The Praktiker share and investor relations

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					Praktiker Annual Report 2005                                                                        Share and investor relations                    Page 15

The Praktiker share and investor relations
• Successful IPO

• Praktiker share on a growth path

• Dividend of € 0.5 per share proposed

Stock market environment                             Performance of Praktiker share
Despite variable influences, the continuous up-      in E
ward trend of Germany’s blue-chip DAX index             25
during the course of 2004 continued in 2005.
The uncertain domestic political situation trig-
gered by the announcement of early national
parliamentary elections had caused prices to            20
fluctuate. The prospect of a new government
aroused expectations of an economic recovery.
But these hopes were dampened by the forma-
tion of a “grand coalition” by Germany’s two            15
biggest political parties. High oil prices and
the impact of hurricanes in the southern United
States also contributed to the volatility of share
prices. As the end of the year approached, the          10
                                                              22/11/2005                                                                          28/02/2006
economic picture brightened, and the positive
                                                                  Praktiker +66.6%          Hornbach* +11.3%              Kingfisher* +3,5%
direction of shares picked up speed, fueled by
                                                                  DAX* +12.0%               MDAX* +18.2%
the prospect of improved growth.
                                                              *rebased to the Praktiker share issue price of     14.50

Praktiker’s initial public offering
On November 22, 2005, the shares of Prak-            space, Praktiker won back the trust of analysts           Dividend and earnings per share
tiker Bau- und Heimwerkermärkte Holding AG           and investors during its first month back on the          Group net income of Praktiker Bau- und Heim-
were traded for the first time in the Prime Stan-    exchange. The share quickly established a trad-           werkermärkte Holding AG totals about
dard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.        ing range between € 15 and € 16. The year’s               € 26.4 mn. Of this, € 26.1 mn. will be dis-
The offering price was € 14.50, and the first        closing price (XETRA) was € 15.52.                        tributed to the company’s shareholders. The
trading price was € 14.90. With the green-              Once the new year began, the share                     Supervisory and Management Board will there-
shoe option fully exercised, 34.5 mn. no-par         gained added strength. The capital market re-             fore propose a dividend of € 0.45 per no-par
shares were successfully placed. The total is-       warded the obvious potential of the eastern               bearer share to the annual general meeting on
sue volume was about € 500 mn. Following             European growth markets and the success of                June 27. Based on its combined financial state-
the capital increase, Praktiker’s capital stock         25
                                                     Praktiker’s aggressive price policy in Germany.           ments, the Praktiker Group posted net profit of
amounts to € 58 mn. Based on the first trad-         The trading statement that was released on Jan-           € 76.65 mn. (from continuing operations after
ing price, Praktiker’s market capitalization was     uary 17, 2006, not only met analysts’ expec-              minority interests). Earnings per share, based
about € 860 mn. In terms of volume, Praktiker        tations, but also exceeded some of them. The              on a share capital of 58 million shares as per
had the third-largest IPO in 2005.                   share became more attractive as a result and              the closing date, amounted to € 1.32.
    After being listed, the price of the Praktiker   set a price record at € 21.36 on January 31.
share moved in a positive direction. Despite the     By then, it had already risen 48 percent from             Shareholder structure
extremely tough competition in Germany’s DIY         its issue price. At this point, market capitaliza-        Metro AG remains the largest shareholder with
market, the result of a growing surplus of selling   tion was about € 1.25 bn.                                 about 40.5 percent of capital stock. About
Page 16                   Share and investor relations                                                                       Praktiker Annual Report 2005

 Shareholder structure in December 005            Key figures about the Praktiker share 005
 in %                                              in € mn.


                                                    Capital stock as per December 31, 2005                                                    € 58 mn.
                                                    Total shares                                                                                 58 mn.
                                                    Closing price at year-end 2005                                                             € 15.25
                                                    Year’s high (daily closing prices)                                                         € 16.06
                                                    Year’s low (daily closing prices)                                                          € 15.11
                                                    Earnings per share (basic)                                                                  € 1.16
                         6.4                        Earnings per share (diluted)                                                                € 1.16
                                                    Dividend per share                                                                          € 0.45
                                                    Dividend total                                                                          € 26.1 mn.
                                                    Dividend yield on December 31, 2005                                                          2.95%
     Various investors
     Brandes Investment Partners LP

53.1 percent of shares are owned by a variety      the opportunity here to download the online          Financial calendar
of institutional investors. Another roughly 6.4    version of this annual report or other publica-
percent stakeholding was held by Brandes           tions or to order them.                              April 4, 2006
Investment Partners LP as per December 31,              During the IPO road show in the fall of         Release of annual results for 2005
2005 (with effect from February 3, 2006, the       2005, the management was able to make some           financial press conference/analyst meeting
Brandes share of the company’s voting rights       important contacts, and bolster Praktiker’s repu-
dropped back below the 5 percent threshold).       tation at leading financial centers in Europe        April 26, 2006
                                                   and the United States. In the future, we will nat-   Release of interim report Q1
Investor relations                                 urally give financial analysts and investors the     (January through March)
We feel obligated to our shareholders, custom-     opportunity to learn about our business and un-
ers and employees to strengthen the trust that     derstand our strategy during our financial press     June 27, 2006
they have shown us by having an open corpo-        conference, analyst meetings, additional road        Annual general meeting, Saarbrücken
rate culture and transparent communications.       shows and one-on-one meetings. The inclusion         Venue: “Saarlandhalle”
On the Internet, we recently added a corpo-        in the MDAX is an incentive and an obligation
rate website ( to our mar-       for us to continue on our strategic path and to      July 26, 2006
keting platform ( In addition    further optimize our communications with tar-        Release of interim report Q2
to the current information offered at Investor     get group in the international capital markets.      (April through June)
Relations, we will offer all interested parties
                                                                                                        October 25, 2006
 Key data on the Praktiker share                                                                        Release of interim report Q3
                                                                                                        (July through September)
 Type of share                          no-par shares
 Stock exchange                         Frankfurt (Prime Standard)
 Indices                                MDAX since March 20, 2006/
                                        CDAX Performance-Index
 Security identification codes          WKN A0F6MD/ISIN DE000A0F6MD5
 Reuters                                PRAG
 Bloomberg                              PRA

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