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									                              Pennsylvania Patriots In Action
                               Minutes –Executive Meeting
                                   November 17, 2010
       Present: Richard Edmiston, Rosemary Henderson, Dave Leighty, Jane MacPherson,
Virginia Phillips
       Absent: Jim Longwell, Jim Elliott, Frank Gringras

Christmas Party
Richard and Virginia will provide coffee and beverages (left over from seminar). Richard will
provide cupcakes and a ham. Virginia and Rosemary will prepare hor d’oreves. Virginia will also
bring chicken, table covers, tableware, napkins, and cups. Rosemary will bring a vegetable tray
and paper plates. Dave will provide music. Everyone who attends is to bring a tureen. Virginia
will prepare a song sheet so we can sing carols. Richard will lead the singing. Grange rental will be
paid from general fund.

Congressional Representative Information
Virginia will update the information at the web site; she asked others to provide her information.

2011 Programs
Rosemary will contact individuals to present procedure to get on local ballot at February meeting
and Richard has a program from David Barton for the March program. The plan is to have
30-minute programs with 30 minutes left over for group discussion for the 2011 year.

2011 Elections
It was determined the one-year term (elected in 2009) for Executive Board was Frank Gringas and
the two 2-year terms (elected in 2009) were Jim Elliott and Jim Longwell. The three-year term
members were Rosemary Henderson and Jane MacPherson. Elections were not held in 2010.

Three board members – one for a two-year term and two for a three-year term will be elected May,
2011. All offices are to be elected annually.

Richard will post an announcement on the web site to make members aware of the election and
asking them to self nominate or nominate others. The intention is to have nominations received by
the March Executive Board meeting so a slate can be presented to the general membership at the
April meeting and the election will take place at the May general membership meeting.

All nominees must have a 50% attendance record. Attendance can be verified by the secretary –
Virginia Phillips

      Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

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