My Brother Sam Is Dead

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					My Brother Sam Is Dead

     ELA/ SS Interdisciplinary Project
Some called them traitors. Others called them revolutionaries.
               In the time capsule, we found...
      A torn letter from Susannah Meeker to Sam...
           Tim Meeker's diary entry from 1775...
      "Daniel Starr and Slave named Ned killed!" ...
      An old fishing pole showing signs of frequent use.

             What will you put inside?
Your team will be creating various projects
  related to the novel, My Brother Sam is
  Dead. Each group will have many choices
  of projects they wish to complete. You will
  be given a checklist that must be turned in
  at the end of the project.
                  Learning Stations

Each group will be assigned to a learning station. Your group
   will spend two class periods at each station. In each
   station, there will be several assignments to choose from.
   You must complete the required number of assignments
   within two class periods. You will have additional time to
   complete the assignments during your ELA class time.
 Station 1: Artistic Artifact
     Each group must complete TWO of the following

Design a new My Brother Sam is Dead book
Design a recruiting poster for the Patriot militia
    AND the Loyalist militia
Create a graphic novel chapter to replace any
    chapter in the novel.
Create a coded message from George
    Washington to a Patriot captain.
          Station 2: Personal
Each group member must complete ONE of the following assignments:

Letter from Sam to any member of his family explaining
      why he is trouble and what may happen to him.
Letter from Tim to Sam describing the struggles the family
      is having since he has left and Sam’s reply.
Letter from Mr. Meeker to Sam explaining why he does
      not want him to fight in the war and Sam’s reply.
Letter from Betsy to Sam describing what’s going on in
      Redding since he has left and Sam’s reply.
 Station 3: Video Archives
    Each group must complete ONE of the following assignments:
 Video journal of Tim after learning of his brother’s death sentence.
 Video journal of Sam expressing WHY he is fighting for the Patriot
 Video journal of Mrs. Meeker after she’s learns that Sam has run off
  to fight for the Patriots.
 Video of Mr. Meeker after he has had the fight with Sam about
  joining the Patriot militia.
 Video journal of Betsy after she has learned of Sam’s death
     Station 4: A Tribute to
      Each group must complete TWO of the following
 Written obituary of Sam’s death.
 Eulogy (written and videotaped) for Sam to be read at his
 Collage (computer generated or paper) tribute to Sam
  highlighting his accomplishments.
 News article of Sam’s execution published in a Tory
 You will be graded on the work YOU complete.
  Although you will be working as a group, each member
  is responsible for completing their own material.

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