title of the book, and a parent or guardian statement that the student has
completed the reading.

For Grade 3 students who participate in Prince William County Public
Library's Summer Reading Program, the Public Library documentation will

Students in Grade 3 will receive an extra A for each book completed, for a
total of three.

Completion of the summer reading will be recorded for students by the end of
the second week of school.

The following titles are suggestions for summer reading. Other books selected by
the student with guidance from a parent/guardian and/or librarian may be used.
Participation in the PWC Public Library Summer Reading Program and its
documentation are also acceptable.
                            Third Grade Summer Reading Program

                                      Suggested Reading

     The following titles are suggestions for summer reading. Other books selected by the
     student with guidance from a parent/guardian and/or librarian are also acceptable.
     Participation in the PWC Public Library Summer Reading Program and its
     documentation are also acceptable.

   Author                     Title                  Pub.               Annotation

Abbott, Tony   Moon Magic – or other books from     2008    Eric, Julie, Neal, and Keeah get
               the Secret of Droon series                   new perspectives on the past and
                                                            future of Droon when they are
                                                            transported through time by the
                                                            sorceress Salamandra.
Barber, Tiki   Kickoff!                             2007    Twelve-year-olds Tiki and Ronde
                                                            tryout for the junior high football
                                                            team and hope to not only get a
                                                            spot but also to be a part of the
                                                            starting lineup.
Dadey,         Werewolves Don’t Go to Summer        2007    There's never been a camp
Debbie         Camp                                         director like Mr. Jenkins. One of
                                                            the kids remarks he is as hairy as
                                                            a werewolf, and with that remark
                                                            summer camp turns into an

