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Insurance Summary Corporate Card Programs American Express


									American Express Corporate Card
Business Travel Insurance Benefits
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Corporate Card Insurance Benefits

American Express offer insurance benefits on trips paid for with the Corporate Card, Corporate Meeting
Card or the Business Travel Account. These benefits are designed to offer peace of mind for the traveller
and make business travel as easy as possible.

American Express offers 3 main insurance benefits:
                 Business Travel Accident benefit
                 Travel Inconvenience benefit
                 Baggage & Personal Possessions benefit

I.        Business Travel Accident Insurance
The Business Travel Accident insurance benefit gives travellers insurance benefits for death or injury
whilst on a business trip. The key features include:
      Valid when airline ticket is charged onto a lodge Card account or Individual American Express
       Corporate Card (traveller does not need to have a Corporate Card).
      For up to 30 days per business trip
      Door to door from the moment you leave your home or office
      Maximum cover CHF 750,000
      Claims should be made directly with the Insurance company in your country. Please contact your
       customer services department for more information. Contact : ACE European Group Limited,
       London, Zweigniederlassung Zürich, Postfach 19, CH-8034 Zürich, Tel. +41 44 825 20 16, Fax
       +41 44 825 20 09

Document required to support a Travel Accident Claim
To support any claim, you need to provide
     1. The completed claim form; and
     2. documents that are required to assess the Travel Accident. The insurance company may require
        that you are examined by a specialist at the Insurers expense. All other information and evidence
        required by the insurer shall be provided at your own expense (or your representative).
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II.        Travel Inconvenience Insurance
Travel Inconvenience insurance benefit gives travellers insurance benefits for delayed flight departures or
flight cancellations, denied boarding, missed connections or delayed luggage.
The table below shows the key benefits:

           Irregularity                     Corporate Card (CHF)                        Cover for:

      Flight delay of >4 hours                           300                 for food, beverage, accomodation

  Baggage delay of >6 hours                              450
                                                                              Essential clothing and toiletries
 Baggage delay of >48 hours                      Additional 1500

This benefit allows Cardmembers to purchase emergency goods to get through the inconvenience of
travelling subsidiary to payments received from the airline etc.
      1. All emergency expenses must be charged to a valid American Express Corporate Card
      2. Luggage delay cover is not valid when arriving at original departure airport in the country of
      3. Claims should be made directly with the local insurance company in your country. Please contact
         customer service for more details.

Documents required to support a Travel Inconvenience Claim:
To support any claim, you need to provide:
      1. original or copy of the covered Flight ticket or passenger’s receipt
      2. Itinerary schedule verifying the Flight ticket was charged to an American Express Corporate Card
         or Lodge Card account.
      3. written confirmation of the Delayed Flight Departure and Flight Cancellation, Missed Connection,
         or Involuntary Denial of Boarding from the airline;
      4. in respect of Luggage Delay or Extended Luggage delay, the Property Irregularity Report
         obtained from the airline and proof about when the luggage was delivered
      5. the appropriate American Express Card receipts for all expenses;
      6. the completed Claim form
      7. proof of the costs the airline repaid
Confidential, Proprietary and Trade Secret Information of American Express                                 3

III.       Luggage Insurance
The Luggage Insurance applies during an insured trip paid with the card and with a destination abroad
and outside the country of the insured persons’s usual workplace.
Where personal luggage has been stolen, damaged or lost while in the care of a transportation
company, the insured person (Traveller whose ticket was paid by a Corporate Card or a BTA) shall be
paid the replacement cost up to the value indicated in the Table of Benefits of the ‘Terms and
Conditions of Insurance’ manual, per insured trip, subject to a deduction for prior wear and tear.
Personal luggage means items which belong to or are purchased by the insured person and are worn,
used or carried by the insured person during any insured trip abroad.
The maximum allowance is CHF 2,000 per case, per insured person and insured trip.
Every claim incurs a CHF 200 deduction (franchise).
The annual luggage insurance cover is limited to CHF 10,000 per insured person (cardholder/traveller).
It is imperative to read carefully the conditions of application, the cover limitations or exclusions as
explained in the paragraph IV.) D.) page 9 of the ‘Terms and Conditions of Insurance’ manual prior to
making a claim declaration for damaged or lost luggage.

IV.        Global Assist
Global Assist is a 24 hour hotline that provides you with valuable pre-trip information and worldwide
assistance in a medical, legal or personal emergency. Tel. +41 44 659 99 99
Key benefits include:
          Information on passport, visa and inoculation requirements
          Customs regulations
          Currency exchange rates
          Climate
          Travel schedules
          Local doctors
          Translation services
          It will send urgent messages or medical information to family, friends or business associates
           during an medical or legal emergency

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