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									This form must be downloaded at http://dhc.ucdavis.edu/contract.html and all information typed onto it
       via computer. Once completed, it needs to be printed, signed and submitted as hard copy.

Davis Honors Challenge                                                           Winter 2013
Honors Contract Proposal Guidelines
This proposal should contain specific information about the project you will pursue under your
honors contract. Honors contract work is in addition to, not an extension of, any regular course
assignments (e.g. merely extending the length of a paper is not acceptable). Type this two-page form.
You must complete this form in consultation with your instructor.
Complete each section, then print and submit hard copy to the DHC Office by 5:00 PM, Friday,
January 18, 2013.

Honors Contract Proposal

Student ID Number         Last Name                             First Name                     M.I.

                                             @ucdavis.edu         Second-Year       Third-Year
Phone Number           Email Address                            DHC Program Year (circle one)
     1. I request an
 Honors Contract in:
                Course Subject        Number        Title                           CRN          Units

    2. When Taken? Quarter                          Year
I agree to sponsor the above student in pursuing an Honors Contract. I approve of the contents of this
two-page Honors Contract Proposal Form and agree to uphold the standards and guidelines set forth
on the Honors Contract Faculty FAQ, which was provided to me by the student.

Instructor Name
                   Please Print (Teaching Assistants are not eligible.)      Department

Office Phone                                  Email address

Date                                          Instructor’s Signature
I certify that I am a student of the Davis Honors Challenge, and that I have read and understand the
procedure for establishing an Honors Contract as outlined on the Honors Contract Information Sheet.

Date                                          Student’s Signature

 ENTERED:                        DATE:                      COURSE / CHECK:

APPROVED:                        DATE:                    HNR 190X SECTION:            CRN:

                                                         HONORS CONTRACT PROPOSAL, pg. 1 of 2
STUDENT NAME: _______________________________
1. A. Provide a succinct title for your honors contract proposal:

    B. Briefly describe your project:

2. What are the educational objectives of your honors contract? (What knowledge will you gain from this

3. What skills will you develop or improve upon through completing your honors contract?

4. What resources will you use (give specific examples) to complete your contract?

5. Create a timeline for your honors contract. For each week, list the project components or activities (e.g. research,
   rough draft, etc.) you intend to complete.

    Week 1:                                                      Week 6:
    Week 2:                                                      Week 7:
    Week 3:                                                      Week 8:
    Week 4:                                                      Week 9:
    Week 5:                                                      Week 10:

6. Mandatory scheduled meetings with your instructor: (Be as specific as possible. A minimum of three meetings
   after the instructor has approved the contract is required.)
                                        Date                                   Time
   Meeting 1
   Meeting 2
   Meeting 3

7. Description of final product: (The final product is the equivalent of one unit worth of work or approximately
   three hours per week. Examples: a paper—typically 5-8 pages, a report, a design, drawings, class presentation,
   lab report, problem set, web site, etc. If possible, quantify the final product that will be presented for evaluation.)

8. Date of completion of project and submission of final product to instructor: (Note: DHC must receive your one-
   page Contract Summary by the last day of instruction – Monday, March 18, 2013).

                                                                   HONORS CONTRACT PROPOSAL, pg. 2 of 2

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