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									                              Newnham on Severn Parish Council

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Monday 1st October 2012 at 7.00 p.m. in the W.I.
Hut, Newnham on Severn - Page 14.

Present: Chairman Cllr J. Larkham, , Cllrs W. Anderson, F. Bihlmeier,
         J. Chapman, T Firman, C. Kenny & G. Murray.
In attendance: The Clerk and 5 members of the Public.

1. To Receive Apologies for Absence
        Cllrs D. Edwards & I Walker
2. To Receive Declarations of Interest
        Cllr Kenny, Planning App (item 16) he owns the property.
3. Adoption of Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 30th July 2012
        Resolved to Adopt and duly sign
4. To Consider Matters arising from previous minutes and not on the Agenda
         GAPTC confirmed the location for public consultation is at the discretion of Council.
             However, to enable comment to be made on specific items suspension of S.O’s can be
         Lilac tree and scrub removed from High Street by Westbury Wood.
         Hedge cutting at the Cliff completed.
         Sewage blockage in Hyde Lane completed.
         Notice regarding Public transport survey posted, no responses received by Clerk
             although direct response to FoDDC may have taken place.
5. To allow Public Consultation
        Issues Raised
         None
6. To Receive the Clerks report
         The Clerks report was noted, items will be addressed via the Agenda.
7. To Receive the Financial Statement
         Resolved to approve the Financial statement.
         Resolved to approve Payments.
         A copy of spend versus budget analysis for YTD was circulated.
8. To Receive Reports from County and District Councillors.
         None
9. To Receive an update from the Village Hall working Party
         Cllr Kenny reported on behalf of the Village Hall Working party. A number of questions
             were raised and discussed regarding the relationship between the Armoury Hall
             management committee, the Working party and the recently circulated draft report
             from the Working Party planned for inclusion in the newsletter– item closed
10. To Consider general maintenance issues
        Tree Works
         Cherry Tree - A quotation for GPL has been received to repair the lights damaged during
             removal of the Branch at a total cost of £312.30. Cllr Murray advised that he has spare
             lighting strings available for use in the repair that may be cheaper via a local electrician.
             Resolved To accept the quotation from GPL unless the clerk can obtain a cheaper local
             quotation using the spare lights.
Page 15
          General maintenance of the Grave Yard. – Prior to the discussions Cllr Chapman
           expressed her concern that she had not been invited to take part in the review with Mr
           Haigh, The Chair and the Clerk. As a result she advised the meeting she wished to step
           down from the burials committee. The chair referred to the comprehensive report
           issued by Mr Haigh after the visit. Resolved to obtain a quotation for all the works
           suggested so that the full cost could be considered and the works prioritised over an
           acceptable period of time.
        Earth filled gap between new Garden of Rest retaining wall and the internments.- The
           original works to build a new wall did not include the making good of the ground
           behind. After discussion Cllr Larkham volunteered to complete the work herself.
        Replacement of Life Saving ring on Cliff – A Parishioners concern that there was no Life
           saving ring available in case of emergency was discussed. Resolved that Cllr Larkham
           should investigate the costs of providing a ring in a suitable housing and to establish if
           anything could be done to make it vandal proof in terms of the ring being thrown into
           the river.
        Repairs to telephone boxes (Station Road and the Green) – The box in Station Road
           belongs to BT and the other belongs to the Parish. Resolved that the Clerk contact BT
           regarding the repair of the one in their ownership. Resolved that as the Parish has no
           real use for theirs then Cllr Kenny investigates its disposal by sale.
        Grass cutting outside bungalows (West View) – No one has accepted ownership of this
           land although historically it was cut by Two Rivers. Resolved that one more effort is
           made to identify ownership. The Clerk was requested to contact FoDDC to establish
           who they believe to be the owners.
        Tree on the Green – Further concerns raised by a Parishioner regarding the condition of
           this tree even though initial report by specialist feels there is no current issue .Resolved
           to include the inspection of this tree with the general Grave yard inspection by a
           specialist company.
        Overgrown hedgerows on path near Armoury Hall. – The pathway is being impeded by
           growth from hedges of private properties that bordering the area. Resolved the Clerk
           should write to the property owners requesting they cut them back by a suitable
           amount. Cllr Murray has supplied the Clerk with details of names and addresses.
11. To receive an update on the Clock Tower
        The Clerk confirmed that the Environmental Trust are prepared to support the required
           renovations with a grant of £4792. The grant is dependant on a further application to
           them, and the inclusion of the replacement of the grassed area inside the boundary
           wall with a suitable aggregate, the cleaning of the Tower and the renovation of the door
           way as discussed between the Clerk and a representative prior to the grant review
           meeting. The replacement of the grass will require Listed Building consent which the
           Clerk is in the process of submitting.
12. To consider a new way of working with the Allotment Association.
        Resolved the Clerk to arrange a further meeting with the Allotment Association and the
           Chair as requested by them.
Page 16
13. To Consider ownership of the Fish Hut and restoration of the Information board.
         After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council does not own the Fish Hut and