Greene,        Owen Foote, mighty scientist         2004    Third grade best friends Owen
Stephanie                                                   and Joseph struggle to come up
                                                            with a great science fair project
                                                            that they will both enjoy doing,
                                                            then something goes wrong and
                                                            they have to change their plans
                                                            two days before the fair.
Holm,          Babymouse (14) Mad Scientist or      2011    While working on a school science
Jennifer       other Babymouse series book                  fair project, Babymouse discovers
                                                            Squish, a new species of amoeba
                                                            that talks and eats cupcakes.
James, Brian   Ahoy! Ghost Ship Ahead               2007    While on lookout duty, the
                                                            students of Pirate School spy a
                                                            ghost ship following them, and
                                                            when they bravely board it they
                                                            receive a warning that may save
                                                            their lives, if only they can
                                                            convince Rotten Tooth or the
                                                            captain that danger lies ahead.
Kimmel, Eric   Anansi and the Magic Stick           2001    Anansi the Spider steals Hyena’s
                                                            magic stick to do chores for him,
                                                            but when the magic stick will not
                                                            stop he gets more than he
                                                            bargained for.
Lowry, Lois    Gooney Bird is so Absurd            2009   Mrs. Pidgeon's second grade class
                                                          studies poetry and her students
                                                          write haiku, couplets, free verse,
                                                          and finally, a tribute to Mrs.
                                                          Pidgeon's mother organized by the
                                                          irrepressible Gooney Bird Greene.
McDonald,      Stink : Solar System Superhero      2011   When Stink discovers that Pluto
Megan                                                     has been downgraded from a
                                                          planet to a dwarf planet, he
                                                          launches a campaign in his
                                                          classroom to restore its status to
                                                          that of a full-fledged member of
                                                          the solar system.
McDonald,      The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure     2009   During a weekend trip to
Megan          Hunt (or other Judy Moody books)           Artichoke Island, siblings Judy
                                                          and Stink Moody take part in a
                                                          pirate treasure-hunting game, in
                                                          which various clues lead them to
                                                          silver coins hidden across the
McMullan,      Class trip to the Cave of Doom      2003   Wiglaf joins the other students of
Kate           (or other Dragon Slayer’s Academy          Dragon Slayers' Academy in
               books)                                     searching the Dark Forest for the
                                                          Cave of Doom, which supposedly
                                                          contains the gold of the dead
                                                          dragon Seetha.
McMullan,      School!:Adventures at the Harvey    2010   Ron Faster and the students and
Kate           N. Trouble Elementary School               employees of Harvey N. Trouble
                                                          Elementary have a variety of
                                                          adventures, including a bus
                                                          getting stuck in a ditch, janitors
                                                          quitting, and an exploding volcano
Meadows,       Olivia the orchid fairy             2009   Jack Frost steals Olivia's magic
Daisy          (Or other books in the Rainbow             petals and flowers everywhere
               Fairies series.)                           could disappear unless the other
                                                          fairies can convince the goblins
                                                          to play nice.
Mora, Pat      Gracias                             2009   A young multiracial boy
                                                          celebrates family, friendship, and
                                                          fun by telling about some of the
                                                          everyday things for which he is
                                                          thankful. Presented in English
                                                          and Spanish.
Osborne,       Good Night for Ghosts (or other     2009   Jack and Annie must travel back in
Mary Pope      Magic Tree House books)                    time to New Orleans in 1915 to
                                                          help a teenaged Louis Armstrong
                                                          fulfill his destiny and become the
                                                          "King of Jazz.".
Pennypacker,   Clementine’s Letter                 2009   Clementine can't believe her ears
Sarah                                                     - her beloved teacher, Mr.
                                                          D'Matz, might be leaving them
                                                          for the rest of the year to go on
                                                          a research trip to Egypt! No
                                                          other teacher has ever
                                                              understood her like Mr. D’Matz,
Perez, L.        First Day in Grapes                   2002   When Chico starts the third
King                                                          grade after his migrant worker
                                                              family moves to begin harvesting
                                                              California grapes, he finds that
                                                              self confidence and math skills
                                                              help him cope with the first day
                                                              of school and some 4th grade
Preller,         The Case of the Disappearing          2002   Kid detectives Jigsaw and Mila
James            Dinosaur (or other Jigsaw Jones              have a busy weekend when they
                 books)                                       are hired to find the owner of a
                                                              lost purse, and then must solve
                                                              the mystery of a missing dinosaur
                                                              at their friend Bigs's birthday
Roy, Ron         The White Wolf – or other books in    2004   While visiting their friend Wallis
                 the A to Z Mysteries series                  and her adopted daughter on
                                                              Mount Desert Island, Maine, Josh,
                                                              Dink, and Ruth Rose investigate
                                                              why three white wolf cubs were
                                                              stolen, and by whom.
Shaw, Janet      Meet Kaya: An American Girl           2002   In 1764, when Kaya and her
                                                              family reunite with other Nez
                                                              Perce Indians to fish for the red
                                                              salmon, she learns that
                                                              bragging, even about her swift
                                                              horse, can lead to trouble.
Shulevitz, Uri   How I learned geography               2008   As he spends hours studying his
                                                              father's world map, a young boy
                                                              escapes the hunger and misery
                                                              of refugee life. Based on the
                                                              author's childhood in
                                                              Kazakhstan, where he lived as a
                                                              Polish refugee during World War
Stilton          Valley of the giant skeletons (or     2007   Newspaper editor and adventure
                 other books in the Geronimo stilton          author Geronimo Stilton, who is
                 series)                                      also a mouse, runs into trouble
                                                              while searching for treasure in
                                                              the Gobi Desert.
Wesley,          How to lose your cookie money         2004   When good-hearted third-grader
Valerie                                                       Willimena spends her Girl Scout
Wilson                                                        cookie money on lunch for some
                                                              friends in need, she tries to
                                                              creatively earn back the money
                                                              she spent.
Woodson,         Coming on Home Soon                   2009   When Mama goes north to
Jaqueline                                                     Chicago to earn money while the
                                                              men are fighting in World War II,
                                                              Ada Ruth must stay home with
                                                              Grandma, trying hard to be
          Prince William County Public Schools
                 Summer Reading 2012
              Documentation Grades 3 – 4

Students in Grades 3 – 4 will receive an A (100) for each book completed, for a
total of three. Please include the name of the author, the title of the book, and a
parent or guardian signature stating that the student has completed the reading.

             Book Title                                   Author

My student has read the above list of books.

Parent or Guardian signature

**Please note students may also participate in the Prince William County Public
Library Summer Quest Program, and the Public Library documentation will apply.

           Student’s Name                          Classroom Teacher

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