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Teacher Name & Class: Mrs. Georgeff          Block-1A

                           Concert Flyer: Grading Rubric

  CATEGORY         4                        3                        2                       1
Required           The poster includes      All required             All but 1 of the        Several required
Elements           all required elements    elements are             required elements       elements were
                   as well as additional    included on the          are included on the     missing.
                   information.             poster.                  poster.

Content -          Includes multiple        Includes several         Includes information    Content not clearly
Accuracy           pieces of information    pieces of information    from texts read.        presented. Includes
                   from texts read and      from texts read and      Quotations              information from
                   outside research.        outside research.        incorporated.           texts read.
                   Informative              Quotations
                   quotations               incorporated.

Grammar            There are no             There is 1          There are 2                  There are more than
                   grammatical              grammatical mistake grammatical                  2 grammatical
                   mistakes on the          on the poster.      mistakes on the              mistakes on the
                   poster.                                      poster.                      poster.

Attractiveness     The poster is            The poster is            The poster is           The poster is
                   exceptionally            attractive in terms of   acceptably attractive   distractingly messy
                   attractive in terms of   design, layout and       though it may be a      or very poorly
                   design, layout, and      neatness.                bit messy.              designed. It is not
                   neatness.                                                                 attractive.

Use of Class       Used time well           Used time well           Used some of the        Did not use class
Time               during each class        during each class        time well during        time to focus on the
                   period. Focused on       period. Usually          each class period.      project OR often
                   getting the project      focused on getting       There was some          distracted others.
                   done. Never              the project done and     focus on getting the
                   distracted others.       never distracted         project done but
                                            others.                  occasionally
                                                                     distracted others.
                            Project Requirements/Guidelines:
Directions: Students are to choose a band of their liking and will make a concert flyer promoting it.
Accompanying the flyer should also be a one page typed paper. The paper needs to have facts about the
group and or artist, explains the type of music they perform, what style clothing that may be associated
with them, and at least 3 different scitations of used sources. The flyer should include:

        Concert Dates & Times

        Color, graphics, appropriate font style

        Something that symbolizes the style or genre (give the poster/flyer character)

        Hit Songs

        Picture of group/artist

        No loose glitter

        Can be on poster board or done on a computer (must have color)

        *You can add more than what I have listed.

Grading: Each portion will be graded using a rubric. Proper spelling, grammar, citations, and mechanics
apply to the entire project.

List your resources in the table below:

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