           therefore has no control regarding its opening, although it was agreed that it would be a
           good idea if it could be opened. With regard to the information board, Ms Dubois
           advised by e-mail that Mr John Powell (responsible for the original information boards)
           had agreed to replace the existing board. Resolved that Cllr Larkham should write to the
           Environmental Agency asking if they can arrange for the hut to be open to the Public
           and for the Clerk to contact Ms Dubois to explain the Councils position. – item closed
14. To Consider the welcome pack for new Councillors.
         The welcome pack was agreed as circulated. Cllr Larkham to check with Cllr Walker if
           there are any additions required – item closed
15. To Consider emergency plan requirements for submission to FoDDC
         The Clerk confirmed this item is outstanding and would endeavour to complete it
           before the October meeting.
16. To Consider Planning Applications received.
         P1090/12/COU 1 Beeches Road, Change of use Office to residential.
               o After consideration it was Resolved to support the application.
17. To Consider the procurement of an information display board and the on-going maintenance
     requirements of the Peace Garden.
         The area needs a good deal of work to bring it back to its original condition. After
           discussion it was agreed that an approach should be made to the Gardening Club to
           establish if they would be interested in taking the area on.
18. To Consider joining the Q.E. II Field Status Challenge
         After consideration it was Resolved to become involved, there is no subscription
19. To Consider the “Community right to bid” localism act.
         After consideration of the information circulated the item was noted and closed
20. To Receive and Consider the English Heritage report regarding the Ringworks listing.
         After discussions it was Resolved to support the application in writing.
         The request for further details on the applicant was not considered to be necessary.
21. To Consider S106 project Financial status and additional project proposals
         Embankment / Open spaces – After discussion it was accepted that the funds if
           transferred by the FoDDC should be retained in reserves for on-going maintenance as
           per the e-mail from FoDDC. The Clerk also advised that the discussion with the
           contractor regarding the reparation to the bank as per the original planning consent had
           yet to take place. Clerk to chase the developer for a status and possible meeting.
         Invoiced Clearance Play Park – The Clerk confirmed that the money has yet to be
           transferred by FoDDC to the Parish Account to enable the contractor to be paid. Delays
           resulting from confusion over which S106 allocation applied have now been resolved
           but have delayed the transfer.
         Additional Projects – The Clerk advised no additional proposals had been received.
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22. To receive an update regarding proposals for the Tennis Court and the potential for a Multi
    Use Games Area (Mr Leigh).
        Mr Leigh provided a summary of the grant application he has recently submitted and
          confirmed that there has been further interest from local organisations such as Camp
          Hill & Stepping Stones. Requirements of the grant relating to Land ownership and a
          child protection policy for the Parish Council need to be completed. Mr Leigh to work
          on the land ownership. The Clerk was requested to take Mr Leighs child protection
          procedure and modify if required, prior to circulation to Council ready for adoption at
          the next meeting.
        Lighting is also under consideration after Ruspidge have confirmed that running costs
          are low. The type of lighting and the installation height (over 4 metres requires
          planning) to be further considered by Mr Leigh.
        A proposal that user organisations should pay an annual/when booked usage fee were
          also discussed. The practicality of fee collection was also considered.
       Mr Leigh was thanked for his continued efforts on this project.
23. To Consider future inspections of the Play Park.
        The Clerk confirmed he was in the process of arranging the training for Gordon. Cllrs
          Anderson and Chapman expressed an interest in attending so that they could act as
          back up to Gordon. The Clerk felt that this would not be an issue and was requested to
          arrange the training for them all.
        After discussion it was Resolved to select Digley & Co as the new Play park annual
          inspection support at a cost of £50 per annum. Further discussion also Resolved to have
          an additional inspection so that the full Digleys package could be made available for
          insurance purposes at the earliest opportunity.
        The damaged fencing was also discussed and it was agreed Cllr Chapman obtain a
          quotation from someone known to her who may remove it at a reasonable cost.
24. To Consider a request to support the Renovation of the Map dating back to 1882, hanging in
    the Armoury Hall.
        Ms Faircloth confirmed that her activities to obtain further information and a quotation
          for the renovation of the Map are still on-going.
25. To Consider Insurance renewal with Came & Co.
        The Clerk confirmed that discussions with Came & Co identified that the Council
          committed in 2011 to a 3 year deal with the company. A meeting between Cllr Firman,
          the Clerk and a representative from Came & Co had been very useful, with many
          suggestions for the structure of the Asset register and several other aspects of the
          Policy cover. The Clerk also advised that as the register was under review and needed to
          be approved by Council at the October or November meeting he had contacted them
          and requested that the renewal date of Mid October be pushed back, with cover being
          maintained, to which they agreed. After discussion it was Resolved that once the work
          was complete and the true premium identified the invoice would be paid in full, and not
          monthly by standing order as had been the case in 2011/12 .

