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									                                  Andrew McRobert and Associates
                                 financial training, development banking,
                                insolvency management, corporate finance
                                            ABN 23 132 005 428
                                           Curriculum vitae
Address:               29 Gelling Avenue, Strathfield, NSW 2135
Born:                  Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, 7th June 1948
Citizenship:           Australian (naturalized, 1976) & Irish (EU)

          Honours Degree in Business Studies, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (BBS) (1970)
          Qualified as Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (1974)
           (resigned 2001)
          Elected Fellow of the Securities Institute of Australia (FSIA) in 20011
          Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) (2002)
          Completed AICD Company Directors Course (April 2003), passed the Company
           Directors Course and awarded an Order of Merit with Pass grading (GAICD)
          MA, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (2011)

Director & Honorary Treasurer, Forsight Foundation for Deaf/Blind

          English (mother tongue)
          Indonesian (conversational)
          French (conversational)
          German (limited)

I am a credit and risk management specialist, with particular emphasis on development
banking, management of non-performing loans and equities, strengthening credit
management systems and restructuring, commercialising and selling or liquidating state-
owned enterprises. I have conducted financial markets seminars in about 30 countries in
the Asia-Pacific and Middle East & North Africa (‘MENA’) regions, as well as 3 countries in
Africa. My credit and problem loan management courses are increasingly being recognised
as having major relevance for financial markets in the emerging markets of MENA and
Africa, having been presented routinely in the Asia-Pacific region over the past 18 years.

   "Corporate Collapse" (co-authored with Ronnie Hoffman, an Australian journalist),
    published in October 1997 by McGraw Hill
   “ABC Learning Centres Limited – did the annual reports give enough warning?” Article in
    JASSA, issue 1, 2009

1        Post-nominal changed from FSIA to SF FIN in December 2005, following a merger of SIA and
the Australasian Institute of Banking & Finance
                                Website: www.amcrobertandassocs.com.au
                                Email: amra@amcrobertandassocs.com.au
                               Phone: (6128021.9092; (61) 402.048.326 (mob)
                                                                Andrew McRobert and Associates

     “Some thoughts on leverage”, Article in JASSA, issue 3, 2009
      “Financial Literacy for Lawyers, Directors & Investors”, (co-authored with Ronnie
      Hoffman), published in October 2010 by Thomson-Reuters
     “Financial Literacy – Lessons from Centro” (co-authored with Ronnie Hoffman), published
      in September 2011 by Thomson-Reuters

November 1991-date:
I operate as a self-employed international corporate financial adviser &
contractor, trading as ANDREW McROBERT & ASSOCIATES. During that time, I had three
extended contracts, described below, with Price Waterhouse Sutanto, the Asian
Development Bank and the Jakarta Initiative Task Force. Key projects are summarised as

        Significant training projects include:
i.       Designed & created 8 specific credit case studies for a major Australian bank
ii.      Ran two seminars “Loan Appraisal” and “Debt Recovery” for the Samoa In-Country
         Training programme, funded by NZAID & AusAID
iii.     Created and wrote a 1-day seminar to assist lawyers to read & understand financial
         statements, referred to in “Specific Skills and Experience”. I have run this seminar
         seven times for lawyers of one of Australia’s ‘big 4’ banks; I subsequently turned this
         into a text, published by Thomson-Reuters
iv.      Created, wrote & presented a 2-day seminar for an Indian bank “Infrastructure &
         project finance refresher”
v.       Created, wrote & presented a 4-day seminar for IFC client banks in Sri Lanka on SME
vi.      Created, wrote & presented a 3-day seminar for a bank in Indonesia: “Credit in the
         Indonesian Textile, Clothing & Footwear Sector”
vii.     Developed a new training programme “SME Lending”; this new programme has, to
         date, been presented in Asia, Ghana & Namibia and the Middle East, and attracted
         very favourable comment and feedback
viii. Wrote and presented a new financial analysis training programme target at emerging
         markets. To date, versions of this course have been presented in Oman, UAE, Italy,
         Russia & Lebanon, and are now scheduled for Pakistan, Malaysia and Hong Kong
ix.      Wrote and presented a three-day seminar “Advanced Credit”, presented on behalf of
         IFC and Banca Intesa to Nanjing City Commercial Bank (March 2004)
x.       Developed, wrote and presented a one-day introduction to credit program for staff of
         a major Australian bank
xi.      Wrote the Corporate Finance module for a securities industry training program for the
         Hong Kong Securities Institute

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                                                              Andrew McRobert and Associates

Significant consulting projects include:
i.     Wrote the technical proposal for an EU project in Bangladesh – strengthening the
       training of SME bankers. My client has won this project and work is expected to
       commence in early 2012.
ii.    Undertook a due diligence review of a private sector bank in the South Pacific and
       wrote a board paper/proposal for an ADB investment in the bank
iii.   Consultant to Asian Development Bank on Private Sector Development Initiative Risk
       Participation Facility in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu & Samoa
iv.    Acting Program Manager (i.e. relieving manager for 6 months), Access to Finance,
       SouthAsia Development Facility of International Finance Corporation, Dhaka,
v.     Advised a Singaporean investor on developing one or more budget hotels in Vietnam
       & China
vi.    Wrote a credit manual for a non-conforming mortgage lender in Australia
vii.   Undertook a due diligence review of a bank in the Pacific for the South Pacific Project
       facility of International Finance Corporation (June 2003)
xii. Consulted over a period of about 2 years to Asian Development Bank and (UK)
       Department for International Development on privatization of State-Owned
       Enterprises (SOEs) in Nepal. Aspects of the assignment included:

       o    Assessing the capacity of the privatisation agency & recommending measures to
            strengthen its operations
       o    Preparing recommendations for Asian Development Bank and for (a) reducing
            Nepal SOEs contingent liabilities and (b) strengthening Nepal SOEs’ reporting to
            Ministry of Finance
       o    Conducting an evaluation of progress achieved by His Majesty’s Government of
            Nepal in implementing the privatisation programme, and identifying blockages

xiii. Advised Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG) in
       negotiations leading to payout of problem loan in Indonesia
xiv. Contractor and Team leader on AusAID project in PRC, developing credit manuals for,
       and strengthening prudential supervision of Rural Credit Cooperatives

