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  LCCS Training Sessions
       Aug. 2007
Classifying Biographies
 General rule: Class biographical works with
  the topic most closely identified with the
 Biographies may be individual or collective
 Use special biography numbers if provided
  (most common in D (History), N
  (Art/Architecture), and P (Literature))
Classifying Biographies – 2
 CT (General Biography) is only for works on
  individuals not identified with a specific topic
  or an individual’s several careers
   CT948.K37 A3 1990
   Tomorrow will be better : a true story of love and
    one family's triumph over the horrors of World
    War II / Zdena Kapral.
   Tucson : Harbinger House, c1990.
Travel Accounts and Family
 Do not treat travel accounts as biographical or autobiographical
  unless 50% or more is devoted to personal details of the life of
  the traveler
 Class biographies of the members of one family as individual
  biography (unless there is a special provision in schedule)
   TA140.R7 S4 1931
   The Roeblings : a century of engineers, bridge-builders
      and industrialists : the story of three generations of an
      illustrious family, 1831-1931, by Hamilton Schuyler.
   Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)--
      Biography--Individual, A-Z         [TA140]
Individuals with Multi-faceted Careers
 If work emphasizes one career, class with
  that topic
Albert Schweitzer as musician: ML
Leonardo da Vinci as scientist: Q
 If work discusses several careers, class with
  topic most closely associated with biographee
Example: Da Vinci: N6923 (artists)
General Class Numbers vs. Biography
Class Numbers
Biography captions appear in broad disciplines
  throughout LCCS:

   Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)--
   TA139-140        Biography

   Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)--
   TA532-533        Biography
General Class Numbers vs. Biography
Class Numbers (cont.)
 Narrower topics often do not have a
  biography number
 Classification in general class numbers is
  different from biography class numbers
Form of Biography Caption
    Individual, A-Z

Use collective biography for works discussing
 2+ individuals if a discrete section on each
Use individual biography for works on the life of
 one person, including autobiography
Biography Table
 Works in biography numbers are further
  subarranged according to an individual
  biography table
[Some schedules (D, N, P) provide their own
Biography Table - 2
.x             Cutter for the individual
.xA2           Collected works. By date
.xA25          Selected works. Selections. By date
                       Including quotations
.xA3           Autobiography, diaries, etc. By date
.xA4           Letters. By date
.xA5           Speeches, essays, and lectures. By date
                       Including interviews
.xA6-Z Biography and criticism
                       Including criticism of selected works,
   quotations, autobiography, letters, speeches, etc.
Example 1
Example 2
QA29.B2 A3 1864a
Passages from the life of a philosopher /
  Charles Babbage.

QA29.B2 H91 1982
Charles Babbage, pioneer of the computer /
 Anthony Hyman.
Example 3
QA29.R3 A4 1995
Ramanujan : letters and commentary / Bruce C.
 Berndt and Robert A. Rankin. 1995.
Ramanujan Aiyangar, Srinivasa, 1887-1920 --
General Classes
Where there is no explicit number for
1. File all works about a person after all works
   by that person
2. Assign the same 1st Cutter to all biographies
   about a person and a 2nd Cutter for the main
General Classes Example 1
TS245     Powder metallurgy processes and

TS245.S65 J64 2005
John Smith, king of powder metallurgists / Bob
General Classes Example 2
TS886.5.C45           Manufactures--Wood technology. Lumber--
  Wood products. Furniture--Furniture--Special types of furniture,

TS886.5.C45 N683 2005
A place to sit : a biography of Petr Novak, chair
  craftsman / Jan Cermak.

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