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									Letter of complaint for poor service
Sample letter: Complaint of poor service Webster Corners, Mo., April 24, 1920. Messrs. Peter Swann Co., Kansas City, Mo. Gentlemen: Attention Mr. Albert Brann. On Tuesday last I bought at your store two boys' wash suits. This is Monday and the goods have not yet been delivered. The delay has caused me great inconvenience. If this were the first time that you had been careless in sending out orders I should feel less impatient, but three times within the last four weeks I have been similarly annoyed. On March 3rd I sent back my bill for correction, goods returned not having been credited to my account. On March 15th the bill was again sent in its original form with a "please remit." I again wrote, making explanation, but to date have received no reply. If I must be constantly annoyed in this manner, I shall have to close my account. Very truly yours, Helena Young Tremp. (Mrs. Kenneth Tremp)

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