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					October 23rd, 2009

Published by: monetizer

Hubpages ... Making Money Online the Lazy Man's Way
Since Adsense opened up its API, a revolution's been taking place as websites share their advertising revenue with their contributors. But who are the big boys? Which sites really work? There are dozens out there, but can they really cut the mustard? I've found one that is delivering exactly what it promised. With high traffic and high Google rankings, it couldn't be easier to create an extra residual income stream. three years ago and posted a few articles, well, they were a few random pieces of advice/information and my favourite recipes. Then I kind of wandered off to do things like build this blog and tidy up my main website … as well as randomly building a few more sites and … well, you’ve probably been there. A LOT of work, little reward. I was working 15-16 hours a day trying to crack the secret, except all I was really doing was sucking up days/weeks of time with themes, plugins, investigating/researching, never having time to actually get to the bit where I promoted. Well, meanwhile, something incredible was happening with my few random recipes … the money started rolling in. OK, it wasn’t a lot, these were a few basic recipes and a few bits of information about this and that … but it was right there, in my Adsense account. Then one day I had a spare 10 minutes and just wondered what it added up to - and I was shocked! Just ONE of those things that I wrote, that had taken me well under an hour to put together, had earnt me a cool £45 … and I hadn’t even noticed. So I went back and had a dig around. Adsense Revenue Share … works if the site has a lot of traffic. I’d not had to do anything, just one hour all those years ago, and a result! So, I’ve been testing it out. Just four weeks ago I logged on and started digging around. I wrote some more stuff - all

List of Adsense Revenue Share Websites - An Easy Way to Earn Money
Source:$/list-of-adsenserevenue-share-websites-an-easy-way-to-earn-money By Homeworker on October 22nd, 2009

Maybe you’ve seen the phrase Adsense Revenue Share website, maybe it’s new to you. At first I wasn’t overly keen on the idea and couldn’t really seeing it being of any benefit to me, so I didn’t explore it - and I am now regretting that. I’ve joined a few and not done anything with them, but there was one Adsense Revenue Share website that I joined about

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October 23rd, 2009

Published by: monetizer

stuff I knew, or I was interested in. I did some research, compiled some lists of information, read the forums … and after only four weeks I’d already made a respectable amount (not allowed to say due to Adsense TOS) .. and it was a decent amount of residual income, that I KNOW will grow as the articles I wrote “age”. There are definitely benefits to be had from the age of the article, so I figured I just have to be patient. Now, I have a plan. And this is the plan: I will write my stuff, I have 100 articles there now, I will then sit on it for a month, looking at the stats, what is getting clicks, how much is that worth? Then I can see what’s making me money and not. If it’s not I can give it a quick rewrite, if it is, then I can give it a quick promotion on some free classified sites. So, I’ve decided to get out my list of Adsense Revenue Sharing websites and compile it all in one big list. It’ll take me a few days to sort out and go through it all again, but then I’ll list it here. In the meantime, the site I’ve been earning this good, easy money - that will provide me with a residual income - is Hubpages Adsense Revenue Share What you get with Hubpages is a 60% revenue share of Adsense adverts shown on the pages you create. You create one page at a time, it can be about anything - and you don’t even have to stick to one subject, in fact the reason I created my first few Hubs was that I was just using it to dump down some random and unrelated bits and pieces that interested me. You also get some Amazon and eBay modules to drop into your writing, so there are further chances to earn money from these. On top of that you can use your Kontera ID (I don’t tend to do this as I’ve not had a good return from it, but that might be because my traffic needs to be more). In its simplest form, simply sign up, put your Adsense ID into the box in your Settings page and away you go…. just write about things. Beyond that there are a lot of layout options you can use, eBay and Amazon modules, you can add pictures and rss feeds. The community is lively and helpful and just about all the help you could possibly need is already written. There are some great motivators too, I joined the “30 hubs in 30 days challenge” to keep myself focussed on reaching 100 published hubs, I’m now on my second one of those as they give me a real buzz when I’ve published another, it’s addictive and fun! ADD AFFILIATE LINKS: if you mark your Hub as promotional, you can even put a maximum of two links in your hub, which go to your own website, or even an affiliate product. Yes, that’s right, you can use this to promote affiliate products, within the guidelines of no more than two links per hub. Another thing you can’t do is create hub after hub after hub all linking out to the same domain, but what you can do is create a group of articles, which all link into your main article that contains your affiliate links links. DOFOLLOW: If you can keep your AuthorScore over 75 and your individual hub over a score of 50 (easily done), then your links are dofollow links! A great way to drive traffic to your product/website from a site with a good PR and good traffic. GET AN ADSENSE ID: If you don’t have an Adsense ID already, then join up, write a few articles, then apply to Adsense and get your ID based on the writings you’ve made on

Hubpages. Just ensure those first few are good generic articles and not overly promotional. Overall: Hubpages is highly recommended. Join Hubpages Adsense Revenue Share Site Now It could be your smartest move this year!

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