Peel TV App Accurately Predicted President Obama’s 2012 Win

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					Peel TV App Accurately Predicted President Obama’s
                    2012 Win
Peel made its big debut as a type of universal remote that combined an
app with a little piece of pear-shaped hardware. Now, it's picking our world

According to a new announcement, the Peel TV app accurately called the
2012 presidental election results during October's debates. It wasn't magic,
but part of a second-screen interactive feature called the Peel Debate

The Peel Debate Experience was first announced at the beginning of
October 2012. The company launched the second-screen experience in
conjunction with Samsung, which makes sense since the Peel Smart
Remote TV app comes pre-loaded on Samsung Galaxy devices. The new
feature allowed users to "cheer" and/or "boo" for each candidate during the
2012 presidential debates, all in real-time. Viewers could also check out
feedback on certain issues and donate directly to each candidate's

Based on user results, the app picked President Obama as the winner for
the 2012 election. Peel also predicted which states each candidate would
win, with the exception of three, which were undecided. In the end, the app
was mostly accurate. It did miss a few, but that's not too shabby!
Figure 1President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama embrace Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden
moments after the television networks called the election in their favor. [Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.]

Other results state that CBS was the most popular network during the debates, with
24 percent of the vote. NBC was a very close second, with 23 percent of the Peel
audience. Also, users seemed to think that Obama was more personable and also
had a better necktie.

The Peel Remote TV app comes pre-loaded on all Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tab 2 and
Note 10.1 devices. With the app, users can ditch grid-guide TV listing and multiple
remotes. Instead, the app provides tailored TV recommendations and shortcuts to
channels, for instant gratification.
Figure 2The free Peel TV app features interactivity and personalized programming recommendations.

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