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					                                   Legend of Sleepy Hollow quiz

LC5 1. The main character in “The Legend of Sleep Hollow” was

        A) Ichabod Crane                         C) Katrina Van Tassel

        B)   Brom Bones                          D) Headless Horseman

LC2 2. Ichabod enjoyed stories about

        A)   Racehorses                          C) famous teachers

        B)   Dutch settlers                      D) ghosts and goblins

LC2 3. Ichabod was in love with Katrina’s

        A) Looks                                 C) horse

        B) Singing                               D) wealth

LC2 4. How does Ichabod go about gaining the affections of Katrina?

        A)   teaches her to sing                 C) teaches her to read

        B)   teachers her to dance               D) teaches her to ride a horse

LC3 5. At the end of the party, Ichabod

        A) kisses Katrina                        C) is a very happy man

        B)   gets dumped by Katrina              D) eats all of the leftover food

LC3 6. How does Ichabod usually solve conflicts?

             A).   avoids them                   C) fights

             B) meets them head on               D) thinks his way through them
LA5 7. Ichabod’s main conflict, the antagonist, in “The Legend of Sleep Hollow” was

             A) Katrina                                     C) Headless Horseman

             B). Brom Bones                       D) Hans Van Ripper

LT8 8. Washington Irving makes fun of the American Revolution by

        A) telling about how a man nearly sunk a war boat by himself

        B)   telling how a man deflected a bullet with a sword

        C)   telling how many people believed they were responsible for the happy outcome of the

        D)    all of the above

LC2 9. At the end of the story, Ichabod had a career as a

        A) Lawyer                                 C) schoolteacher

        B)    Judge                               D) all of the above

LT9 10. We can assume that Ichabod Crane

             A). was spirited away by the headless horseman

             B). was scared away by Brom Bones

             C). married Katrina

             D). now teaches at Stevens

LT8 11. Irving’s stories usually had to do with

             A). emotions and attitudes                     C) humor and fantasy

             B). horror and detective                       D) silly essays
    LT8 12. Irving made fun of topics by

                  A). writing seriously about them                      C) exaggerating the problems

                  B). describing serious things in ridiculous ways      D) putting circus people in his

    LT10 13. One generalization that can be made about Ichabod is that:

                  A). he was capable of working hard

                  B). he was not capable of working hard

    LT10 14. One generalization that can be made about all the characters in the story is that:

                  A). everyone ended up happy                           C) all the characters were not very

                  B). no one ended up happy                             D) they all liked detective stories

    LT8 15. Irving wrote this story to:

                  A). Inform                                   C) describe

                  B). Persuade                                 D) entertain

LA6 16. How are Icabod and Brom similar in this story?

        A. Both like Katrina                                   C. Both work very hard.

        B. Both enjoy reading                                  D. All of the above

LA6 17. How are Icabod and Brom different in this story?

        A.   Icabod works with his head; Brom works with his body.

        B.   Icabod is not good with horses; Brom is skilled with horses.
        C.   Icabod is skinny and weak; Brom is muscular and strong.

        D.   All of the above

LA7 18. Because food is always on Icabod’s mind:

        A.   He stays with students whose mothers are good cooks.

        B.   He is more interested in the table of food than the pretty girls at the party.

        C.   He “sees” the animals on the farm as if they were prepared food.

        D.   All of the above.

LA7 19. Because Sleepy Hollow is far from big cities:

        A.   People change a lot.

        B.   People there don’t change much.

        C.   New fashions are quick to catch on.

        D.   None of these.

LC4 20. What is the meaning of pedagogue, in the sentence: “Ichabod Crane, that worthy pedagogue,
stayed in Sleepy Hollow for the purpose of instructing the children of the vicinity.”

        A.   Judge                  C. farmer

        B.   schoolteacher          D. politician

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