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									                     McKeesport Area School District
                                      Lisa M. Fleckenstein
                                  Versailles Borough Real Estate Tax Collector
                                               4805 Walnut Street
                                              McKeesport, PA 15132

Resolution No. 631 adopted October 26, 1994 by the McKeesport Area School District permits residential
property taxes to be paid on an installment plan under Section 11 of the Local Tax Collection Law, as
amended, 72 P.S. #5511.11. This resolution does not apply to business, commercial, industrial, or
residential rental properties. This installment program shall apply to all owner-occupied residential
properties in the entire School District subject to terms and conditions stated herein.

             2007 Real Estate Property Tax Installment Payment Plan
 The McKeesport Area School District offers an installment plan for payment of current real estate property
 taxes on property which serves as the taxpayer’s residence, pursuant to the following terms and conditions.

   1. The plan is available to residential, owner-occupied property accounts ONLY, no exceptions.

   2. The plan permits a taxpayer to pay their 2007 real estate taxes in four (4) equal installments. Any
      account not paid in full by June 15, 2008 will be forwarded to the school district’s delinquent tax
      collector. The property will be liened and interest will be added to the outstanding balance.

   3. If any payment is not made in accordance with the following payment schedule, the installment
      agreement is null and void. It shall be deemed that the taxpayer has elected not to participate in the
      installment plan and taxes shall become due and payable subject to all penalties and/or interest.

       Payment #1:   25% of face amount, due in tax office on or before          September 15, 2007   $________
       Payment #2:   25% of face amount, due in tax office on or before          December 15, 2007    $________
       Payment #3:   25% of face amount, due in tax office on or before          March 15, 2008       $________
       Payment #4:   25% of face amount, due in tax office on or before          June 15, 2008        $________

   4. Taxpayer must apply for an installment payment plan prior to September 15, 2007 and must sign the
      agreement on the second page of this form. An application for the installment payment plan is
      subject to approval by the McKeesport Area School District Business Manager or designee.

   5. Taxpayers making payments on the installment plan are not entitled to any discounts, even if an
      installment payment is made during the regular discount period. Each installment paid after the due
      date(s) shown in #3 above, shall have a penalty of ten percent (10%) added to the installment
      payment. Example: If Payment #2 for $250.00 is paid late, a $25.00 penalty shall be added and the
      tax collector will collect $275.00. If Payment #3 is made on time, no penalty shall be added. Penalty
      is only added to delinquent payments.

       Applications will be processed by the Tax Office located in the taxpayer’s Municipality.

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                                        TAXPAYER’S INFORMATION

Taxpayer’s Name:       _____________________________                   Lot & Block ____________________

Property Address:      ___________________________________________________________________

Telephone:             Home _______________________                    Work _________________________

                                          PROPERTY INFORMATION

Is property presently used for commercial or rental purposes?          YES ________           NO _________

Do you reside at this property? YES ________             NO ________

                                            PAYMENT AGREEMENT

       Taxes amounting to $__________, without any discounts, will be paid in four (4) equal installments
in accordance with payment schedule on the first page of this agreement. A ten percent (10%) penalty will
be added to any payment received after the due date of the installment payment.

        I, the undersigned taxpayer, hereby certify by my signature below that I have read all conditions of
the Installment Payment Plan and agree to abide by all the conditions of this agreement.

X ________________________________________________                     _______________________________
                        Applicant’s Signature                                          Date


X ________________________________________________                     _______________________________
                    Tax Collector / Administrator                                      Date

                                                PAYMENT RECORD
                                                    (Do Not Detach)

                                   DATE PAID                  AMOUNT PAID          RECEIPT NUMBER
    PAYMENT #1

    PAYMENT #2

    PAYMENT #3

    PAYMENT #4

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