Research 2 � Proposal Presentation by HC121108053922


									             Independent Research / Advanced Experimental Design
                Final Research Project - PowerPoint Presentation
                                Final Exam Grade

                             DUE – June 8 (B); June 9 (A)

Name: ____________________________


Once you finished your experiment, you will need to design a PowerPoint presentation to
present to the class and Dr. Nowicki, as your final exam grade. You will present your
presentation and answer questions about the results and conclusions to demonstrate
your level of knowledge about the topic, the data analysis and what your data indicate.

If you are working with a partner, remember that both members of your group should
contribute equally to the writing of the slides and the presentation to the class. After
your presentation, you will be asked to evaluate your partner’s level of participation.

On the day of your presentation, please separate rubrics, one per person.

Your presentation should be no more than 15 minutes in length.

Your PowerPoint and presentation will be scored according to the following rubric on the
following page.
            Final Exam Grade – Research Project Presentation Rubric
                                   90 Points

NAME: ___________________________________

Criteria                                                        Possible       Score
                                                                Score          earned
CONTENT Part 1: Introduction                                    3 points per
Proposal contained all of the important background              component
information from your proposal including:                       =3X3=9
Clearly stated the research question __________                 points
Provided a thorough rationale for this project, including
citation of at least 2 valid scientific sources _________
Stated a clearly defined, testable hypothesis _________

CONTENT Part 2: Methods                                         3 points per
Proposal contained all parts of a valid experiment including:   component
Independent variable _____                                      =
Dependent variables _____                                       8 X 3 = 24
Positive controls _____                                         points
Negative controls _____
Constants _____
Replicates _____
Quantitative method of data collection _____
Statistical analysis _____

CONTENT Part 3: Results                                         6 X 3 = 18
Thorough description of results provided _______                points
Pictures/drawings included, if appropriate _______
Tables, graphs included _________
Tables, graphs, figures clearly and accurately labeled ______
Clearly presented and organized data _________
Results of statistical analysis included _________

CONTENT Part 4: Conclusions                                     4 X 3 = 12
Opens with effective statement of support of
hypothesis ______
Backs up statement with reference to appropriate
 findings ________
Discusses any errors that have occurred and suggests how
to improve this research project _________
Convincingly describes what has been learned from this
experiment __________

                                                                3 points per
Slides were clear and well written _____                        component
Appropriate amount of text on each slides ____                  = 7 X 3 = 21
Figures were included and informative _____                        points
Students were knowledgeable about their topic _____
Students spoke clearly _____
Answered questions well _____


Students asked an interesting and creative research   3

Length of Presentation:
Presentation fell within 10-15 minutes in length
TOTAL                                                 90


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