June 2000 - January 2001: Senior Case Manager & Mediator for Jakarta Initiative Task
Force (JITF)
JITF is a World Bank sponsored initiative to assist in the resolution of Indonesia's large
portfolio of non-performing loans. I was able to achieve very substantial progress in the
resolution of about 10 projects and facilitated the completion of negotiations on several

Senior Investment Officer, Risk Management, Private Sector Group (PSG)

1.     Management of non-performing investment (debt & equity exposure) portfolio;
2.     Risk management role for PSG's activities and portfolio; and

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                                                             Andrew McRobert and Associates

3.   Supervision of credit (debt & equity exposure) processing, monitoring and
     management, with a team of 9 analysts and administrators

1.   Took control of 10 major non-performing investments located in countries such as
     Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines, and either achieved a restructure, a
     settlement or a rescheduling, or achieved significant progress towards that goal
2.   Initiated and obtained approval for a major project to establish 'world best practice' in
     risk management of capital markets development portfolio (predominantly mutual
     funds and other collective investment vehicles)
3.   Implemented significant change, strengthening and improving of credit and risk
     management processes of the PSG portfolio, including establishing process of early
     and continuous consultation between Dealing Officers and Credit Unit on new
4.   Elected Director of a joint venture Bank in China (PRC) and achieved significant
     strengthening of corporate governance practices, including first audit committee of a
     Bank in PRC
5.   Made a number of presentations to Bank directors, management and staff on
     application of private sector problem loan management techniques to public sector
     non performing loan projects

Jan 1995 - Dec 1996 PRICE WATERHOUSE SUTANTO ("PWS"), Jakarta, Indonesia
Senior Manager, Corporate Finance, Disputes & Recoveries Division
1.   Managed a $25 million problem loan workout of an industrial company;
2.   Advised a major European industrial group on negotiations with shareholders of a
     distressed Indonesian engineering company with a view to a rescue of the company;
3.   Advised Price Waterhouse's audit team on loan review of a distressed bank, including
     methods of assessing loans and security, provisioning, internal control
     recommendations and management of non-performing loans
4.   Conducted portfolio reviews, strategic and due diligence analysis of banks, distressed
     borrowers, and other companies in a range of business sectors and in relation to a
     range of transaction types
5.   Designed and wrote the following training seminars
     o    Venture capital officers' basic course (2 weeks)
     o    Credit training (2 weeks)
     o    Techniques for analysing industries (2 days)
     o    A series of 1 day seminars on aspects of corporatisation, privatisation and
          change management, presented twice for BUMNs (Indonesian state owned
          corporations) preparing for IPOs
     o    One day seminar for investment managers of life insurance companies on
          financial analysis of banks in Indonesia
     o    Three-day seminar for Asian Development Bank on credit, and identification of
          non-performing Private Sector Group investments and loans (presented twice)

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                                                               Andrew McRobert and Associates

As Andrew McRobert & Associates (Nov 1991-Dec 1994):
Created and presented the following courses across Asia and in South Africa:

o      Managing problem loans (approximately 30 times, in Australia, Asia and South
o      Advanced Corporate Credit
o      Basic Corporate Credit; Financial Statement Analysis; and Capital Adequacy

1.    Wrote and presented, as part of a Securities Institute of Australia (SIA) team, a
      complete securities industry training curriculum to the Stock Exchange of Sri Lanka,
      funded by the World Bank
2.    In South Africa, the largest banking group described my "Advanced Corporate Credit"
      seminar as "probably the best of its kind in the world", and commissioned me to
      present it to their entire corporate banking group during 1994. The third largest
      banking group in the country also required an in-house presentation of the seminar
      to their corporate banking team
3.    Principal trainer for the SIA in credit and financial analysis seminars for the public
      seminars division of the SIA. Designed, developed and chaired a major two day
      seminar in Sydney entitled "From the public sector into the private sector", dealing
      with the issues involved in developing and implementing corporatisation and
      privatisation for public sector assets
4.    Worked with two banks that were moving into corporate banking, designing and
      presenting specific series of in-house credit and financial analysis training seminars.
5.    Advised a major Australian law office on management of the processes of growth
6.    Prepared and presented a three hour training session to a group of associated law
      offices on strengthening their monthly reporting procedures, and the necessity for
      better control procedures for new client acceptance

1983-1991                    Various positions in commercial banking in Australia,
specialising in credit and management of non-performing loans

1977-1983                    CITICORP AUSTRALIA LIMITED

Credit analysis & management, financial analysis, marketing of commercial loans, problem
loan management
o     Dealer Services Division (17 months)

1972-1977                    COOPERS & LYBRAND, Chartered Accountants

1.   Initially as audit senior, Sydney
2.   12 months (1974-1975) Audit & Accounting, Lae, Papua New Guinea
3.   2 years (1975-1977) Insolvency Supervisor and Manager, Sydney

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