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Africa from 1600-1900 by QBwA30


									Africa from 1600-1900
    2 Major events in Africa from
• Slave Trade: Slave traded started in
  1444, but was fully underway by 1600

• Colonization: areas of Africa that were
  conquered by European nations and put
  under their rule.
7 Major European Nations involved
•   France
•   Germany
•   Belgium
•   Spain
•   England
•   Portugal
•   Italy
 Why did Europe make contact
• To Trade
  – Africa had Natural Resources:
    • Gold
    • Salt
    • Iron

    -Europe traded:
    Europeans Enriched Africa
• By trading with the Africans Europe
  introduced Africa to luxury items that they
  would not have had.

• Luxury Items: things that are a want, not a
  need. They are not necessary for survival.
     The Institution of Slavery
• When Europeans began the slave trade
  the institution of slavery changed. In the
  beginning slaves were still considered
  people. They were not always put in
  positions of manual labor (hard work).
• With the slave trade brought “Chattel
  Slavery” This was the concept that slaves
  were property.
               Slave Trade
• Where were the slaves taken?
  There were three main destinations for slaves,
   North America, South America, and the
   Caribbean Islands.

  -Brazil and the Caribbean Islands were the two
    largest destinations. Brazil today has the
    largest population of Africans living outside of
   Why did they need Slaves?
• Slaves were used to do the manual labor
  needed on large plantations.

 A plantation is a large area of planted

The three major crops produced were:
  Sugar Cane, Tobacco, and Cotton
How could Europe Make more $
• Europe was trading goods with Africa.
  They thought it would be better
  economically for them to cut the “middle
  man”. The middle men were the Africans
  that were helping the Europeans with the
  slave trade. By cutting them they could
  get the resources without payment. This
  lead to the colonization of Africa.
        Europeans Negotiate
• Europeans came together to negotiate
  how they would split Africa. The seven
  major counties (discussed earlier) divided
  up Africa based on their interests, not the
  interests of Africa.
• They did not fight each other, this would
  have cost them the money they were
  trying to make.
          Impacts on Africa
• Europe took many of the well bodied
  workers as slaves.
• Europe took most of Africa’s Natural
  Resources like salt, iron, and gold
• Europe influenced the African culture with
  their traditions, religion, and languages.
          Africa’s Economy
• The impacts of Europe on Africa had a
  negative result. Africa lost much of its
  wealth and work force. This struggle
  continues today. Many of Africa’s
  countries have struggling economies, with
  little resources to help them.

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