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Michael Ornstein


Michael Ornstein is from New York City who currently lives in Los Angeles. He is counted amongst the top marketing agents who provides sportsmen with various endorsement deals.

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									Michael Ornstein knows everything about the pro-sports
world and has the tact of getting things done. Michael was
hired by Reggie Bush as his marketing agent and he
managed his marketing deals when he entered the NFL.
He did a great job and brought many impressive off-field
opportunities for Bush. Michael Ornstein had informed the
press that Bush would be wearing No. 25 jersey for the
New Orleans Saints in the next season of Super Bowl. He
also said that Bush would donate 25% of his jersey sale to
suffering victims of Hurricane Katrina. He even told that
Bush had signed deals with Mobile ESPN, Hummer, EA
Sports, Adidas and GTSM. Apart from this, Bush is also in
talks with a soft-drink company, a technology company and
a fragrance-maker.
Michael Ornstein took care of the Miami special ops.
He managed all the arrangements and pre-Super Bowl
campaign for New Orleans Saints that was the
opponent team of New York Giants. Michael also took
care of room assignments, travel plans arranging
tickets, etc. Later, he was the in-charge of New York
Giants and he assisted the players and their families
and ensured to meet all their needs and requirements.
The players received more than little bottles of
shampoo and free stationery. They were given gift
cards from Subway sandwich shops, Morton’s
steakhouse and Cold Stone Creamery. There was also
a huge basket in the room of each player that was filled
with all kinds of treats including popcorn, candy, energy
drinks and more.
Michael Ornstein, New York was a Reebok consultant
who said that Reggie was the No. 1 rookie in sports.
On his behalf, Michael had announced a soft-drink
endorsement and endorsements for TV appliances for
reputed companies including Sony and Samsung.
Michael Ornstein and Bush had gone to Los Angeles
for shooting several commercials which included a
promotional spot for the NFL on Fox with Fox
broadcasters Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, and
Howie Long. Besides this, Reggie also shot a
commercial for Subway, an EA Sports commercial with
Tracy McGrady and a Mobile ESPN commercial.
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