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16/63 Songprapha Rd. Srikan District
Donmuang, Bangkok 10210
Tel: 089-929-9783

Date of Birth              :   15 November 1984
Age                        :   22
Gender                     :   Female
Civil Status               :   Single (Bachelor)
Nationality                :   Thai
Health Condition           :   Excellent
Height                     :   168 cm.
Weight                     :   49 kg.
Religion                   :   Catholic
Languages                  :   Highly proficient and conversant in Thai and

                     EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND
Bachelor of English
Graduate for February 2007 Term
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Phranakhon Rajabhat University
Bangkok, Thailand

Relevant Courses Acquired: English Business I & II, English for Secretary,
Technique in Secretarial Work, Hotel & Hospitality Management, English for
Tourism, French, Japanese, Marketing, Listening and Speaking, Mass
Communications, and Creative Writing

Extra-curricular Activities participated: Participated in puppet and play contest
in English and won third prize in 2004
                    SPECIAL SKILLS ACQUIRED

COMPUTER: Highly computer literate in programs such as Microsoft Word,
Excel, and basics of PowerPoint. Knowledgeability and proficiency in using
internet programs such as Explorer, Outlook Express and Webmail.
Knowledge ability, adaptability and accuracy in using Oracle software’s
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for internal budget reference,
charges, preparing purchase requests and checking available funds Inquiry.

LANGUAGE: Proficient, literate and conversant in English and Thai.

TYPING SKILLS: 40 word per minute in English language accuracy and 35
words per minute in Thai language accuracy.

MUSIC: Passion and talent for singing English and Thai. Can play Thai
music instruments.

SPORT: Participated in women’s track and field running competition in my
junior high school. Can play badminton, squash and bowling.

12 March 2007 to present
Working as a clerk at Internet Education and Research
Laboratory (intERLab)
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Paholyothin Highway, Klong Neung, Klong Luang, Pathumthani
Description of Duties:
   Assist in the conduct of seminars, trainings and workshops
   Assist in general clerical support
   Translate the invitation letters from English to Thai
   Arrange delivery and receipt of all official documents and mails
   Assist in monitoring office facilities that should be in good condition
      and office supplies are sufficient

6 November 2006 – 23 February 2007
Apprenticeship at Promotional Support Services Unit (PSSU)
(formerly Office of Media and Information Services)
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Paholyothin Highway, Klong Neung, Klong Luang, Pathumthani

Description of Duties:
COORDINATION SUPPORT: Assists in establishing and maintaining a
comprehensive and regular work flow assignments and schedule for PSSU
staff. Assists, prepares and types petty cash requests and various internal
memo formats upon staff’s requests. Reads, refers, classifies and files
various documents in the filing cabinet. Answers telephone call or other
inquiry with courtesy and speed and connect or call the attention of the
PSSU staff concerned. Send fax to other sections and companies. Assists
in monitoring and skimming news or photo releases published in English
and Thai newspapers or various publications. Cuts, reproduce copies and
files accordingly news releases published in the Thai and English
newspaper. Monitors and prints hard copies of weekly issues of AIT
Bulletin online publication. Files bi-monthly issues of AIT Newsletter.
Classifies, marks and files contact sheets received from photo unit staff for
future perusal. Assists in acquiring correct and proper account number to
be used for internal charges. Assists and double checks figures or
amounts stated in internal charges forms and other related documents for
ERP data entry. Personally attends and assists to Photo and Media
customer’s need. Assists in determining equipment and other supply
needs and source acquisition of these supplies through the bookstore or
purchasing office. Assists in the periodic distribution and delivery of AIT
Newsletter copies to Student Union office and other offices. Maintains
liaison with other units and offices where work is related. Run errands and
perform other related duties as assigned.

TRANSCRIBING & WRITING: Assists in transcribing tape-recorded Thai
interview messages gathered by concerned reporters or writers. Assists
and types gathered facts and information through firsthand observation,
interviews and research utilizing different sources.

23 April – 20 May 2002
1 Month Apprenticeship
TOT Cooperation
Cheangwattana Rd., Laksi
Donmuang, Bangkok

Description of Duties:
Get some documents from other units or companies and write down the
date received. Arrange them respectively to their corresponding folders.
The documents carried and encoded are usually company accounts.
Mrs. Apinun Ninsavat
English Program
Phranakhon Rajabhat University, Bangkok

Miss Natnipha Vimuktanon
Assistant Media Information Officer
Promotional Support Services Unit
Asian Institute of Technology
Tel: 02 524 6065

Mr. Bernardo Gadlan
Administrative Officer
Promotional Support Services Unit
Asian Institute of Technology
Tel: 02 524 5830 -31

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