At 9.00 pm after discussion it was Resolved to continue the meeting for 30 mins in line with
Standing Orders
Page 18
26. To Consider Correspondence received to date.
        Code of Conduct Complaint – A further letter from the FoDDC solicitor was circulated
          that confirmed that the code of conduct process was now complete and that at no time
          during the investigation was Cllr Bihlmeier censured. Cllr Bihlmeier spoke at length
          about the process and the final outcome.
        To receive an update from the Armoury Hall Committee and its future plans. –
          Considerable discussion regarding the content of the letter circulated to council took
          place, including the implications to other organisations now that a grant application had
          been made.
        Request from the Sue Ryder Organisation – The request for a grant was considered but
          it was Resolved not to support.
        Notification of a New External Auditor – The Clerk advised that a new External Auditor
          (Grant Thompson) had been appointed. No details of any changes to the Moore
          Stephens audit structure (if any) are available.
27. Councillors recent issues and Matters for the next Agenda
        Remembrance day wreath – The Clerk was requested to contact Mrs A Reid to arrange
         for the purchase of a wreath.
        Tree branches extending over Pavements in Station Road. – Cllr Chapman requested
         that a quotation was obtained to cut back the tree branches as discussed earlier in the
         year when it was agreed to postpone the activity to the Autumn. Resolved that the
         Clerk should obtain a quotation
        Clock Tower lights – Are alight all night, which is a waste of energy. The Clerk was
         requested to investigate.
        Drug use in Skate Park – Continues to be a concern. Cllr Anderson to approach a local
         person who may be able to talk to the youths.
        Flowering Cherry trees – Cllr Larkham confirmed that she is in the process of
         purchasing the Cherry Trees as agreed at an earlier meeting. Cllr Anderson to show her
         where they need to be planted.

It was agreed that as the Armoury Hall availability was currently unknown due to the planned
works, and there is no current contact with whom to make bookings, meetings over the winter
would take place in the W.I. Hut

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20. p.m.

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