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For more information, contact ___________ at ____________.

      Learn How to Manage Land for Wildlife at (Location)
                    Landowner Workshop

(CITY, State) — Ask any wildlife biologist what it takes to keep wildlife healthy, happy
and close to home, and they’ll tell you it’s all about having quality habitat.

Learn how to improve wildlife habitat on your property by attending the National Wild
Turkey Federation’s Wildlife Habitat Management Workshop (Date), at the (Location) in
(City), (State).

During the workshop, landowners and managers will spend time with experts learning
how to (describe activities, subject of lectures, information provided, etc.)

(If the workshop includes a longleaf pine component, include the following paragraph.)
The NWTF and Georgia Pacific have partnered to restore more than 10,000 acres of
longleaf pines on both public and private land in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and
Mississippi through a $1.3 million grant from Southern Company and the National Fish
and Wildlife Foundation. This workshop is an educational aspect of the grant project.

The cost of the workshop is $(Cost), which includes (Meals/equipment/etc.). The
program runs from (Time) to (Time). Participation is limited to the first (Number of
people) people registered. Pre-registration by (Date) is strongly encouraged.

The NWTF is a national nonprofit conservation organization that was founded in 1973
and has worked with wildlife agencies to restore wild turkey populations from 1.3 million
wild turkeys to nearly 7 million today. Now, NWTF’s volunteers raise funds and work
daily to improve critical wildlife habitat, increase access to public hunting land and
introduce new people to the outdoors and hunting. Together, the NWTF's partners,
sponsors and grassroots members have raised and spent more than $372 million
preserving our hunting heritage and conserving 17 million acres of wildlife habitat.
To learn more about the workshop, call (Name) at (Phone number). For information
about the NWTF, visit or call (800) THE-NWTF.

Directions to the Wildlife Habitat Management Workshop
From (City):

Wildlife Habitat Management Workshop Local Supporters and Partners
(List local supporters and local partners)

(List sponsors for this workshop)

(List host)

About the NWTF: The National Wild Turkey Federation is a nonprofit conservation organization that
works daily to further its mission of conserving the wild turkey and preserving our hunting heritage.

Through dynamic partnerships with state, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, the NWTF and its
members have helped restore wild turkey populations across the country, spending more than $373 million
to conserve 17 million acres of essential habitat for all types of wildlife.

The NWTF works to increase interest in the outdoors by bringing new hunters and conservationists into the
fold through outdoor education events and its outreach programs – Women in the Outdoors, Wheelin’
Sportsmen, JAKES and Xtreme JAKES.

The NWTF was founded in 1973 and is headquartered in Edgefield, S.C. According to many state and
federal agencies, the restoration of the wild turkey is arguably the greatest conservation success story in
North America’s wildlife history. To learn more, visit or call (800) THE-NWTF.

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